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(edit) @49720a90   05/23/23 14:09:08 Sebastian Huber arm/xilinx-zynq: Improve Doxygen file comments
(edit) @bcef89f2   05/19/23 06:18:25 Sebastian Huber Update company name The embedded brains GmbH & Co. KG is the legal …
(edit) @dd70c81   11/25/21 01:43:10 joel bsp_specs: Delete last remnants of these. Updates #3937.
(edit) @db8f598   04/26/21 12:00:41 Sebastian Huber build: Remove old build system Close #3250. Close #4081.
(edit) @b361eabd   01/28/21 05:28:33 Sebastian Huber bsps: Replace bsp_specs with an empty file This fixes an issue with …
(edit) @23d9223a   12/21/20 09:08:30 Sebastian Huber bsps/arm: Invalidate TLB in start.S Update #4202.
(edit) @e164df5e   12/18/20 21:00:54 Sebastian Huber bsps/arm: Clear SCTLR[M, I, A, C] in start.S Initialize the data and …
(edit) @76a1a53   12/21/20 06:29:41 Sebastian Huber bsps/arm: Invalidate branch predictors earlier Make sure the branch …
(edit) @f085957   10/26/20 15:26:49 kinsey.moore bsps: Move zynq-uart to bsps/shared This moves the zynq-uart driver …
(edit) @d2efc968   10/23/19 12:16:47 Sebastian Huber bsp/xilinx-zynq: Simplify linkcmds config Use NULL-pointer protection … 5
(edit) @f1eedbd   04/09/19 05:12:21 Sebastian Huber bsp/xilinx-zynq: Relicense to BSD-2-Clause Relicense contributions … 5
(edit) @511dc4b   06/19/18 07:09:51 Sebastian Huber Rework initialization and interrupt stack support Statically … 5
(edit) @65f868c   05/23/18 12:17:25 Sebastian Huber Add _CPU_Counter_frequency() Add rtems_counter_frequency() API … 5
(add) @9964895   04/20/18 08:35:35 Sebastian Huber bsps: Move startup files to bsps Adjust build support files to new … 5
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