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(edit) @7ba9b7f   11/03/14 14:53:46 Sebastian Huber Add mDNS support for name service dispatcher 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ffbee8a   11/03/14 08:18:14 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_bsd_force_select_timeout() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a736dda   10/31/14 09:37:34 Sebastian Huber nexus-devices: Only register fec0 This makes testing of IPv4LL a bit … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @573b4cd6   10/08/14 06:04:59 Sebastian Huber ppp: Port to new stack 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @70fa95a   09/30/14 12:46:12 Sebastian Huber ppp: Import from RTEMS sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6cfc98d   10/01/14 12:20:42 Sebastian Huber nexus: Use a linker set for the devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @454d682   10/01/14 11:41:57 Sebastian Huber Delete obsolete _bsd_nexus_devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6604dc8   09/25/14 08:48:14 Sebastian Huber Delete rtems_bsd_thread_chain Rely on RTEMS object registration for … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ccbc70d   09/24/14 14:28:25 Sebastian Huber BSD_ASSERT(): Optimize 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8176af1   09/24/14 13:41:16 Sebastian Huber rtems_bsd_mutex: Optimize 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @be43b79   09/22/14 11:42:26 Sebastian Huber Replace RTEMS objects with custom implementation Performance analysis … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9a937f4   09/22/14 13:06:55 Sebastian Huber Disable IPsec IPsec has a significant performance impact. Disable it … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @dce8247   09/22/14 14:24:34 Sebastian Huber Import and use subr_lock.c 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a197a48   09/18/14 07:49:32 Sebastian Huber telnetd: Import from RTEMS sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @917a78b   12/12/13 08:11:00 Sebastian Huber DHCPCD(8): Add basic support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7831313   01/20/14 14:27:13 Sebastian Huber Add and use RTEMS_BSD_ARGC() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f8c3d6e   01/20/14 14:01:35 Sebastian Huber Add an ARP packet processor 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c50f1b4   01/20/14 12:09:13 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_bsd_get_ethernet_addr() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c1bdbab   01/20/14 12:08:28 Sebastian Huber Add <rtems/bsd/util.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @164c5f5   01/15/14 11:46:22 Sebastian Huber UNIX(4): Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e51bc97   12/20/13 12:26:03 Sebastian Huber Delete rtems_bsd_initialize_with_interrupt_server Move interrupt … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8d4bab3   12/20/13 09:17:32 Sebastian Huber Use integer-only printf in kernel space 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5315d35   12/20/13 09:14:26 Sebastian Huber Always enable IPv6 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e10d1cd   12/13/13 09:57:03 Sebastian Huber BPF(4): Add support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @1fea8c4   12/12/13 15:52:24 Sebastian Huber Add support for boottimebin and getbinuptime() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e48f6038   12/12/13 09:38:22 Sebastian Huber Move FreeBSD define to header files 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @90916f1   12/11/13 15:40:41 Sebastian Huber Move <sys/_cpuset.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @410e305   12/06/13 08:57:59 Sebastian Huber Add RTEMS legacy MII support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d73edee   12/04/13 14:37:27 Sebastian Huber Add support for M68K 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @57bfdf7   11/14/13 12:48:43 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @2815cdb   12/02/13 14:36:31 Sebastian Huber Changes due to <sys/cpuset.h> from latest Newlib 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @24947b7   11/18/13 11:45:47 Sebastian Huber Delete unused file 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e2ab984   11/15/13 14:21:45 Sebastian Huber machine/bus.h: Support for PowerPC 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @162d615   11/15/13 14:15:36 Sebastian Huber rtems-bsd-endian.h: Fix warning on PowerPC 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @70bb42b   11/13/13 09:24:18 Sebastian Huber if_tsec: Add from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @369e2c4   11/13/13 11:51:17 Sebastian Huber nexus: Add table based Nexus device initialization 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @66659ff   11/06/13 15:20:21 Sebastian Huber Update to FreeBSD 9.2 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ce96623   11/06/13 15:14:38 Sebastian Huber Define GLOBL1() and GLOBL() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ef0c275   11/06/13 15:13:07 Sebastian Huber Move option defines to corresponding header files 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0a57e1d   11/06/13 08:35:05 Sebastian Huber Reduce divergence from FreeBSD sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c4c34f3   11/06/13 08:59:23 Sebastian Huber Change license to BSD Make usable in user space. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b84c04e   11/06/13 08:11:47 Sebastian Huber Move content to <machine/rtems-bsd-user-space.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d48955b   11/06/13 08:02:16 Sebastian Huber Add and use <machine/rtems-bsd-user-space.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f244de9   11/06/13 07:56:38 Sebastian Huber Rename rtems-bsd-config.h Rename rtems-bsd-config.h in … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @af5333e   11/04/13 10:33:00 Sebastian Huber Update to FreeBSD 8.4 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6779ce5   11/04/13 10:55:19 Sebastian Huber BUS_SPACE(9): Use simple memory model for ARM 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @241fc32   11/04/13 08:12:59 Sebastian Huber Use a local MSIZE of 256 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @89761ed   10/29/13 14:22:58 Sebastian Huber Do not use FreeBSD time control 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0c9f27b   10/28/13 14:40:53 Sebastian Huber Use kqueue() and kevent() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @08264c8   10/28/13 08:54:33 Sebastian Huber Use poll() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3e29388   10/25/13 13:09:17 Sebastian Huber ZONE(9): Add and use red-black tree chunk alloc 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @2208c40   10/24/13 09:50:40 Sebastian Huber Remove includes in <machine/rtems-bsd-config.