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    9 @ifinfo
    10 @node Directory Structure, Directory Structure Suites, Introduction, Top
    11 @end ifinfo
    129@chapter Directory Structure
    13 @ifinfo
    14 @menu
    15 * Directory Structure Suites::
    16 @end menu
    17 @end ifinfo
    1911The RTEMS directory structure is designed to meet
    2517@item isolate processor and target dependent code, while
    2618allowing as much common source code as possible to be shared
    27 across multiple processors and targets.
     19across multiple processors and target boards.
    2921@item allow multiple RTEMS users to perform simultaneous
    3426The resulting directory structure has processor and
    35 target dependent source files isolated from generic files.  When
    36 RTEMS is built, object directories and an install point will be
    37 automatically created based upon the target BSP selected.  The
    38 placement of object files based upon the selected BSP name
    39 insures that object files are not mixed across CPUs or targets.
    40 This in combination with the make files allows the specific
     27board dependent source files isolated from generic files.  When
     28RTEMS is configured and built, object directories and
     29an install point will be automatically created based upon
     30the target CPU family and BSP selected. 
     32The placement of object files based upon the selected BSP name
     33ensures that object files are not mixed across CPUs or targets.
     34This in combination with the makefiles allows the specific
    4135compilation options to be tailored for a particular target
    4236board.  For example, the efficiency of the memory subsystem for
    4842memory.  It is impossible to achieve this degree of flexibility
    4943without providing source code.
    50 @ifinfo
    51 @node Directory Structure Suites, C Suites, Directory Structure, Directory Structure
    52 @end ifinfo
    53 @section Suites
    54 @ifinfo
    55 @menu
    56 * C Suites::
    57 * Executive Source Directory::
    58 * Support Library Source Directory::
    59 * Test Suite Source Directory::
    60 @end menu
    61 @end ifinfo
     46@c  Directory Organization
     48@section Directory Organization
    6350The RTEMS source tree is organized based on the
    64 following four variables:
     51following variables:
    6653@itemize @bullet
    67 @item language,
    69 @item target processor,
    71 @item target board, and
    73 @item compiler vendor (Ada only).
     55@item functionality,
     56@item target processor family,
     57@item target processor model,
     58@item peripherals, and
     59@item target board.
    7461@end itemize
    76 The language may be either C or Ada and there is
    77 currently nothing shared between the source trees for these two
    78 implementations of RTEMS.  The user generally selects the
    79 subdirectory for the implementation they are using and ignores
    80 that for the other implementation.  The only exceptions to this
    81 normally occurs when comparing the source code for the two
    82 implementations or when porting both to a new CPU or target
    83 board.  The following shows the top level RTEMS directory
    84 structure which includes directories for each language
    85 implementation and a language independent source documentation
    86 directory.  The source documentation directory is currently not
    87 supported.
    89 @c
    90 @c  Tree 1 - Top Level
    91 @c
    93 @ifset use-ascii
    94 @example
    95 @group
    96                       RTEMS
    97                         |
    98 +-----------------------+-----------------------+
    99 |                                               |
    100 c                                              doc
    101 @end group
    102 @end example
    103 @end ifset
     63Each of the following sections will describe the
     64contents of the directories in the RTEMS source
     65tree.  The top of the tree will be referenced
     66as @code{$@{RTEMS_ROOT@}} in this discussion.
     69@c  Top Level Tree
     72@c @ifset use-ascii
     75                      rtems-VERSION
     76                           |
     77   +--------+----+----+----+--+-----+---+------+-----+
     78   |        |    |    |       |     |   |      |     |
     79aclocal automake c contrib  cpukit doc make scripts tools
     80@end group
     81@end example
     82@c @end ifset
    10584@ifset use-tex
    106 @sp 1
    108 @tex
    109 {\parskip=0pt\offinterlineskip%
    110 \hskip 15.0em
    111 \hskip 1.25em\hbox to 3.00em{\hss{RTEMS}\hss}%
    112 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par\penalty10000
    113 \hskip 15.0em
    114 \hskip 2.75em\vrule width.04em%
    115 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    116 \hskip 15.0em
    117 \hskip 0.25em\vrule width2.50em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    118 \vrule width.04em\vrule width2.50em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    119 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    120 \hskip 15.0em
    121 \hskip 0.25em\vrule width.04em%
    122 \hskip 4.92em\vrule width.04em%
    123 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    124 \hskip 15.0em
    125 \hskip 0.00em\hbox to 0.50em{\hss{c}\hss}%
    126 \hskip 1.50em\hbox to 1.50em{\hss{   }\hss}%
    127 \hskip 1.00em\hbox to 1.50em{\hss{doc}\hss}%
    128 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par}
    129 @end tex
    130 @end ifset
    132 @c
    133 @c for now continue to use the ascii
    134 @c
     85@end ifset
    13587@ifset use-html
    136 @example
    137 @group
    138                       RTEMS
    139                         |
    140 +-----------------------+-----------------------+
    141 |                                               |
    142 c                                              doc
    143 @end group
    144 @end example
    14689@end html
    14790@end ifset
    149 Each of the following sections will describe the
    150 contents of the directories in the RTEMS source
    151 tree.
