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(edit) @8fe6d358   12/20/97 16:59:11 Joel Sherrill Moved -qnolinkcmds option so arguments passed on the command line are …
(edit) @1587af6   12/20/97 16:37:29 Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum to include C++ support.
(edit) @f7fa7d7   12/19/97 14:48:19 Joel Sherrill Modified bsp_specs per Eric Norum's suggestion to handle -qnolinkcmds …
(edit) @d637822   12/16/97 19:02:12 Joel Sherrill Pass in PROJECT_HOME so rtems-glom can run if the make is invoked just …
(edit) @87cec48   12/16/97 18:40:08 Joel Sherrill Changed RTEMS_BSP to RTEMS_BSP_LIST.
(edit) @9e86f6d6   12/16/97 18:39:28 Joel Sherrill Corrected minor things including changing RTEMSBSP to RTEMS_BSP.
(edit) @d2632274   12/16/97 18:33:45 Joel Sherrill Switched command line override variable RTEMSBSP to RTEMS_BSP and …
(edit) @674c900   12/10/97 16:58:00 Joel Sherrill Modified a lot of files to take a first cut at supporting building …
(edit) @f99d4f83   12/07/97 16:58:59 Joel Sherrill Added missing dependency for libmisc.a based on a bug report by Phil …
(edit) @c436b5b   12/07/97 16:58:13 Joel Sherrill Fixed indexing bug reported by Phil Wilshire.
(edit) @80a16ec4   12/06/97 15:44:46 Joel Sherrill Redid hwapi makefile search to remove need for -follow option to find. …
(edit) @af231b4   12/06/97 15:43:26 Joel Sherrill Removed need for -follow option to find.
(edit) @ccb806c   12/06/97 15:12:07 Joel Sherrill Changed the uuencode line to work better with VPATH setups.
(edit) @01a5f6b2   12/06/97 15:09:30 Joel Sherrill Moved include of rtems/score/cpu.h to make sure TRUE and FALSE were …
(edit) @b5fe39d   12/04/97 18:38:33 Joel Sherrill Reworked mkdir line to invoke smaller lines.
(edit) @744df795   12/04/97 18:38:05 Joel Sherrill Added better/more correct support for Linux and Solaris simulators.
(edit) @3013e18   12/02/97 16:27:15 Jennifer.Averett Modified SPARC to PowerPC. Modified specific requirements to be for …
(edit) @bfad6e2   12/02/97 16:02:45 Jennifer.Averett Added definations for serial_per_sec, serial_rate, and serial_xon_xoff.
(edit) @ba2d45e6   12/02/97 15:38:10 Jennifer.Averett Modified referances to SPARC to PowerPC. Updated the Information …
(edit) @7150f00f   12/01/97 22:06:48 Joel Sherrill Inclusion of PC386 BSP submitted by Pedro Miguel Da Cruz Neto Romano …
(edit) @ba1a2af9   12/01/97 21:27:24 Joel Sherrill Fixed test for RTEMS_HAS_POSIX_API so the executive POSIX API related …
(edit) @b9ca4ba   12/01/97 17:07:52 Joel Sherrill Even more cleanup to make sure all the --enable/disable options avoid …
(edit) @f4cec63d   11/30/97 18:36:52 Joel Sherrill Since test suite Makefiles are not always generated, use wildcard to …
(edit) @0f39365   11/30/97 18:36:13 Joel Sherrill Corrected call to rtems_termios_open.
(edit) @68732ef3   11/30/97 18:35:22 Joel Sherrill Corrected comment.
(edit) @1f3ec87   11/30/97 18:34:29 Joel Sherrill Do not generate make/os at install point.
(edit) @37717818   11/30/97 18:34:11 Joel Sherrill Serious cleanup to reduce the number of explicitly listed Makefiles, …
(edit) @bbb2816   11/29/97 18:21:00 Joel Sherrill Removed warnings.
