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(edit) @8cbbe312   02/21/96 14:47:03 Joel Sherrill Dispersal of internal thread handler resulted in the SYSI task being …
(edit) @adf98bd   02/21/96 14:44:11 Joel Sherrill Removed the internal thread objects and dispersed its contents to the …
(edit) @75f09e5   02/21/96 14:43:34 Joel Sherrill Dispersal of internal thread handler resulted in IDLE thread becoming …
(edit) @c4b8161d   02/21/96 14:37:32 Joel Sherrill MPCI Receive became a thread and the prototype changed.
(edit) @56d34e6   02/21/96 14:32:02 Joel Sherrill Removed the internal thread objects and dispersed its contents to the …
(edit) @b2b52cbc   02/14/96 19:00:00 Joel Sherrill Removed arguments from _Thread_Start_multitasking.
(edit) @f972294d   02/14/96 18:59:37 Joel Sherrill idle thread now created before system initialization thread. Also …
(edit) @744d2878   02/14/96 18:48:39 Joel Sherrill removed arguments from _Thread_Start_multitasking
(edit) @df26b788   02/14/96 17:06:57 Joel Sherrill white space problem
(edit) @389fa850   02/14/96 17:06:40 Joel Sherrill Moved some initialization from the system initialization thread to …
(edit) @8bde6ea9   02/13/96 22:16:36 Joel Sherrill removed post switch extension
(edit) @da646dd   02/13/96 22:15:52 Joel Sherrill fixed bug when outbyte had argument in wrong order relative to those …
(edit) @94b3ec59   02/13/96 22:14:48 Joel Sherrill changed post task extension from user set to api set and added flag in …
(edit) @6ca1184   02/13/96 22:14:25 Joel Sherrill added clear of _ISR_Signals_to_thread_executing
(edit) @391f6628   02/13/96 15:38:37 Joel Sherrill more comments added and existing ones cleaned up in synchronization paths
(edit) @b38955b   02/13/96 15:38:03 Joel Sherrill comma removed from end of last enumerated element
(edit) @18269cef   02/13/96 15:37:33 Joel Sherrill comment added to describe synchronization logic in timeout routine
(edit) @a31ddf7   02/12/96 14:36:09 Joel Sherrill * empty log message *
(edit) @8c8a924   02/09/96 14:31:39 Joel Sherrill As part of implementing the new isr synchronization algorithm using a …
(edit) @107ce47b   02/09/96 14:30:42 Joel Sherrill new isr synchronization algorithm using a single enumerated set of states.
(edit) @6dae1c2d   02/09/96 14:25:33 Joel Sherrill added rtems_interrupt_is_in_progress
(edit) @8a38f3b   02/09/96 14:21:37 Joel Sherrill added clear of _ISR_Signals_to_thread_executing
(edit) @f3dabb04   02/08/96 22:16:35 Joel Sherrill changed synchronization algorithm to be a single list of enumerated states
(edit) @d57392d   02/08/96 16:18:38 Joel Sherrill alignment on workspace changed from CPU_ALIGNMENT to CPU_HEAP_ALIGNMENT
(edit) @4f60309b   02/01/96 22:09:07 Joel Sherrill Swapped order of nested acquisition check and check for returning …
(edit) @f00a0522   02/01/96 21:54:40 Joel Sherrill synchronization state bugs address
(edit) @665356af   02/01/96 19:39:21 Joel Sherrill invalid use of tcb field resource count
(edit) @b7a53bc   01/24/96 20:38:47 Joel Sherrill M==military changed to M=multiprocessor
(edit) @4f7c546e   01/22/96 21:12:12 Joel Sherrill new times for 3.5.1
(edit) @c3dcd6e   01/19/96 22:22:12 Joel Sherrill Added RTEMS API control structure to per task memory usage macro.
(edit) @709b93d   01/19/96 22:21:46 Joel Sherrill Increased stack size.
