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(edit) @5d8b0dd   02/12/19 23:18:43 Chris Johns waf: Remove as many sys path hacks as we can. There are still … 5am
(edit) @6f110cc   02/08/19 08:41:45 Sebastian Huber build: Prepend project common path This avoids conflicts with … 5am
(edit) @b5014fe   01/11/19 09:39:19 Sebastian Huber Reformat and update copyright and license notices For everything … 5am
(edit) @e52906b   01/09/19 15:14:06 Sebastian Huber Simplify SPDX-License-Identifier comment 5am
(edit) @4886d60   01/09/19 15:14:04 Sebastian Huber Use standard format for copyright lines 5am
(edit) @50fbe0d   01/04/19 11:01:41 Sebastian Huber Add common header.rst to reduce copy and paste 5am
(edit) @6682434   12/20/18 15:17:09 joel Eliminate UTF-8 characters except superscripted 2 in i2c 5am
(edit) @e24c5e9   12/20/18 07:19:05 Sebastian Huber eng: Unicode char (U+200B) 5am
(edit) @75f2463   12/09/18 15:50:04 pritishjain2001 eng/coding-conventions.rst: Convert TBD to Rest Format (GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @cc826d7   12/05/18 14:43:00 mcomajoancara eng/coding-doxygen: Fix errors This work was part of GCI 2018. 5am
(edit) @b8b4f14   12/04/18 19:29:43 mcomajoancara eng/coding-file-hdr.rst: Fix file formatting (GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @f5c20a6   12/04/18 19:21:54 joel eng/coding-doxygen.rst: Clean up and make subsubsections 5am
(edit) @cd6ac10   12/03/18 09:40:15 zenon.hans.taneka Converted Doxygen Best Practices Documentation to Rest format (GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @edde29e   12/03/18 23:40:47 pritishjain2001 coding-naming: Convert TBD to Rest format (GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @7e91a8f   12/03/18 17:01:40 mcomajoancara eng/vc-users: Convert wiki page to Rest (GCI 2018) Converted … 5am
(edit) @f4782c9   12/03/18 05:33:31 mcomajoancara eng/vc-authors: Convert wiki page to Rest (GCI 2018) Converted … 5am
(edit) @32a4a0a   12/02/18 21:13:01 pritishjain2001 management: Convert TBD to rest Format (GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @4ff3787   12/02/18 23:02:40 mcomajoancara eng/ Use new short name of SW Eng Handbook 5am
(edit) @ccbaea6   12/02/18 17:35:41 joel eng/license-requirements.rst: Add a TBD for BSD info 5am
(edit) @9c75517   12/02/18 17:29:33 joel coding-doxygen-bsp.rst, coding-file-hdr.rst: Fix formatting 5am
(edit) @e55248d   12/01/18 20:16:35 pritishjain2001 coding-file-hdr: Convert TBD to Rest Format (GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @0184167   12/02/18 08:44:29 pritishjain2001 coding-doxygen-bsp: Convert TBD to rest Format(GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @65476b4   12/01/18 09:27:48 pritishjain2001 coding-gen-patch:Convert TBD to rest Format(GCI 2018) 5am
(edit) @8059b68   12/01/18 17:11:15 mcomajoancara eng/coding-80cols: Convert wiki page to Rest Converted … 5am
(edit) @49453ec   12/01/18 14:17:11 mcomajoancara eng/appendix-a: convert to a table Convert text to a table, TBDs into … 5am
(edit) @602561f   12/01/18 16:08:49 joel eng/test-suites.rst: Update to reflect current reality 5am
(edit) @b0646e4   11/30/18 21:59:01 pritishjain2001 test-suites:Convert TBD to rest Format(GCI 2018) 5am
(add) @1ae5e88   11/21/18 16:39:04 joel Initial start of converting the Word outline to Rest Thanks to Scott … 5am
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