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(edit) @170418a   05/18/16 17:47:42 verm Move images to a common directory. 4.115am
(edit) @5353914   03/20/16 23:27:52 Chris Johns Updates from user reviews. 4.115am
(edit) @ad42291   03/16/16 23:33:42 Chris Johns Remove the minted gobble. 4.115am
(edit) @2bcd424   03/10/16 16:48:15 Amar Takhar Switch to using Minted and splitting long lines in verbatim. 4.115am
(edit) @63eaa6f   03/10/16 16:34:19 Amar Takhar Add Minted 2015/12/21 v2.2dev (ce7a111) 4.115am
(edit) @c21e8e9   03/09/16 04:35:21 Chris Johns Better error message, add FTP to the URL list. 4.115am
(edit) @867016d   03/09/16 04:35:00 Chris Johns Format the index for PDF output. 4.115am
(edit) @0858375   03/08/16 09:16:37 Chris Johns Run through 2to3. 4.115am
(edit) @1ea5fb7   03/01/16 03:46:08 Amar Takhar Wrap \tabulary environment to allow breaking underscores. * This … 4.115am
(edit) @eccd84e   01/27/16 06:50:07 Chris Johns Add wrap support to long table entries. 4.115am
(edit) @859f0b7   01/27/16 00:27:31 Chris Johns Add an rtems-table class to wrap and align HTML tables. 4.115am
(edit) @7130ed3   01/26/16 10:48:15 Chris Johns Fix PDF layout. 4.115am
(edit) @c18d76a   01/26/16 01:26:11 Chris Johns Add my-style.css support and add RTEMS to that CSS. 4.115am
(edit) @0f5ccd4   01/23/16 05:01:45 Chris Johns Generate a fatal error on a Sphinx beta version that cannot be parsed. 4.115am
(edit) @ed3794e   01/20/16 04:00:32 Amar Takhar Add 'waf linkcheck' to check external references. 4.115am
(edit) @9b495a2   01/20/16 02:48:37 Amar Takhar Remove incorrect pdflatex/makeindex check. 4.115am
(edit) @7c1f215   01/20/16 02:03:57 Amar Takhar Only require makeindex and pdflatex when trying to build PDF. 4.115am
(edit) @a316b1f   01/20/16 01:37:04 Amar Takhar Add support for singlehtml (inlined) HTML file, plus some other fixes. … 4.115am
(edit) @89f2347   01/20/16 00:33:59 Amar Takhar Fix typo and add another dependency. 4.115am
(edit) @14bbcb1   01/19/16 14:55:57 Amar Takhar Add minimum version check for Sphinx. Some distributions have ancient … 4.115am
(edit) @9b5801a   01/19/16 05:27:45 Amar Takhar Add PDF generation support use with --pdf 4.115am
(edit) @0abc59d   01/19/16 04:30:27 Amar Takhar Add .svg logos for RTEMS that I made myself. One is plain SVG the … 4.115am
(edit) @2643223   01/19/16 04:30:17 Amar Takhar Add logo.pdf for PDF documents. 4.115am
(edit) @f916fca   01/18/16 22:53:44 Amar Takhar Add support for spellchecking with a custom dictionary. To use: 1. … 4.115am
(edit) @3a71759   01/18/16 05:05:50 Amar Takhar Rework how is handled. Needed to switch due to increasing … 4.115am
(edit) @46498bd   01/18/16 03:28:28 Amar Takhar Fix rtemsconfig building. I'll probably move to a more pythonic way … 4.115am
(add) @5daabd2   01/16/16 04:41:06 Amar Takhar Initial reST documentation using Sphinx. 4.115am
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