(edit) @29310016   01/19/96 22:21:16 Joel Sherrill Added condition compile flag for dump of stack usage information on …
(edit) @eaa442fc   01/19/96 22:20:40 Joel Sherrill added a task begin extension for unix simulator configurations. This …
(edit) @05e4e419   01/19/96 22:19:49 Joel Sherrill updated
(edit) @64f311f7   01/19/96 22:19:31 Joel Sherrill added definition of cpu_number.
(edit) @75d482d   01/19/96 22:18:08 Joel Sherrill changed version to 3.5.1
(edit) @d1c00a18   01/19/96 22:16:53 Joel Sherrill updated for 3.5.1
(edit) @84147e4f   01/17/96 20:15:41 Joel Sherrill Removed comment about a confusion on newlib buffering.
(edit) @97dde60   01/17/96 20:14:18 Joel Sherrill increased stack space
(edit) @72c440e   01/17/96 20:13:45 Joel Sherrill Update from Tony Bennett (tbennett@…)
(edit) @217e398   01/17/96 20:13:01 Joel Sherrill Modified fstat and stat to be consistent with isatty in that all three …
(edit) @5d3e539   01/17/96 20:11:33 Joel Sherrill added class to initial id macro
(edit) @b9be5d03   01/17/96 20:11:23 Joel Sherrill increased stack size
(edit) @b817240c   01/15/96 23:07:00 Joel Sherrill Init task was not defined as being floating point.
(edit) @6661eaa1   01/15/96 23:06:16 Joel Sherrill Split error handler into its own directory.
(edit) @a625ccd   01/15/96 23:04:50 Joel Sherrill Made real body of _Heap_Walk conditional on RTEMS_DEBUG. This is …
(edit) @c64e4ed4   01/15/96 21:50:28 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett for PA and UNIX ports
(edit) @5c491aef   12/20/95 15:39:19 Joel Sherrill changes remerged after lost in disk crash -- recovered from snapshot, …
(edit) @4442d21c   12/19/95 22:29:43 Joel Sherrill initial history lost in disk crash
(edit) @8bdcfc4   12/19/95 20:26:32 Joel Sherrill changes remerged after disk crash -- history lost
(edit) @7593d56c   12/19/95 19:22:55 Joel Sherrill file lost in crash and re-added
(edit) @f3fe5b24   12/19/95 19:21:24 Joel Sherrill file lost in crash and readded
(edit) @0b0a3267   12/08/95 22:13:18 Joel Sherrill changed version
(edit) @3a86b73   12/08/95 21:16:33 Joel Sherrill file added
(edit) @2b5944cf   12/08/95 21:06:29 Joel Sherrill updated for snapshot 3.5.02
(edit) @67d224a   12/08/95 21:06:15 Joel Sherrill added correct use of _Thread_queue_Enter_critical_section
(edit) @7826883   12/08/95 21:05:27 Joel Sherrill updated for 3.5.02 snapshot
(edit) @8442656a   12/07/95 15:44:23 Joel Sherrill updated to include HW information
(edit) @52cd72b1   12/07/95 15:42:53 Joel Sherrill the bss start and end symbols were changed
(edit) @62c4e481   12/07/95 15:42:23 Joel Sherrill updated to reflect HW information
(edit) @8e54b0b7   12/07/95 15:42:14 Joel Sherrill updated to reflect HW information and have correct timing information …
(edit) @4aac818   12/06/95 15:47:43 Joel Sherrill created
(edit) @e88d2db   12/05/95 21:41:21 Joel Sherrill Added comments for addition of is_fp flag to _CPU_Context_Initialize.
(edit) @e57b0e2   12/05/95 19:23:05 Joel Sherrill update from Andy Bray <andy@…>
(edit) @289ad86   12/05/95 15:29:53 Joel Sherrill bug fix in statistics from Tony Bennett (tbennett@…)
(edit) @76b6fd0c   12/05/95 15:28:21 Joel Sherrill minor changes so it would compile in a cross environment
(edit) @ca201c9   12/05/95 15:28:12 Joel Sherrill minor changes so it would compile
(edit) @11ab74e   12/05/95 15:27:51 Joel Sherrill new states added and _Rate_monotonic_Set_State removed.