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @bc6daba   10/24/13 09:43:15 Sebastian Huber Delete psignal() definition 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @53441c0   10/24/13 09:37:44 Sebastian Huber Move pause() define to <sys/systm.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @46ffd72   10/24/13 09:36:40 Sebastian Huber Include missing header file 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b3193b8   10/24/13 09:36:09 Sebastian Huber Move strdup() define to <sys/libkern.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e2281af   10/24/13 09:25:33 Sebastian Huber Move integer type definitions 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @150d4d6   10/24/13 09:11:32 Sebastian Huber Move content to new <machine/rtems-bsd-support.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @de3ef24   10/24/13 08:52:40 Sebastian Huber Move cpu_spinwait() definition 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @1bc2756   10/24/13 08:51:38 Sebastian Huber Add TODO item 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @12b57ad   10/24/13 08:44:22 Sebastian Huber Move malloc defines to <sys/malloc.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6cdf009   10/24/13 08:39:07 Sebastian Huber Remove setenv() declaration (conficts <stdlib.h>) 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @40f2158a   10/24/13 08:36:52 Sebastian Huber Remove abs() and labs() definitions Confict with <stdlib.h>. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @99378e2   10/24/13 08:29:30 Sebastian Huber Remove gets() declaration (conflicts <stdio.h>) 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8109ef3   10/24/13 08:21:02 Sebastian Huber Remove superfluous undefs 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ea49a89   10/24/13 08:17:20 Sebastian Huber Move ticks definition 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f9c2714   10/23/13 07:47:09 Sebastian Huber SLEEP(8): New implementation 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @616f6000   10/22/13 08:55:49 Sebastian Huber Map <sys/md5.h> to RTEMS <md5.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @43148f0   10/18/13 13:56:31 Sebastian Huber IFCONFIG(8): Avoid JAIL(3) 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @cdf6024   10/21/13 11:57:22 Sebastian Huber Add MAC support functions WARNING: They are not thread-safe! This is … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ffcd542   10/18/13 12:12:17 Sebastian Huber Move TIMEOUT(9) and ZONE(9) initialization Delete most of virtual … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a9be4b0   10/17/13 13:30:31 Sebastian Huber Move shell items to separate file 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d01564c   10/17/13 08:38:34 Sebastian Huber Move program control to thread structure 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c804e500   10/17/13 08:31:30 Sebastian Huber Update from latest FreeBSD version 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @57f2002   10/15/13 13:36:59 Sebastian Huber Add sysctl(), etc. prototypes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9d9bfaf   10/14/13 14:14:19 Sebastian Huber Use send/recv functions from FreeBSD Use recvfrom(), recvmsg(), … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8989c11   10/14/13 11:24:10 Sebastian Huber Use getsockname() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0beab1e   10/14/13 11:09:15 Sebastian Huber Use getpeername() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ac78dd2   10/14/13 10:53:43 Sebastian Huber Use getsockopt() and setsockopt() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7c2b59c   10/14/13 09:41:14 Sebastian Huber Use accept() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7c36251   10/14/13 08:04:29 Sebastian Huber Use listen() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6676de4   10/14/13 07:48:56 Sebastian Huber Use connect() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @468b08e   10/11/13 14:44:48 Sebastian Huber Use bind() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6ffb9b9   10/11/13 12:48:13 Sebastian Huber Use shutdown() from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @caf8ede   10/10/13 09:29:33 Sebastian Huber Import socket() implementation from FreeBSD Add new test syscalls01. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @69b29a0   10/10/13 14:11:02 Sebastian Huber Disable user credentials and use default values 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @cc5f4b2   10/10/13 13:00:20 Sebastian Huber Use default PID value for all process identifiers 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @549488b   10/10/13 12:45:09 Sebastian Huber Disable alternative routing tables 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @db2e97f   10/14/13 13:01:13 Sebastian Huber Disable cold boot indicator 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @032b3b7   10/11/13 13:08:39 Sebastian Huber Use Newlib provided <sys/fcntl.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ebabe9b   10/10/13 08:30:04 Sebastian Huber Import <sys/sysproto.h> from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @cd75897   10/10/13 09:32:42 Sebastian Huber Import <security/audit/audit.h> from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3931b6e   10/10/13 11:23:44 Sebastian Huber Provide socklen_t, use size_t for socklen_t 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a434fc8   10/10/13 09:28:11 Sebastian Huber Add empty files 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @ab415f9   10/09/13 06:56:49 Sebastian Huber Use extension to attach a struct thread to threads Add test thread01. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f3b2913   10/09/13 12:29:38 Sebastian Huber Move core system initialization references 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a9f141a   10/09/13 07:00:44 Sebastian Huber Change license to BSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e599318   10/09/13 20:52:54 Sebastian Huber Update files to match FreeBSD layout Add compatibility with Newlib … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @bceabc9   10/09/13 20:42:09 Sebastian Huber Move files to match FreeBSD layout 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @1a91c05   03/07/12 22:44:23 Joel Sherrill Preserve Sebastian's directory structure under rtemsbsd to minimize changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
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