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(edit) @65c65bb   07/01/16 05:49:52 Chris Johns Add telnetd as service to rc.conf. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f01b1f72   06/30/16 01:42:49 Chris Johns Add RTEMS_BSD_CONFIG_DOMAIN_PAGE_MBUFS_SIZE. The domain allocator … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @573b1982   06/29/16 23:19:52 Chris Johns Add DHCP support to rc.conf. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @90873cc   06/28/16 03:32:01 Chris Johns Add ftpd as a service. Add rtems-bsd-config.h for app libbsd set up. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7439724   06/27/16 03:25:48 Chris Johns Add a services base test. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @55c564a   06/27/16 03:24:43 Chris Johns Refactor rc.conf processing to be services based. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c6713d1   06/27/16 03:15:11 Chris Johns Add DEFAULT_NETWORK_PAGE_MBUFS_SIZE to allow per BSP allocation domain … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c991d65   06/23/16 12:18:17 Sebastian Huber Update due to RTEMS printer API changes 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @32fd702   06/23/16 12:06:21 Sebastian Huber Update due to RTEMS printer API changes 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @58c4e1c5   06/10/16 12:11:40 Sebastian Huber nfsclient: Port to LibBSD 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @68d406b   06/09/16 09:19:09 Sebastian Huber ftpfs: Import from RTEMS RTEMS Git commit … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @71f66e7   06/10/16 11:05:16 Sebastian Huber selectpollkqueue01: Add EVFILT_USER test case 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ab5cd63   05/31/16 07:16:54 Chris Johns tests: Fix compile errors after tools upgrade. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3d1e767   04/27/16 08:25:22 Sebastian Huber Directly use <sys/types.h> provided by Newlib 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f70f9f5   05/30/16 14:00:07 Sebastian Huber testsuite/rcconf01: Add missing include 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @92e9493   05/25/16 11:10:22 Sebastian Huber testsuite: Update due to API changes 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f5c6651   05/18/16 03:49:17 Chris Johns Add support for rc.conf(5) initialisation. Provide user support for … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f9a697a   05/06/16 12:32:28 Sebastian Huber media01: Add sysctl command 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @356f59c   05/06/16 10:16:19 Sebastian Huber kvprintf: Add support for %m 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @54a577d   05/04/16 11:04:42 Sebastian Huber subr_prf.c: Port to RTEMS 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ee9991f   05/06/16 06:55:35 Sebastian Huber Partially revert 27aedffc1bd8e41f4e06a3326a5b95c54ca38b79 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @83eb07c   05/06/16 05:06:08 Chris Johns Add sbin/sysctl 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @27aedffc   05/04/16 09:45:19 Sebastian Huber default-network-init.h: Fix warnings 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a1a2e10   05/04/16 06:00:15 Chris Johns Add tcpdump to the test shell commands. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f3f816c   04/28/16 03:34:11 Chris Johns Add nexus devices for default-init. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5edcb9e   01/08/16 07:16:58 Sebastian Huber media01: Add telnetd 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5529f7d   04/18/16 12:50:50 Sebastian Huber swi01: Move include to avoid type conflict 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @dd96574   11/16/15 08:51:44 Sebastian Huber SOCKETPAIR(2): Port to RTEMS 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @06d8316   11/12/15 12:16:25 Sebastian Huber testsuite/ppp01: Avoid build error on SMP 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @293fefa   10/30/15 13:14:15 Sebastian Huber testsuite: Add bdbuf configuration 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ac45be9   10/30/15 11:45:01 Sebastian Huber media01: Add mount etc. commands 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @880d929   09/30/15 12:56:24 Sebastian Huber tests: Increase stack size for dhcpcd On i386 with optimization … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @81edae4   03/31/15 07:42:01 Sebastian Huber media01: Add network and SMP support 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3cb5e9e   07/23/15 13:38:50 Sebastian Huber Update due to header guard changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b5cdb95   06/23/15 07:13:55 Sebastian Huber condvar01: Initialize mutex 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @aee6864   03/26/15 14:39:18 Sebastian Huber if_dwc: Add Altera Cyclone V support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f8367a1   03/31/15 07:41:04 Sebastian Huber tests: Support DEFAULT_EARLY_INITIALIZATION 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @49b9c5e   03/30/15 21:01:09 Sebastian Huber LAGG(4): Enable and test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @012c263   03/30/15 19:28:26 Sebastian Huber VLAN(4): Enable and test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @675acb2   03/30/15 20:33:24 Sebastian Huber tests: Fix define usage 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d0ecc91   03/26/15 09:24:30 Sebastian Huber media01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @fc9e83b   03/16/15 21:10:36 Sebastian Huber mmc: Import MMC/SDCard support from libusb 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5bcdc25   03/16/15 15:54:56 Sebastian Huber smp01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3cafb9a   03/06/15 13:57:29 Sebastian Huber tests: Add PROFREPORT shell command 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5c0aa97   02/12/15 12:34:09 Sebastian Huber Add zerocopy sendto 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5071600   01/20/15 10:04:39 Sebastian Huber Add Xilinx Zynq BSP support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @33a15c3   01/20/15 07:57:36 Sebastian Huber Add and use rtems_bsd_get_task_stack_size() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @50e82a6   11/05/14 13:27:18 Sebastian Huber HOSTNAME(1): Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c622a5e   11/03/14 15:06:07 Sebastian Huber foobarclient: Use rtems_mdns_initialize() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7f4fb17   10/31/14 09:41:39 Sebastian Huber foobarserver: Set hostname 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7f9f0df   10/31/14 