    153 @ifinfo
    154 @node C Suites, Executive Source Directory, Directory Structure Suites, Directory Structure Suites
    155 @end ifinfo
    156 @subsection C Suites
    158 The following table lists the suites currently included with the
    159 C implementation of RTEMS and the directory in which they may be located:
    161 @ifset use-texinfo-tables
    16292@table @code
    163 @item Support Libraries (BSPs, C library, CPU support)
    164 $RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/lib
    166 @item Single Processor Tests
    167 $RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/sptests
    169 @item Timing Tests
    170 $RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/tmtests
    172 @item Multiprocessor Tests
    173 $RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/mptests
    175 @item Sample Applications
    176 $RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/samples
    178 @item RTEMS Build Tools
    179 $RTEMS_SRC_BASE/c/build_tools
    181 @item Make Support
    182 $RTEMS_ROOT/c/make
     93@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/aclocal/
     94This directory contains the custom M4 macros which are available to
     95the various GNU autoconf @code{} scripts throughout
     96the RTEMS source tree.  GNU autoconf interprets @code{}
     97files to produce the @code{configure} files used to tailor
     98RTEMS build for a particular host and target environment.  The
     99contents of this directory will not be discussed further in this
     102@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/automake/
     103This directory contains the custom GNU automake fragments
     104which are used to support the various @code{}
     105files throughout the RTEMS source tree.  The
     106contents of this directory will not be discussed
     107further in this document.
     109@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/
     110This directory is the root of the portions of the RTEMS source
     111tree which must be built tailored for a particular CPU model
     112or BSP.  The contents of this directory will be discussed
     113in the @ref{Directory Structure c/ Directory} section.
     115@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/contrib/
     116This directory contains contributed support software.  Currently
     117this directory contains the RPM specifications for cross-compilers
     118hosted on GNU/Linux that target Cygwin and Solaris.  The
     119cross-compilers produced using these specifications are then
     120used in a Canadian cross build procedure to produce the Cygwin
     121and Solaris hosted RTEMS toolsets on a GNU/Linux host.  This
     122directory will not be discussed further in this document.
     124@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/cpukit/
     125This directory is the root for all of the "multilib'able"
     126portions of RTEMS.  This is a GNU way of saying the the
     127contents of this directory can be compiled like the
     128C Library (@code{libc.a}) and the functionality is
     129neither CPU model nor BSP specific.  The source code
     130for most RTEMS services reside under this directory.
     131The contents of this directory will be discussed
     132in the @ref{Directory Structure CPUKit Directory} section.
     134@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/doc/
     135This directory is the root for all RTEMS documentation.
     136The source for RTEMS is written in GNU TeXinfo and
     137used to produce HTML, PDF, and "info" files.
     138The RTEMS documentation is configured, built,
     139and installed separately from the RTEMS executive and tests.
     140The contents of this directory will be discussed
     141in the @ref{Directory Structure Documentation Directory} section.
     143@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/make/
     144This directory contains files which support the
     145RTEMS Makefile's.  From a user's perspective, the
     146most important parts are found in the @code{custom/}
     147subdirectory.  Each ".cfg" file in this directory
     148is associated with a specific BSP and describes
     149the CPU model, compiler flags, and procedure to
     150a produce an executable for the target board.
     151These files are described in detail in the
     152@b{RTEMS BSP and Device Driver Development Guide}
     153and will not be discussed further in this document.
     155@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/scripts/
     156This directory contains the RPM specifications for the
     157prebuilt cross-compilation toolsets provided by the
     158RTEMS project.  There are separate subdirectories
     159for each of the components in the RTEMS Cross Compilation
     160Environment including @code{binutils/}, @code{gcc3newlib/},
     161and @code{gdb/}.  This directory is configured, built,
     162and installed separately from the RTEMS executive
     163and tests.  This directory will not be discussed further
     164in this document.
