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Oct 12, 2001, 1:43:05 PM (18 years ago)
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  • Update to stable working state. Congratulations Mike! :)
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  • cpukit/pppd/STATUS

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     5The pppd application seems to very stable.  It has been tested using
     6the example application with the i386/pc586 and m68k/sbc5206e BSPs.
     7The tests were executed using a null modem serial cable to connect
     8with a UNIX box running either the ppp or pppd application and with
     9an external modem to dial up a local ISP.
    6 Notes from Mike Siers <>
    7 ========================================
     11If you have problems getting your target to make consistent connections
     12with an ISP, the problem is most likely with the ppp options.  First
     13try using the "novj" and "noaccomp" options.  If you have questions
     14about what other option values are available for the rtems_pppd_set_option
     15function, please look at the pppd.8 man page file or the the source code.
     16The majority of options that are documented in man page should work
     17with this function call.
    9 I know that several users have tried out this version of
    10 pppd under RTEMS.  It has been successfully used as both
    11 a client and server.  Below are the only issues that I
    12 know of.
     19The pppd application requires the BSP termios driver support task
     20driven I/O.  Below is a list of known issues that need to be resolved:
    14 1) Large packet ping causes RTEMS box to lock up
    15    If you ping the RTEMS box over the ppp link with a packet
    16    size greater than 1500, the RTEMS box locks up.  I think
    17    the problem is in the pppd ethernet driver.
     22  - pppd locks up when it receives large packet pings (> 1500 bytes)
     23  - pppd occasionaly locks up with mbuf allocation error
     24    (problem is rare and may be BSP related)
    19 2) Upgrade the libnetworking/modem files
    20    This upgrade did not modify the ppp ethernet driver files
    21    in the libnetworking/modem directory.  Would like to
    22    upgrade these files.  Hopefully, it will fix the large
    23    packet ping problem.
     26If you find any other problems or fix some problems, please post your
     27changes to the RTEMS mailing list.
    25 3) The files cbcp.c and cbcp.h provide a callback feature
    26    that I have not tried to compile or use.  The files in
    27    this directory are identical to the 2.3.11 versions. 
    28    for completeness.
    31 JOEL: Are the modifications to the original pppd such that the
    32       real maintainers will accept them?
    34 No.  The pppd 2.3.11 branch is an old branch.  The current
    35 version is 2.4.x and it contains alot of extra items that
    36 just did not make sense to have in an embedded environment.
    37 I could make the RTEMS changes compatible with the standard
    38 2.3.11 release by using compilation flags.  I have not
    39 contacted the maintainers to see if they are interested.
     29Good Luck
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