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(edit) @4a59eb9   10/25/13 23:12:15 Chris Johns Split FLAGS into CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. The clang compiler on MacOS 10.9 …
(edit) @3bc9e31   10/25/13 23:11:30 Chris Johns Search any path for CVS on Darwin (MacOS).
(edit) @b8b0f44   09/10/13 06:19:20 Chris Johns config: Use ${build_top} to change dir to parent. On NetBSD with ksh …
(edit) @ef58e21   09/10/13 06:18:52 Chris Johns sb: Add include/lib paths for /usr/pkg to NetBSD.
(edit) @b843e62   09/05/13 06:32:50 Chris Johns sb: Do no install with a Cxc build.
(edit) @2802080   09/03/13 22:45:04 Chris Johns sb: Do not create a build set tar file on error. If creating build …
(edit) @7a691b8   09/02/13 22:50:06 Chris Johns sb: Fix the config _parse args.
(edit) @845e92f   09/02/13 22:30:26 Chris Johns sb: Fix nesting if statements. Nesting if statements did not …
(edit) @72f89c5   09/02/13 22:29:36 Chris Johns sb: Output the new info message. With the set builder add nesting …
(edit) @348e498   09/02/13 21:59:38 Chris Johns sb: Add options log_info. Provide a log_info method for the options …
(edit) @a4937d8   08/31/13 22:25:56 ivan.temp sb: Add NetBSD support.
(edit) @d4fa101   08/27/13 02:21:14 Chris Johns sb: Fixed the errors as found by Gedare.
(edit) @5e536f8   08/26/13 21:48:10 Chris Johns sb: Import log for the copytree warnings.
(edit) @2f4bd55   08/26/13 21:47:44 Chris Johns config: Fix the empty case of extra gcc options.
(edit) @f4e9035   08/22/13 03:24:14 Chris Johns config: Fix the use of the extra options.
(edit) @85007c3   08/22/13 01:38:44 Chris Johns sb: Fix copy_tree coping links on Linux Overwriting symlinks did not …
(edit) @75aa2db   08/22/13 01:38:10 Chris Johns config: Add support for extra GCC configure options.
(edit) @869b8a6   08/15/13 02:20:29 Chris Johns sb: Fix the copy tree. Python's distutil's copy tree code maintains a …
(edit) @27d6ea0   08/14/13 04:06:30 Chris Johns config: Add support for iconv encodings. Turn off iconv support for …
(edit) @76d4899   08/14/13 03:56:24 Chris Johns config: Control languages from the command line --with/--without …
(edit) @6201a0dd   08/14/13 03:55:33 Chris Johns config: Add the iconv encodings to the defaults.
(edit) @ff0fc8e   08/08/13 01:43:52 Chris Johns config: Check the path for a valid autoconf.
(edit) @01b2815   07/21/13 00:22:03 Chris Johns SB: Fix internal build and mailing. Output errors to the log.
(edit) @6d32fe7   07/20/13 22:55:11 Chris Johns CONFIG: PR 2127 - Build fails on Linux. Fix shell tests where '==' …
(edit) @ebf8a1f   07/16/13 00:02:41 Chris Johns Automtically build the Autotools to bootstrap RTEMS. This changes …
(edit) @2626dba   07/13/13 23:11:21 Chris Johns Fix the Cxc build configuration for the DTC tool.
(edit) @80d5fde   06/17/13 00:09:24 Chris Johns Remove /usr/local from build flags. They cause problems with BFD etc.
(edit) @54a2a5f   06/03/13 07:28:00 mb.dhananjay distro_ver fails on Non-LSB distros.
(edit) @d925ea3   05/20/13 07:19:47 Chris Johns Align the 4.8 and 4.5 configurations with the gcc-common.
(edit) @54d1426   05/17/13 02:52:22 Chris Johns Clean the paths passed as args.
(edit) @b83b596   05/16/13 05:34:00 Chris Johns Fix the core detection on Linux.
