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(edit) @6f110cc   02/08/19 08:41:45 Sebastian Huber build: Prepend project common path This avoids conflicts with … 5am
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(edit) @50fbe0d   01/04/19 11:01:41 Sebastian Huber Add common header.rst to reduce copy and paste 5am
(edit) @c1d296a   01/07/19 06:45:05 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Update ARM multilibs 5am
(edit) @e4087f0   12/20/18 15:19:05 joel sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Add middle initail for Peter Magnusson … 5am
(edit) @fdaef80   11/20/18 16:36:10 zenon.hans.taneka cpu-supplement/sparc.rst: Merge Annul Slot Explanation (GCI 2018) … 5am
(edit) @80a2b75   11/20/18 16:23:38 joel cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Add credit box 5am
(edit) @1c43e8c   11/19/18 21:35:59 mcomajoancara cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Complete Formatting This … 5am
(edit) @0a9dd48   11/19/18 15:03:07 joel cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Simplify section title 5am
(edit) @ae05a27   11/18/18 10:11:04 mcomajoancara Improve SPARC Calling Overview Webpage conversion Fixed tables, … 5am
(edit) @0bb0b8d   11/09/18 22:28:10 joel cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Basic formatting with TBDs … 5am
(edit) @f067ba3   11/09/18 22:04:06 joel Initial addition of SPARC V8 Stack/Register? Windowing from Peter … 5am
(edit) @1a704cd   11/08/18 15:35:03 Sebastian Huber Remove m32c architecture port Update #3599. 5am
(edit) @969e60e   10/19/18 03:42:12 Chris Johns Update the copyright year. 5am
(edit) @5ce8e43   08/21/18 03:41:51 Chris Johns build: Fix indexing so it works on HTML and PDF. - Remove all … 5am
(edit) @9bfda06   08/20/18 16:16:24 joel cpu-supplement/sparc.rst: Revert work in progress accidentally committed 5am
(edit) @ad2ca17   08/16/18 23:11:53 joel cpu-supplement/sparc.rst: Fix me 5am
(edit) @67195aa   08/10/18 07:37:46 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Remove empty index Due to the hierarchical structure … 5am
(edit) @762b8d7   08/10/18 07:30:08 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Remove empty command/vars chapter Close #3498. 5am
(edit) @135b90c   08/09/18 13:42:28 joel Fix SPARC_SWTRAP_IRQDIS typo close #3493. 5am
(edit) @d909c5f   08/02/18 10:53:14 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Add RISC-V chapter Update #3433. 5am
(edit) @efd581f   07/18/18 06:14:09 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Update interrupt stack paragraph Close #3459. 5am
(edit) @42d50d7   11/11/17 23:32:39 Chris Johns Add indexes to all documents. Update #3229. 5am
(edit) @c6f8e51   10/12/17 23:50:59 joel Shorten the name of the BSP and Device Driver Development Guide Old … 5am
(edit) @87e1929   09/27/17 12:55:45 Sebastian Huber Mention i.MX 7 SMP support Update #3090. 5am
(edit) @3fdea2d   08/25/17 08:35:14 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Use literal instead of emphasis Update #3082. 5am
(edit) @873ba80   08/24/17 13:54:41 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Fix PowerPC TOC limitation Update #3082. 5am
(edit) @b6977f7   08/23/17 07:23:23 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement/powerpc: Rewrite Remove obsolete and duplicated … 5am
(edit) @efc29ff   08/11/17 03:09:50 Chris Johns Update copyright notices. 5am
(edit) @44c9e33   06/12/17 09:09:06 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Update TLS support status Close #2468. 5am
(edit) @ad5d632   03/26/17 23:25:25 Chris Johns waf: Cleaner formatting to see the importing. 5am
(edit) @f97be09   03/20/17 01:18:53 Chris Johns Use a single top level version number. 5am
(edit) @97e1553   01/17/17 09:39:08 Sebastian Huber c-user: Add support for references via bibtex … 5am
(edit) @7193f09   01/12/17 01:01:20 joel Update document titles for consistency 5am
(edit) @d8beaab   11/15/16 23:54:47 joel Remove references to SPARC/SIS BSP. Also clean up old ERC32 … 5am
(edit) @45dc7c7   12/21/16 10:29:35 Sebastian Huber Update version/revision to 4.11.99 5am
(edit) @6297ad3   11/10/16 09:16:03 Sebastian Huber cpu-supplement: Document PowerPC SPRG0-2 usage 5am
(edit) @f7dbf17   11/09/16 05:53:20 Chris Johns cpu-supplement: Fix the project label. 4.115am
(edit) @6916004   11/09/16 01:39:16 Chris Johns cpu-supplement: Fix header levels. 4.115am
(add) @72a62ad   11/03/16 05:58:08 Chris Johns Rename all manuals with an _ to have a -. It helps released naming of … 4.115am
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