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(edit) @f9798ad   05/30/16 23:49:31 Chris Johns Add a stats report command. The report shows the level of changes we … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5338089   05/04/16 06:24:11 Chris Johns Fix coding to be CamelCase. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f1fcdba   04/27/16 02:03:17 Chris Johns waf: Refector the builder to work with Python3 and UTF-8 source files. … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @97c5024a   04/18/16 00:53:20 Chris Johns Add RTEMS version support, update all python to 2 and 3. Add support … 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @df811cf   09/25/15 12:07:00 Sebastian Huber Makefile: Delete Use waf instead. 55-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8440506   06/15/15 07:42:23 Chris Johns Add tcpdump and libpcap. - Update the file builder generator to … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5ba6949   05/20/15 07:45:16 Chris Johns Add support to build using waf. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @314be23   05/01/15 06:02:22 Chris Johns freebsd-to-rtems: Refactor the conversion support to allow multiples … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @4f75a78   04/07/15 13:31:27 Sebastian Huber mghttpd: Import from RTEMS 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0c395c0   04/07/15 12:00:07 Sebastian Huber Add generated files This avoids dependencies on a particular … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0c10bd5   03/26/15 13:25:44 Sebastian Huber if_dwc: Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @710d2a1   03/27/15 10:13:25 Sebastian Huber mii: Add phy devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @49b9c5e   03/30/15 21:01:09 Sebastian Huber LAGG(4): Enable and test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @012c263   03/30/15 19:28:26 Sebastian Huber VLAN(4): Enable and test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d0ecc91   03/26/15 09:24:30 Sebastian Huber media01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @fc9e83b   03/16/15 21:10:36 Sebastian Huber mmc: Import MMC/SDCard support from libusb 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5bcdc25   03/16/15 15:54:56 Sebastian Huber smp01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @50553bc   03/15/15 20:49:14 Sebastian Huber CONDVAR(9): Use FreeBSD implementation 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8475e7a   03/24/15 09:02:45 Sebastian Huber SLEEPQUEUE(9): Port to RTEMS 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @53b03a1   03/24/15 09:09:43 Sebastian Huber SLEEP(9): Port to RTEMS 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @20b7d3d   03/15/15 09:01:25 Sebastian Huber Update due to Newlib <sys/time.h> etc. changes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @67e7ea5   03/15/15 19:47:58 Sebastian Huber Special case for <rtems/bsd/zerocopy.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f59a2da   02/13/15 10:59:27 Sebastian Huber Use C11 and C++11 This is necessary to use <stdatomic.h> and <atomic>. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5c0aa97   02/12/15 12:34:09 Sebastian Huber Add zerocopy sendto 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @948b1a5   01/30/15 09:02:39 Sebastian Huber Fix revert includes 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @cf20101   01/30/15 08:49:39 Sebastian Huber Change default directories 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8fe59fe   11/18/13 11:46:27 Sebastian Huber if_tsec: Add Nexus support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5383ed4   02/13/15 09:31:27 Sebastian Huber Add and use rtems_bsd_get_allocator_domain_size() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3c302b6   01/27/15 07:26:53 Sebastian Huber Add a simple page allocator 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @dae9f66   11/25/14 13:37:22 Sebastian Huber zy7_slcr: Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @946611a   11/25/14 12:14:46 Sebastian Huber e1000phy: Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b8e0c66   11/20/14 06:57:05 Sebastian Huber if_cgem: Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8cdd142   01/21/15 13:24:38 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_bsd_get_mac_address() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @33a15c3   01/20/15 07:57:36 Sebastian Huber Add and use rtems_bsd_get_task_stack_size() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @91ea7ea   01/20/15 07:39:06 Sebastian Huber Add and use rtems_bsd_get_task_priority() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @026abfb   11/10/14 07:27:32 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_mdns_gethostname() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7a3fe8e   11/06/14 07:28:06 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_mdns_sethostname() Use it to set the multi-cast hostname of … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @50e82a6   11/05/14 13:27:18 Sebastian Huber HOSTNAME(1): Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7ba9b7f   11/03/14 14:53:46 Sebastian Huber Add mDNS support for name service dispatcher 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @54ed537   10/24/14 07:46:53 Sebastian Huber Support sethostname() and gethostname() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @573b4cd6   10/08/14 06:04:59 Sebastian Huber ppp: Port to new stack 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6cfc98d   10/01/14 12:20:42 Sebastian Huber nexus: Use a linker set for the devices 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a2a3a01   10/01/14 08:28:11 Sebastian Huber Provide new rtems_bsdnet_rtrequest() Delete superfluous code. 