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(edit) @9e0244e   06/27/22 13:45:43 joel bsps/arm/altera-cyclone-v: Change license to BSD-2 Updates #3053.
(edit) @ba619b7f   03/01/22 21:38:20 joel bsps/arm/: Scripted embedded brains header file clean up Updates #4625.
(edit) @bafeff60   11/24/21 12:08:12 marcus.ritter bsp/altera-cyclone-v: fix the creation of reserved memory regions
(edit) @dd70c81   11/25/21 01:43:10 joel bsp_specs: Delete last remnants of these. Updates #3937.
(edit) @de7df04   02/26/21 08:48:41 Sebastian Huber bsps: Fix legacy build
(edit) @32b0d6f8   02/24/21 10:13:30 Sebastian Huber bsps: Change license to BSD-2-Clause of some files Change license to …
(edit) @b361eabd   01/28/21 05:28:33 Sebastian Huber bsps: Replace bsp_specs with an empty file This fixes an issue with …
(edit) @e164df5e   12/18/20 21:00:54 Sebastian Huber bsps/arm: Clear SCTLR[M, I, A, C] in start.S Initialize the data and …
(edit) @eea21eac   12/13/19 05:18:36 Sebastian Huber bsps: Rework work area initialization The work area initialization … 5
(edit) @af321aa   11/19/19 13:49:43 Sebastian Huber bsp/altcycv_devkit: Rename linker command file This BSP family uses … 5
(edit) @9d41fca   02/27/19 10:39:29 Sebastian Huber bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Adjust Doxygen file groups Update #3707. 5
(edit) @af80b0a   02/18/19 07:24:37 Sebastian Huber bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Use FDT for clock frequency 5
(edit) @43fbb50f   02/15/19 11:07:23 Sebastian Huber bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Make FDT support optional 5
(edit) @95c1921   01/21/19 08:17:05 Sebastian Huber bsps/arm: Remove unused bsp_stack_irq_size Update #3459. 5
(edit) @511dc4b   06/19/18 07:09:51 Sebastian Huber Rework initialization and interrupt stack support Statically … 5
(edit) @65f868c   05/23/18 12:17:25 Sebastian Huber Add _CPU_Counter_frequency() Add rtems_counter_frequency() API … 5
(add) @9964895   04/20/18 08:35:35 Sebastian Huber bsps: Move startup files to bsps Adjust build support files to new … 5
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