     166@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/tools/
     167This directory contains RTEMS specific support utilities which
     168execute on the development host.  These utilities are divided
     169into subdirectories based upon whether they are used in the process
     170of building RTEMS and applications, are CPU specific, or are
     171used to assist in updating the RTEMS source tree and applications.
     172The support utilities used in the process of building RTEMS are
     173described in @ref{RTEMS Specific Utilities}.  These are the
     174only components of this subtree that will be discussed in this
    183177@end table
    184 @end ifset
    186 @ifclear use-texinfo-tables
    187 @html
    188 <CENTER>
    189   <TABLE COLS=2 WIDTH="80%" BORDER=2>
    190 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>Support Libraries (BSPs, C library, CPU support)</TD>
    191     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/lib</TD></TR>
    192 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>Single Processor Tests</TD>
    193     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/sptests</TD></TR>
    194 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>Timing Tests</TD>
    195     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/tmtests</TD></TR>
    196 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>Multiprocessor Tests</TD>
    197     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/mptests</TD></TR>
    198 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>Sample Applications</TD>
    199     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_ROOT/c/src/tests/samples</TD></TR>
    200 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>RTEMS Build Tools</TD>
    201     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_SRC_BASE/c/build_tools</TD></TR>
    202 <TR><TD ALIGN=center>Make Support</TD>
    203     <TD ALIGN=center>$RTEMS_ROOT/c/make</TD></TR>
    204   </TABLE>
    205 </CENTER>
    206 @end html
    207 @end ifclear
    210 The top level directory structure for the C implementation of RTEMS
    211 is as follows:
    213 @c
    214 @c  Tree 2 - Top C Level
     182@c  c/ Directions
     184@subsection c/ Directory
     186The @code{$@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/} directory was formerly
     187the root directory of all RTEMS source code.  At this time, it contains
     188the root directory for only those RTEMS components
     189which must be compiled or linked in a way that is specific to a
     190particular CPU model or board.  This directory contains the
     191following subdirectories:
     193@table @code
     194@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/
     195This directory is logically the root for the RTEMS components
     196which are CPU model or board dependent.  Thus this directory
     197is the root for the BSPs and the various Test Suites as well
     198as CPU model and BSP dependent libraries.  The contents of
     199this directory are discussed in the
     200@ref{Directory Structure c/src/ Directory} section.
     202@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/make/
     203This directory is used to generate the file @code{target.cfg}
     204which is installed as part of the Application Makefiles.  This
     205file contains settings for various Makefile variables to
     206tailor them to the particular CPU model and BSP configured.
     208@end table
     211@c c/src/ Directory
     213@subsubsection c/src/ Directory
     215As mentioned previously, this directory is logically
     216the root for the RTEMS components
     217which are CPU model or board dependent.  The
     218following is a list of the subdirectories in this
     219directorie and a description of each.
     221@table @code
     222@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/ada-tests/
     223This directory contains the test suite for the Ada
     224language bindings to the Classic API.
     226@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/lib/
     228@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/libchip/
     229This directory contains device drivers for various
     230peripheral chips which are designed to be CPU and
     231board dependent.  This directory contains a variety
     232of drivers for serial devices, network interface
     233controllers, and real-time clocks.
     235@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/libmisc/
     236This directory contains support facilities which
     237are RTEMS specific but otherwise unclassified.  In
     238general, they do not adhere to a standard API. 
     239Among the support facilities in this directory are
     240a @code{/dev/null} device driver, the Stack
     241Overflow Checker, a mini-shell, the CPU and
     242rate monotonic period usage monitoring libraries,
     243and a utility to "dump a buffer" in a nicely
     244formatted way similar to many ROM monitors.
     246@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/libnetworking/
     247This directory contains the networking components which
     248might be tailored based upon the particular BSP.  This
     249includes the RTEMS telnetd, httpd, and ftpd servers.
     251@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/librdbg/
     252This directory contains the Ethernet-based remote debugging
     253stub.  This software must be built to be intimately aware
     254of a particular CPU model.
     256@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/librtems++/
     258@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/make/
     260@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/optman/
     262@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/tests/
     263This directory contains the test suites for the
     264various RTEMS APIs and support libraries.  This
     265contents of this directory are discussed in the
     266@ref{Directory Structure Test Suites} section.
