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(edit) @00e0fb9   06/27/22 13:49:01 joel bsps/arm/realview-pbx-a9: Change license to BSD-2 Updates #3053.
(edit) @ba619b7f   03/01/22 21:38:20 joel bsps/arm/: Scripted embedded brains header file clean up Updates #4625.
(edit) @94cf67c   06/19/21 10:48:27 Sebastian Huber bsps/irq: Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MAX This define is no longer …
(edit) @cd5573c   06/19/21 10:40:57 Sebastian Huber bsps/irq: Add BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_COUNT Assert …
(edit) @af73b7b6   06/18/21 05:37:18 Sebastian Huber bsps/irq: Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MIN Remove …
(edit) @f8ad5bb2   08/28/20 03:13:47 kinsey.moore bsps: Break out AArch32 GICv3 support This breaks out …
(edit) @1c03649   06/10/20 18:46:12 kinsey.moore Move ARM PL011 UART driver This UART driver is now needed for BSPs …
(edit) @c991eeec   03/04/19 14:32:15 Sebastian Huber bsps: Adjust bsp.h Doxygen groups Update #3706. 5
(edit) @212663be   02/26/19 14:44:50 Sebastian Huber bsps: Adjust architecture Doxygen groups - Use CamelCase as it is … 5
(edit) @2faea99   11/07/18 10:08:50 Sebastian Huber bsp/realview-pbx-a9: Fix printk() support Avoid dependencies on the … 5
(add) @2afb22b   12/23/17 07:18:56 Chris Johns Remove make preinstall A speciality of the RTEMS build system was the … 5
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