09:41:17 Sebastian Huber foobarclient: Set and advertise hostname 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @54ed537   10/24/14 07:46:53 Sebastian Huber Support sethostname() and gethostname() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d5eac12   10/09/14 12:34:13 Sebastian Huber SYSLOG(3): Replace implementation Avoid potential buffer overflows on … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @403d0b8   10/09/14 06:19:50 Sebastian Huber testsuite: Fix lo0 ifconfig error Avoid "ifa_del_loopback_route: … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @573b4cd6   10/08/14 06:04:59 Sebastian Huber ppp: Port to new stack 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @04a64b1   10/08/14 09:48:02 Sebastian Huber testsuite: Add DEFAULT_NETWORK_NO_INTERFACE_0 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @263c947   10/08/14 05:49:36 Sebastian Huber testsuite: Make similar to default-network-init.h 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6cfc98d   10/01/14 12:20:42 Sebastian Huber nexus: Use a linker set for the devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @454d682   10/01/14 11:41:57 Sebastian Huber Delete obsolete _bsd_nexus_devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @77345d4   09/30/14 07:52:42 Sebastian Huber usb01: Update due to API changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6604dc8   09/25/14 08:48:14 Sebastian Huber Delete rtems_bsd_thread_chain Rely on RTEMS object registration for … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @be43b79   09/22/14 11:42:26 Sebastian Huber Replace RTEMS objects with custom implementation Performance analysis … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9a937f4   09/22/14 13:06:55 Sebastian Huber Disable IPsec IPsec has a significant performance impact. Disable it … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @4236e3d   09/18/14 08:43:37 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: Start shell only once 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @15f19af   09/18/14 07:51:41 Sebastian Huber telnetd01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7100108   04/17/14 07:45:42 Sebastian Huber Update due to workspace allocation changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9219a29   04/17/14 07:45:20 Sebastian Huber Update due to shell API changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e21bf0d   01/30/14 15:39:10 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: Use DHCP 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3951c97   01/22/14 08:43:51 Sebastian Huber mDNS: Add basic support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @917a78b   12/12/13 08:11:00 Sebastian Huber DHCPCD(8): Add basic support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9979989   01/17/14 11:41:35 Sebastian Huber arphole: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f702955   01/30/14 15:20:40 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: Update due to API changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @31ab470   01/22/14 13:26:31 Sebastian Huber Add DEFAULT_NETWORK_SHELL 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @defe035   01/22/14 08:13:54 Sebastian Huber Add DEFAULT_NETWORK_NO_STATIC_IFCONFIG 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7831313   01/20/14 14:27:13 Sebastian Huber Add and use RTEMS_BSD_ARGC() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @164c5f5   01/15/14 11:46:22 Sebastian Huber UNIX(4): Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5feec90   12/20/13 13:14:05 Sebastian Huber syscalls01: Include missing header file 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e51bc97   12/20/13 12:26:03 Sebastian Huber Delete rtems_bsd_initialize_with_interrupt_server Move interrupt … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @4d642a0   12/20/13 12:25:38 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: Add network shell commands 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @4b8bc5c   12/05/13 12:58:42 Sebastian Huber Use floating-point tasks for tests 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @63d8e59   12/11/13 10:56:37 Sebastian Huber Update legacy MCF548X FEC interface driver 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @1153f0c   12/05/13 13:03:51 Sebastian Huber rwlock01: Do not print in the worker task The worker task must not … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @57bfdf7   11/14/13 12:48:43 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b87143f   11/15/13 14:21:16 Sebastian Huber usb01: Remove SDHC references 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5cd6a53   11/14/13 09:04:13 Sebastian Huber Fix default network init header 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d617293   11/13/13 14:27:40 Sebastian Huber ping01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6ab78d6   11/13/13 14:09:40 Sebastian Huber Add network test support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @fafa9e2   11/13/13 16:20:01 Sebastian Huber testsuite: Simplify tests 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f128e7c   11/13/13 12:51:54 Sebastian Huber timeout01: Avoid Nexus devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @bb39e92   11/13/13 12:51:43 Sebastian Huber swi01: Avoid Nexus devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0d48d6e   11/13/13 11:55:37 Sebastian Huber swi01: Fix warning 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9ca3faf   11/13/13 10:07:53 Sebastian Huber usb01: Fix warning 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @66659ff   11/06/13 15:20:21 Sebastian Huber Update to FreeBSD 9.2 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f244de9   11/06/13 07:56:38 Sebastian Huber Rename rtems-bsd-config.h Rename rtems-bsd-config.h in … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @dc9429c   10/31/13 15:25:45 Sebastian Huber syscalls01: Update due to RTEMS changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3d8f979   10/31/13 12:10:12 Sebastian Huber commands01: Add INET6 test cases 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @44de29b   10/31/13 09:03:07 Sebastian Huber Enable INET6 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8671119   10/31/13 08:38:46 Sebastian Huber netshell01: Avoid multiple definitions 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @510946e   10/23/13 14:07:49 Sebastian Huber selectpollkqueue01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a9e26f5   10/28/13 15:42:55 Sebastian Huber TIMEOUT(9): Use timer server for callout_tick() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
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