(edit) @1b40c77   05/15/13 03:23:41 Chris Johns Make outputing errors optional.
(edit) @db65c6a   05/15/13 02:15:14 Chris Johns Support Canadian cross builds on FreeBSD (and other hosts). Set up …
(edit) @8a1e7a0   05/14/13 01:12:54 Chris Johns Add better error messages.
(edit) @1a56a07   05/14/13 01:08:02 Chris Johns Add bare/config and move the source-builder/config to it. Rework the …
(edit) @04f447f   05/13/13 04:47:14 Chris Johns Show a trace message on copy when with --dry-run.
(edit) @ca047f1   05/13/13 04:46:30 Chris Johns Better error message on rmdir failure.
(edit) @5237f1cc   05/13/13 04:44:49 Chris Johns Fix support for Windows (MinGW) native builds using MSYS. Fix paths …
(edit) @e226605   05/13/13 02:22:18 Chris Johns Add an RTEMS config wrapper around This is an internal …
(edit) @e191ce8   05/10/13 08:13:38 Chris Johns Match output with the bootstrap script.
(edit) @8ee8460   05/10/13 01:10:40 Chris Johns Add check_output if on Python 2.6, ie CentOS.
(edit) @c8c60e5   05/07/13 23:55:33 Chris Johns Add svn in /usr/local for FreeBSD.
(edit) @df56f7e   05/01/13 00:42:08 Chris Johns Improve the email reporter.
(edit) @c914e1d   05/01/13 00:08:36 Chris Johns Add tail support to the log. Email the log tail in a failure.
(edit) @3c69de0   04/30/13 22:34:09 Chris Johns Add the missing Windows versions or MinGW.
(edit) @84924e4   04/30/13 20:29:12 Chris Johns Fix the open calls to use a host path.
(edit) @2edd4c9   04/30/13 19:30:22 Chris Johns Produce a better error message if the host support code does not load.
(edit) @a128418   04/30/13 19:17:11 Chris Johns Use float for version number such as CentOS 6.3.
(edit) @9815f5f   04/30/13 07:55:33 Chris Johns CVS is required. The newlib version is based on cvs for 4.11.
(edit) @cb5fc2c   04/30/13 07:27:40 Chris Johns The dist version is index 1 not 2.
(edit) @49c668c   04/30/13 07:23:18 Chris Johns Fix the dist_ver bug. Covert the string to an int.
(edit) @a48a478   04/30/13 05:01:30 Chris Johns Updated 4.11 tool versions.
(edit) @fbb39e7   04/30/13 03:22:28 Chris Johns Add options help.
(edit) @97a685f   04/30/13 01:20:54 Chris Johns Add mail support to mail reports.
(edit) @dfdc129   04/30/13 01:19:09 Chris Johns Add user private macro loading.
(edit) @1c44f1c   04/30/13 01:18:46 Chris Johns Add a get value call for macros.
(edit) @adf0946   04/28/13 23:01:14 Chris Johns Report from the setbuilder's build config. Refactor the reporter to …
(edit) @8837860   04/28/13 22:59:53 Chris Johns Add a function to return the config file name.
(edit) @0ed876c   04/28/13 22:58:01 Chris Johns Do not run any download type functions if performing a dry-run.
(edit) @055e490   04/28/13 06:10:02 Chris Johns Fix the report command. Only output if an outname is given.
(edit) @22afed3   04/28/13 05:51:51 Chris Johns Fix the trace message for _disable.
(edit) @bd26be0   04/28/13 05:30:39 Chris Johns Fix the arguments to the locking map. All maps are locked out.
(edit) @bf23399   04/27/13 11:56:33 Chris Johns Add a grep function and timestamp. Fix the acinclude.m4.
(edit) @e879c9f   04/27/13 10:30:15 Chris Johns Add a faster bootstrap for RTEMS. This is a threading dispatcher to …
(edit) @517f036   04/27/13 10:26:49 Chris Johns Add '%disable select' to turn off the macros maps.