     268@item $@{RTEMS_ROOT@}/c/src/wrapup/
     270@end table
     273@c  Test Suites
     276@subsubsection Test Suites
     278The following table lists the test suites currently included with the
     279RTEMS and the directory in which they may be located:
     281@table @code
     283@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/itrontests
     284ITRON API Tests
     286@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/libtests
     287Support Library Tests
     289@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/mptests
     290Classic API Multiprocessor Tests
     292@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/psxtests
     293POSIX API Tests
     295@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/samples
     296Sample Applications
     298@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/sptests
     299Classic API Single Processor Tests
     301@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/support
     302Test Support Software
     304@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/tmitrontests
     305ITRON API Timing Tests
     307@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/tmtests
     308Classic API Timing Tests
     310@item @{RTEMS_ROOT@}c/src/tests/tools
     313@end table
     319@c  CPUKit Directory
     321@subsection CPUKit Directory
     323The @code{cpukit/} directory structure is as follows:
     326@c  CPUKit Tree
    220                      C
    221                      |
    222     +----------+-----------+----------+
    223     |          |           |          |
    224 build_tools   make        src   update_tools
    225 @end group
    226 @end example
    227 @end ifset
    229 @ifset use-tex
    230 @sp 1
    232 @tex
    233 {\parskip=0pt\offinterlineskip%
    234 \hskip 08.0em
    235 \hskip 13.00em\hbox to 0.50em{\hss{C}\hss}%
    236 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par\penalty10000
    237 \hskip 08.0em
    238 \hskip 13.25em\vrule width.04em%
    239 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    240 \hskip 08.0em
    241 \hskip 1.75em\vrule width11.50em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    242 \vrule width.04em\vrule width11.50em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    243 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    244 \hskip 08.0em
    245 \hskip 1.75em\vrule width.04em%
    246 \hskip 5.71em\vrule width.04em%
    247 \hskip 5.71em\vrule width.04em%
    248 \hskip 5.71em\vrule width.04em%
    249 \hskip 5.71em\vrule width.04em%
    250 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    251 \hskip 08.0em
    252 \hskip 0.00em\hbox to 3.50em{\hss{Modules}\hss}%
    253 \hskip 1.00em\hbox to 6.00em{\hss{build\_tools}\hss}%
    254 \hskip 1.75em\hbox to 2.00em{\hss{make}\hss}%
    255 \hskip 4.00em\hbox to 1.50em{\hss{src}\hss}%
    256 \hskip 1.75em\hbox to 6.50em{\hss{update\_tools}\hss}%
    257 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par}
    258 @end tex
    259 @end ifset
    261 @ifset use-html
    262 @example
    263 @group
    264                      C
    265                      |
    266     +----------+-----------+----------+
    267     |          |           |          |
    268 build_tools   make        src   update_tools
    269 @end group
    270 @end example
    271 @html
    272 @end html
    273 @end ifset
    275 This directory contains the subdirectories which
    276 contain the entire C implementation of the RTEMS executive. 
    277 The "build-tools" directory contains an assortment of support tools
    278 for the RTEMS development environment.  Two subdirectories exist
    279 under "build-tools" which contain scripts (executables) and
    280 source for the support tools.  The "make" directory contains
    281 configuration files and subdirectories which provide a robust
    282 host and cross-target makefile system supporting the building of
    283 the  executive for numerous application environments.  The
    284 "update_tools" directory contains utilities which aid in the
    285 updating from a previous version to the current version of the
    286 RTEMS executive.
    288 The "src" directory structure for the C implementation of RTEMS is as follows:
    290 @c
    291 @c  Tree 3 - Top C src Level
    292 @c
    294 @ifset use-ascii
    295 @example
    296 @group
    297                      C Source
    298                          |
    299  +-----------------------+-----------------------+
    300  |                       |                       |
    301 exec                    lib                    tests
    302 @end group
    303 @end example
    304 @end ifset
    306 @ifset use-tex
    307 @sp 1
    309 @tex
    310 {\parskip=0pt\offinterlineskip%
    311 \hskip 15.0em
    312 \hskip 2.00em\hbox to 4.00em{\hss{C Source}\hss}%
    313 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par\penalty10000
    314 \hskip 15.0em
    315 \hskip 4.00em\vrule width.04em%
    316 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    317 \hskip 15.0em
    318 \hskip 1.00em\vrule width3.00em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    319 \vrule width.04em\vrule width3.00em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    320 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    321 \hskip 15.0em
    322 \hskip 1.00em\vrule width.04em%
    323 \hskip 2.96em\vrule width.04em%
    324 \hskip 2.96em\vrule width.04em%
    325 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    326 \hskip 15.0em
    327 \hskip 0.00em\hbox to 2.00em{\hss{exec}\hss}%
    328 \hskip 1.25em\hbox to 1.50em{\hss{lib}\hss}%
    329 \hskip 1.00em\hbox to 2.50em{\hss{tests}\hss}%
    330 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par}
    331 @end tex
    332 @end ifset
    334 @ifset use-html
    335 @example
    336 @group
    337                      C Source
    338                          |
    339  +-----------------------+-----------------------+
    340  |                       |                       |
    341 exec                    lib                    tests
    342 @end group
    343 @end example
    344 @html
    345 @end html
    346 @end ifset
    348 This directory contains all source files that
    349 comprises the RTEMS executive, supported target board support
    350 packages, and the RTEMS Test Suite.
