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(edit) @be5df8de   08/10/99 21:19:26 Joel Sherrill Added ts_i386ex
(edit) @00f9ec09   06/14/99 18:31:57 Joel Sherrill Updsated to reflect mpc750/mcp750 submission.
(edit) @3599c5e   04/22/99 21:12:59 Joel Sherrill Added some CPU models that did not have BSPs.
(edit) @7a64d8e   02/19/99 00:33:02 Joel Sherrill Added new PowerPC boards.
(edit) @a53a2bf7   02/18/99 21:46:21 Joel Sherrill Updated to reflect addition of new BSPs.
(edit) @2f3692ee   10/26/98 15:46:09 Joel Sherrill Updated for mvme136.
(edit) @e7a273f6   10/26/98 15:45:41 Joel Sherrill Updated the date.
(edit) @4b378c29   10/15/98 19:18:50 Joel Sherrill Updated for the i386ex and deprecated BSPs.
(edit) @cb16032   10/14/98 15:29:05 Joel Sherrill Updated.
(edit) @7c0ee06   10/12/98 17:22:41 Joel Sherrill Added helas403 and changed column spacing.
(edit) @6bd6c82   04/15/98 22:15:38 Joel Sherrill Updated.
(edit) @2934c3e   12/23/97 16:24:21 Joel Sherrill Updated for the first time in a long while.
(edit) @729c8f2e   07/02/96 18:14:52 Joel Sherrill updated for 3.5.17
(add) @3a86b73   12/08/95 21:16:33 Joel Sherrill file added
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