source: rtems/bsps/arm/altera-cyclone-v/rtc/rtc.c

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(edit) @bcef89f2   05/19/23 06:18:25 Sebastian Huber Update company name The embedded brains GmbH & Co. KG is the legal …
(edit) @9e0244e   06/27/22 13:45:43 joel bsps/arm/altera-cyclone-v: Change license to BSD-2 Updates #3053.
(edit) @ba619b7f   03/01/22 21:38:20 joel bsps/arm/: Scripted embedded brains header file clean up Updates #4625.
(edit) @98cb84e   05/17/21 06:04:07 Sebastian Huber arm/altera-cyclone-v: Fix compile error Update #4406.
(edit) @523867d   05/11/21 15:27:20 Sebastian Huber rtems: Constify rtems_task_wake_when() Add a parameter to …
(edit) @3af2dc7   05/11/21 14:26:55 frank.kuehndel _TOD_Validate(): Fix incorrect return code This patch fixes bug …
(edit) @9c20b987   11/26/20 18:53:25 Sebastian Huber rtems: Add <rtems/rtems/clockimpl.h>
(edit) @9d41fca   02/27/19 10:39:29 Sebastian Huber bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Adjust Doxygen file groups Update #3707. 5
(add) @4fb1b79   04/23/18 07:55:15 Sebastian Huber bsps: Move RTC drivers to bsps This patch is a part of the BSP source … 5
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