(edit) @8d0b7d96   12/01/95 22:03:55 Joel Sherrill Insert mode argument to _Watchdog_Insert removed. Now are watchdog …
(edit) @caaa47c   12/01/95 21:08:03 Joel Sherrill Added new synchronization algorithm.
(edit) @ed32907   12/01/95 21:07:48 Joel Sherrill Added support for new synchronization algorithm. Specifically, the …
(edit) @4250c8b   12/01/95 21:07:25 Joel Sherrill Added support for new synchronization algorithm.
(edit) @a26603d   12/01/95 21:06:53 Joel Sherrill Changed code for exit from synchronization state to a switch on the …
(edit) @3837215d   12/01/95 19:39:32 Joel Sherrill spurious blank line removed
(edit) @a8cd94a   12/01/95 19:28:58 Joel Sherrill Replaced critical section algorithm to correct race conditions.
(edit) @7f6fab6   12/01/95 19:28:52 Joel Sherrill Made _Event_Sync volatile Replaced critical section algorithm to …
(edit) @eedbfd9   12/01/95 19:27:40 Joel Sherrill Corrected use of the state WATCHDOG_REINSERT and renamed it …
(edit) @c4808ca   10/31/95 21:28:16 Joel Sherrill typos fixed
(edit) @9700578   10/30/95 21:54:45 Joel Sherrill SPARC port passes all tests
(edit) @ea74482   10/11/95 13:54:46 Joel Sherrill reordered test cases from simple to complex
(edit) @591d45e   10/06/95 20:49:51 Joel Sherrill fixed null pointer dereference
(edit) @eb5a7e07   10/06/95 20:48:38 Joel Sherrill fixed missing CVS IDs
(edit) @c62d36f   10/06/95 20:01:20 Joel Sherrill SPARC merged and successfully tested w/o interrupt support
(edit) @1ceface   10/06/95 16:33:30 Joel Sherrill moved to new development machine and went to gcc 2.7.0
(edit) @11290355   09/29/95 17:19:16 Joel Sherrill all targets compile .. tony's patches in place
(edit) @1039ae4   09/27/95 22:01:50 Joel Sherrill new programs added
(edit) @07058e7   09/27/95 21:08:30 Joel Sherrill updated
(edit) @37f4c2d   09/27/95 20:53:58 Joel Sherrill Modified UNIX simulator port so all references to native unix stuff is …
(edit) @c701f197   09/27/95 20:52:56 Joel Sherrill Fixed typo
(edit) @5e9b32b   09/26/95 19:27:15 Joel Sherrill posix support initially added
(edit) @879a047   09/26/95 13:25:58 Joel Sherrill fixed Id strings
(edit) @5e5731da   09/26/95 13:22:47 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @1e0f4c80   09/22/95 17:27:56 Joel Sherrill Removed unnecessary include files.
(edit) @7fe12f6   09/22/95 17:27:14 Joel Sherrill Removed unneeded referenced to rtems/fatal.h
(edit) @18c5378   09/22/95 15:35:48 Joel Sherrill moving files around and adding the exec/wrapup directory
(edit) @7af35da5   09/21/95 20:55:07 Joel Sherrill More file movement required api extension to be added to score
(edit) @24b1cb9   09/21/95 19:55:51 Joel Sherrill More file movement
(edit) @ea5df0e   09/21/95 18:49:12 Joel Sherrill More file movement
(edit) @cda7ecc   09/21/95 17:58:58 Joel Sherrill More file movement
(edit) @79aaec8   09/21/95 17:47:06 Joel Sherrill Fixed problem in fast_idle_switch_hook
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