(edit) @b4dfd17e   11/29/97 18:20:36 Joel Sherrill Added credit for host.cfg stuff from Ralf Corsepius …
(edit) @1670eede   11/29/97 18:20:04 Joel Sherrill Changes from Ralf Corsepius (corsepiu@…) to automatically …
(edit) @80868140   11/29/97 17:51:27 Joel Sherrill Patch from Chris Johns to filter out the trace bit on CPU models which …
(edit) @61fc72c   11/18/97 22:33:32 Joel Sherrill Removed warning.
(edit) @91daf55   11/18/97 22:33:17 Joel Sherrill New file.
(edit) @c7ca28cf   11/18/97 22:32:55 Joel Sherrill Removed warning under linux port.
(edit) @ce41c5b   11/18/97 22:32:38 Joel Sherrill Removed warnings.
(edit) @405829bd   11/18/97 22:32:25 Joel Sherrill Added argument as required by new version of termios_open.
(edit) @53cea31   11/18/97 22:32:00 Joel Sherrill Fixed assignment to dereference ch.
(edit) @d54de3f   11/18/97 22:31:37 Joel Sherrill Changed from DOS style CR/LF to Unix style.
(edit) @cb4cf6a7   11/18/97 22:30:51 Joel Sherrill Added CONFIGURE_MEMORY_USER_OVERHEAD constant per Chris Johns request.
(edit) @a50148a   11/18/97 22:29:32 Joel Sherrill Merged code from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…> to generate …
(edit) @83bb778   11/18/97 22:28:45 Joel Sherrill Modified to rezongize CPU-rtemsXYZ rather than just CPU-rtems.
(edit) @b5ddb74   11/18/97 22:28:13 Joel Sherrill Submitted by Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>.
(edit) @d24ceb3   11/15/97 18:15:36 Joel Sherrill interrupt driven change from Eric Norum
(edit) @a307f79   11/10/97 17:50:50 Joel Sherrill Fixed prototype
(edit) @52e1708   11/10/97 17:31:11 Joel Sherrill Set return code to avoid spurious errors.
(edit) @87926ab   10/31/97 19:44:42 Joel Sherrill Test document.
(edit) @f70c6adc   10/31/97 19:44:32 Joel Sherrill New test file.
(edit) @2744eec   10/31/97 19:44:23 Joel Sherrill Replaced the algorithm used to build the texinfo nodes and menus. …
(edit) @5a5bd13b   10/24/97 19:29:01 Joel Sherrill added katsutoshi Shibuya
(edit) @51eb8d5   10/23/97 18:49:34 Joel Sherrill Changed prototype of read routine.
(edit) @87d3d02   10/23/97 18:49:02 Joel Sherrill Switched to new style for read support routine.
(edit) @cfefaa6e   10/23/97 18:48:35 Joel Sherrill Added TOD driver from Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @51961e4   10/23/97 18:48:01 Joel Sherrill Removed GEN68360_INIT.
(edit) @4106f7f   10/23/97 18:47:43 Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum.
(edit) @aa239a7   10/23/97 18:47:23 Joel Sherrill Updated console driver to use new read routine conventions.
(edit) @208a922c   10/23/97 18:46:03 Joel Sherrill Added TOD code for MVME162 BSP from Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @514cf30   10/23/97 15:12:46 Joel Sherrill Added new test for termios style consoles from Eric Norum.
(edit) @5993d02   10/23/97 15:12:08 Joel Sherrill Added console_reserve_resources.
(edit) @edd1329f   10/23/97 15:11:27 Joel Sherrill Overhauled console driver to use termios and to simultaneously support …
(edit) @b628637   10/23/97 15:10:13 Joel Sherrill Added prototype for console_reserve_resources.
(edit) @ee9669f   10/23/97 15:09:50 Joel Sherrill Added termios test.
(edit) @3ee825e8   10/23/97 15:00:32 Joel Sherrill fixed comment
(edit) @118a812   10/23/97 13:13:46 Joel Sherrill New termios.c from Eric Norum. Added new entry point to add in per …
(edit) @3dbcece   10/21/97 18:41:36 Joel Sherrill Added test case for rtems_interrupt_catch checking that the pointer …
(edit) @a18ccfe   10/21/97 18:39:49 Joel Sherrill Fixed a number of warnings regarding comparisons between signed and …
(edit) @4822069   10/21/97 18:39:27 Joel Sherrill Fixed endian problem in printing object names.