(edit) @dbede73   04/27/13 10:23:35 Chris Johns Make _sbdir absolute. Add locks to read maps. Add locks to the read …
(edit) @624954b   04/26/13 02:05:53 Chris Johns Add macro include support. Use it for building from head. This change …
(edit) @8f30997   04/26/13 02:05:13 Chris Johns Add binutils support for snapshot builds.
(edit) @9cce399   04/26/13 02:04:39 Chris Johns Default to cvs with -z 9.
(edit) @a202f3e   04/25/13 07:50:08 Chris Johns Add SuSE variations.
(edit) @9cf846d   04/25/13 06:50:34 Chris Johns Remove all patches.
(edit) @40fec60   04/25/13 05:30:48 Chris Johns Update for Fedora 17 changes.
(edit) @8029c99   04/25/13 05:06:44 Chris Johns Undefine all possible patches.
(edit) @c65b9eb   04/25/13 05:06:20 Chris Johns Change the CVS download path to include the module and tag/date.
(edit) @9131a56   04/24/13 07:32:49 Chris Johns Move the common snapshots to the common config tree. Add gdb.
(edit) @9745848   04/24/13 06:19:09 Chris Johns Add touch for Redhat hosts.
(edit) @86b2b4f   04/23/13 06:03:25 Chris Johns Add support to check for a valid autoconf for RTEMS.
(edit) @1869040   04/23/13 01:41:49 Chris Johns Fix the path for a CVS checkout.
(edit) @f077b2b   04/22/13 12:28:27 Chris Johns Fixes for CVS to work. Add RTEMS build for sparc/sis.
(edit) @5f44fcd   04/21/13 11:43:17 Chris Johns Fix CVS downloads.
(edit) @5142bec   04/21/13 08:37:02 Chris Johns Refactor the logging support.
(edit) @29a300a   04/20/13 11:51:10 Chris Johns Fix the ZIP label.
(edit) @4ce931b   04/20/13 11:47:28 Chris Johns Add CVS download support. These changes complete the CVS download support.
(edit) @fd5042a   04/20/13 11:42:39 Chris Johns Support multiple read maps. A build could require more than one map …
(edit) @b0c2756   04/16/13 07:41:31 Chris Johns Clean up the git module.
(edit) @200f0a3   04/16/13 07:39:48 Chris Johns Add a CVS module to manage CVS.
(edit) @f8bdb41   04/16/13 04:57:27 Chris Johns Minor clean up.
(edit) @82e9f91   04/16/13 04:42:05 Chris Johns Add the --regression option.
(edit) @649a64c   04/16/13 04:25:34 Chris Johns Add download git support. Add support to use a git cloned repo as the …
(edit) @64f337b   04/15/13 03:46:59 Chris Johns No specific static libraries.
(edit) @b8ee74d   04/15/13 03:26:36 Chris Johns Add a %testing section to the configuration files.
(edit) @2cc7a97   04/15/13 02:16:26 Chris Johns PR 2117 - Only check the prefix is writable if installing and not a …
(edit) @ff91af2   04/15/13 01:45:00 Chris Johns Add _forced_static to the default. This is used in the configuration …
(edit) @255e032   04/15/13 01:15:01 Chris Johns PR 2115 - Fix checking when the path does not fully exist.
(edit) @c95c245   04/15/13 00:13:43 Chris Johns PR 2116 - Fix the option parsing to handle both ' ' and '='.
(edit) @9994530   04/15/13 00:05:23 Chris Johns PR 2115 - Check prefix path write access before starting to build. …
(edit) @8508944   04/14/13 23:48:18 Chris Johns PR 2115 - Fixed the exception on no 'what'.
(edit) @5e02e80   04/14/13 23:18:31 Chris Johns Add --no-download to disable the downloader.
(edit) @e45a2e4   04/13/13 21:54:58 Chris Johns Bug fix the list name.
(edit) @0565e1f   04/13/13 08:29:30 Chris Johns Add support for snapshot testing. User macro files passed on the …
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