    352 @ifinfo
    353 @node Executive Source Directory, Support Library Source Directory, C Suites, Directory Structure Suites
    354 @end ifinfo
    355 @subsection Executive Source Directory
    357 The "exec" directory structure for the C implementation is as follows:
    359 @c
    360 @c  Tree 4 - C Executive Tree
    361 @c
    363 @ifset use-ascii
    364 @example
    365 @group
    366                     C Executive
     332                       CPUKit
    367333                         |
    368334  +-----------+----------+-----------+----------+
    373339@end ifset
    375 @ifset use-tex
    376 @sp 1
    378 @tex
    379 {\parskip=0pt\offinterlineskip%
    380 \hskip 10.0em
    381 \hskip 6.00em\hbox to 5.50em{\hss{C Executive}\hss}%
    382 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par\penalty10000
    383 \hskip 10.0em
    384 \hskip 8.75em\vrule width.04em%
    385 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    386 \hskip 10.0em
    387 \hskip 1.25em\vrule width7.50em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    388 \vrule width.04em\vrule width7.50em height-0.407ex depth0.500ex%
    389 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    390 \hskip 10.0em
    391 \hskip 1.25em\vrule width.04em%
    392 \hskip 3.71em\vrule width.04em%
    393 \hskip 3.71em\vrule width.04em%
    394 \hskip 3.71em\vrule width.04em%
    395 \hskip 3.71em\vrule width.04em%
    396 \vrule width0em height1.500ex depth0.500ex\par\penalty10000
    397 \hskip 10.0em
    398 \hskip 0.00em\hbox to 2.50em{\hss{posix}\hss}%
    399 \hskip 1.25em\hbox to 2.50em{\hss{rtems}\hss}%
    400 \hskip 1.50em\hbox to 2.00em{\hss{sapi}\hss}%
    401 \hskip 1.50em\hbox to 2.50em{\hss{score}\hss}%
    402 \hskip 1.00em\hbox to 3.00em{\hss{wrapup}\hss}%
    403 \vrule width0em height1.972ex depth0.812ex\par}
    404 @end tex
    405 @end ifset
    407 @ifset use-html
    408 @example
    409 @group
    410                     C Executive
    411                          |
    412   +-----------+----------+-----------+----------+
    413   |           |          |           |          |
    414 posix       rtems       sapi       score     wrapup
    415 @end group
    416 @end example
    417 @html
    418 @end html
    419 @end ifset
    421341This directory contains a set of subdirectories which
    422342contains the source files comprising the executive portion of
    423 the RTEMS development environment.  At this point the API
    424 specific and "supercore" source code files are separated into
    425 distinct directory trees.  The "rtems" and the "posix"
    426 subdirectories contain the C language source files for each
     343the RTEMS development environment as well as portable support
     344libraries such as support for the C Library and filesystems.
     345The API specific and "SuperCore" (e.g. @code{score/} directory)
     346source code files are separated into
     347distinct directory trees.  The @code{rtems/}, @code{posix/}, and
     348@code{itron/} subdirectories contain the C language source files for each
    427349module comprising the respective API.  Also included in this
    428 directory are the subdirectories "sapi" and "score" which are
    429 the supercore modules.  Within the "score" directory the CPU
     350directory are the subdirectories @code{sapi/} and @code{score/} which are
     351the SuperCore modules.  Within the @code{score/} directory the CPU
    430352dependent modules are found.
    432 The "cpu" directory contains a subdirectory for each
     354The @code{score/cpu/} subdirectory contains a subdirectory for each
    433355target CPU supported by the @value{RELEASE} release of the RTEMS
    434356executive.  Each processor directory contains the CPU dependent
    441 @ifinfo
    442 @node Support Library Source Directory, Test Suite Source Directory, Executive Source Directory, Directory Structure Suites
    443 @end ifinfo
     367@subsection Documentation Directory
    444374@subsection Support Library Source Directory
    550480@end ifset
    552 @ifinfo
    553 @node Test Suite Source Directory, Sample Applications, Support Library Source Directory, Directory Structure Suites
    554 @end ifinfo
    555485@subsection Test Suite Source Directory
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