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @74a133d   09/30/14 13:13:55 Sebastian Huber Makefile: Remove superfluous include path 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b8021fd   09/29/14 06:38:09 Sebastian Huber critical_enter/exit(): Use inline function 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8176af1   09/24/14 13:41:16 Sebastian Huber rtems_bsd_mutex: Optimize 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @be43b79   09/22/14 11:42:26 Sebastian Huber Replace RTEMS objects with custom implementation Performance analysis … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9a937f4   09/22/14 13:06:55 Sebastian Huber Disable IPsec IPsec has a significant performance impact. Disable it … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @dce8247   09/22/14 14:24:34 Sebastian Huber Import and use subr_lock.c 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @71d8a27   09/19/14 05:06:12 Sebastian Huber Install missing header files 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6766ee9   09/18/14 10:59:24 Sebastian Huber Makefile: Add -fno-strict-aliasing 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @15f19af   09/18/14 07:51:41 Sebastian Huber telnetd01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a197a48   09/18/14 07:49:32 Sebastian Huber telnetd: Import from RTEMS sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @7e982cf   08/29/14 09:01:39 Sebastian Huber Add file to ensure some C++ compatibility 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b7ea2dd   08/28/14 20:42:43 Sebastian Huber Install missing header files 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3d01336   08/28/14 20:31:47 Sebastian Huber Fix library creation Delete library and create it from scratch to … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @3951c97   01/22/14 08:43:51 Sebastian Huber mDNS: Add basic support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @917a78b   12/12/13 08:11:00 Sebastian Huber DHCPCD(8): Add basic support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9979989   01/17/14 11:41:35 Sebastian Huber arphole: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f8c3d6e   01/20/14 14:01:35 Sebastian Huber Add an ARP packet processor 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c50f1b4   01/20/14 12:09:13 Sebastian Huber Add rtems_bsd_get_ethernet_addr() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @164c5f5   01/15/14 11:46:22 Sebastian Huber UNIX(4): Import from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f8d99e9   12/20/13 14:34:57 Sebastian Huber Fix install Makefile target 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e51bc97   12/20/13 12:26:03 Sebastian Huber Delete rtems_bsd_initialize_with_interrupt_server Move interrupt … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f5a38ad   10/08/13 10:52:30 Sebastian Huber Simplify and use new reference BSP Use … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5315d35   12/20/13 09:14:26 Sebastian Huber Always enable IPv6 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @25d028c   10/18/13 12:13:58 Sebastian Huber Add -Wno-format 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @b49921e   10/09/13 13:43:48 Sebastian Huber Enable compiler warnings 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5871035   12/12/13 09:52:15 Sebastian Huber Define INET6 for relevant sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c56c1db   12/12/13 09:40:42 Sebastian Huber Define DBINTERFACE_PRIVATE for relevant sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @9956d77   12/12/13 09:39:56 Sebastian Huber Allow source file set specific compiler flags 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @e48f6038   12/12/13 09:38:22 Sebastian Huber Move FreeBSD define to header files 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f574d27   12/11/13 15:51:05 Sebastian Huber Script changes Rename Module::addHeaderFiles() to … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @5ae0a03   12/11/13 15:41:53 Sebastian Huber Add and use FreeBSDPathComposer() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @90916f1   12/11/13 15:40:41 Sebastian Huber Move <sys/_cpuset.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6167dca   12/06/13 08:59:34 Sebastian Huber Add legacy MCF548X FEC interface driver 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @410e305   12/06/13 08:57:59 Sebastian Huber Add RTEMS legacy MII support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d73edee   12/04/13 14:37:27 Sebastian Huber Add support for M68K 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @57bfdf7   11/14/13 12:48:43 Sebastian Huber ftpd01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @2815cdb   12/02/13 14:36:31 Sebastian Huber Changes due to <sys/cpuset.h> from latest Newlib 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d617293   11/13/13 14:27:40 Sebastian Huber ping01: New test 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @6ab78d6   11/13/13 14:09:40 Sebastian Huber Add network test support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @da450ab   11/13/13 11:51:04 Sebastian Huber if_smc: Add Nexus device support 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @70bb42b   11/13/13 09:24:18 Sebastian Huber if_tsec: Add from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @369e2c4   11/13/13 11:51:17 Sebastian Huber nexus: Add table based Nexus device initialization 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @66659ff   11/06/13 15:20:21 Sebastian Huber Update to FreeBSD 9.2 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @0a57e1d   11/06/13 08:35:05 Sebastian Huber Reduce divergence from FreeBSD sources 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @d48955b   11/06/13 08:02:16 Sebastian Huber Add and use <machine/rtems-bsd-user-space.h> 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @f244de9   11/06/13 07:56:38 Sebastian Huber Rename rtems-bsd-config.h Rename rtems-bsd-config.h in … 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @94d04f8   11/06/13 07:27:39 Sebastian Huber sys/dev/mii/mii_bitbang.c: Add from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @cd48afc   11/04/13 14:17:21 Sebastian Huber Use <sys/queue.h> from Newlib 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @af5333e   11/04/13 10:33:00 Sebastian Huber Update to FreeBSD 8.4 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @fdf46be   10/31/13 15:07:55 Sebastian Huber Use <sys/poll.h> and <sys/event.h> from RTEMS 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @44de29b   10/31/13 09:03:07 Sebastian Huber Enable INET6 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @a2ddd79   10/31/13 09:49:23 Sebastian Huber lib/libc/net/ip6opt.c: Add from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8a5d1da   10/31/13 09:46:08 Sebastian Huber lib/libc/net/rthdr.c: Add from FreeBSD 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @c123489   10/31/13 08:39:27 Sebastian Huber Makefile: Add -fno-common 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @8671119   10/31/13 08:38:46 Sebastian Huber netshell01: Avoid multiple definitions 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @adaa246   10/30/13 09:56:59 Sebastian Huber Inline copyinstr(), copyin() and copyout() 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
(edit) @724d62b   10/30/13 08:30:34 Sebastian Huber Delete unused "sys/kern/kern_environment.c" 4.1155-freebsd-126-freebsd-12freebsd-9.3
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