(edit) @a7e2729   10/21/97 18:38:24 Joel Sherrill Converted to termios style device driver.
(edit) @cdfd74a5   10/21/97 18:37:58 Joel Sherrill Added check that return argument pointer for old_isr_handler was valid.
(edit) @d7072e5   10/21/97 18:37:32 Joel Sherrill Moved rtems directory up one directory in the install point. It was …
(edit) @97faafa5   10/21/97 18:36:48 Joel Sherrill Added termios submission from Eric Norum and Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @a75c783   10/21/97 17:03:18 Joel Sherrill Converted from using a message queue for the raw input queue to using …
(edit) @55e1322   10/21/97 17:03:17 Joel Sherrill Added termios submission from Eric Norum and Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @ae35953d   10/21/97 16:18:03 Joel Sherrill Added termios submission from Eric Norum and Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @4fd61795   10/21/97 16:17:12 Joel Sherrill Added casts and fixed line break.
(edit) @f33a3f2a   10/16/97 21:06:47 Joel Sherrill Control and Data addresses were swapped for port A.
(edit) @d17d4d2f   10/15/97 21:27:00 Joel Sherrill Moved selection of console port to custom file.
(edit) @84ff8b7b   10/13/97 17:38:18 Joel Sherrill New version of this file from Eric Norum.
(edit) @d9fe8e2   10/09/97 20:21:43 Joel Sherrill Fixed some spacing.
(edit) @f00108f   10/09/97 18:35:02 Joel Sherrill Fixed incorrect reference to RTEMS_BSP instead of RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY.
(edit) @a86443fb   10/09/97 18:33:46 Joel Sherrill Added search of libcpu and fpsp.
(edit) @c3a0358   10/08/97 20:09:58 Joel Sherrill Renamed mlink to make_subdir. Removed a junk line.
(edit) @b546242   10/08/97 19:52:47 Joel Sherrill Modified to search RTEMS library before Newlib C library.
(edit) @58e3dc79   10/08/97 18:25:30 Joel Sherrill Fix from Eric Norum so FPSP is installed before any FP code is …
(edit) @89f5f5a1   10/08/97 18:23:58 Joel Sherrill Fix from Eric Norum to assemble under COFF.
(edit) @7de0960   10/08/97 18:19:43 Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum: Change label names so they can be …
(edit) @6fd3979   10/08/97 17:57:04 Joel Sherrill Added comment about using --enable-gcc28 and --enable-libcdir options …
(edit) @98e4ebf5   10/08/97 15:45:54 Joel Sherrill Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.
(edit) @a2016b99   10/08/97 14:42:08 Joel Sherrill Removed include directory at "build" point and the link of this …
(edit) @f05f704   10/08/97 14:06:17 Joel Sherrill Updated information on building your own application.
(edit) @f5afb69   10/08/97 14:05:38 Joel Sherrill Reworked building of make subdirectory and contents in the object tree.
(edit) @0c618b67   10/07/97 20:47:49 Joel Sherrill Redid the installation of the "make" directory at the install point. …
(edit) @3a321e23   10/06/97 21:32:47 Joel Sherrill Fixed some weird line duplications. Thanks to Chris Johns.
(edit) @ffa6183   10/06/97 21:30:16 Joel Sherrill Increased interrupt stack space.
(edit) @b6770d1   10/06/97 21:29:29 Joel Sherrill Fixed comment.
(edit) @7e4938c   10/06/97 21:28:40 Joel Sherrill Make Post an atomic operation.
(edit) @d14418b   10/06/97 21:28:18 Joel Sherrill Added _Thread_Enable_dispatch to already_timedout path on Wait_support.
(edit) @7d5566e   10/06/97 21:26:11 Joel Sherrill Fixed bug where include not actually created.
(edit) @e8ee2f32   10/05/97 16:26:04 Joel Sherrill If the specified time period is less than a clock tick, then it is …
(edit) @8959fcc   09/30/97 14:49:56 Joel Sherrill fixed typo
(edit) @63cebf6   09/30/97 14:44:28 Joel Sherrill Fixed typos.
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