Changeset 9e8d8b5c in rtems

Nov 11, 2014, 1:17:55 PM (6 years ago)
Daniel Hellstrom <daniel@…>
4.11, 5, master
Daniel Hellstrom <daniel@…> (11/11/14 13:17:55)
Daniel Hellstrom <daniel@…> (12/02/14 12:46:42)

spcpuset01: fix test comments

3 edited


  • testsuites/sptests/spcpuset01/init.c

    re4d8513 r9e8d8b5c  
    7878   * Set to all zeros and verify
    7979   */
    80   printf( "Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(%zu), and CPU_ISET\n", cpu );
     80  printf( "Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(%zu), and CPU_ISSET\n", cpu );
    8181  CPU_ZERO(&set1);
    8282  CPU_SET(cpu, &set1);
    100100   * Set to all zeros and verify
    101101   */
    102   printf( "Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(%zu), and CPU_ISET\n", cpu );
     102  printf( "Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(%zu), and CPU_ISSET\n", cpu );
    103103  CPU_FILL(&set1);
    104104  CPU_CLR(cpu, &set1);
    120120   * CPU_EQUAL
    121121   */
    122   puts( "Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_COPY, and CPU_ISET" );
     122  puts( "Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_COPY, and CPU_ISSET" );
    123123  CPU_ZERO(&set1);
    124124  CPU_FILL(&set2);
  • testsuites/sptests/spcpuset01/spcpuset01.scn

    re4d8513 r9e8d8b5c  
    44Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_ISSET, and CPU_COUNT
    6 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_COPY, and CPU_ISET
    7 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(0), and CPU_ISET
    8 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(0), and CPU_ISET
    9 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(1), and CPU_ISET
    10 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(1), and CPU_ISET
    11 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(2), and CPU_ISET
    12 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(2), and CPU_ISET
    13 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(3), and CPU_ISET
    14 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(3), and CPU_ISET
    15 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(4), and CPU_ISET
    16 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(4), and CPU_ISET
    17 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(5), and CPU_ISET
    18 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(5), and CPU_ISET
    19 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(6), and CPU_ISET
    20 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(6), and CPU_ISET
    21 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(7), and CPU_ISET
    22 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(7), and CPU_ISET
    23 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(8), and CPU_ISET
    24 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(8), and CPU_ISET
    25 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(9), and CPU_ISET
    26 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(9), and CPU_ISET
    27 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(10), and CPU_ISET
    28 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(10), and CPU_ISET
    29 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(11), and CPU_ISET
    30 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(11), and CPU_ISET
    31 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(12), and CPU_ISET
    32 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(12), and CPU_ISET
    33 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(13), and CPU_ISET
    34 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(13), and CPU_ISET
    35 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(14), and CPU_ISET
    36 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(14), and CPU_ISET
    37 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(15), and CPU_ISET
    38 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(15), and CPU_ISET
    39 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(16), and CPU_ISET
    40 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(16), and CPU_ISET
    41 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(17), and CPU_ISET
    42 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(17), and CPU_ISET
    43 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(18), and CPU_ISET
    44 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(18), and CPU_ISET
    45 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(19), and CPU_ISET
    46 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(19), and CPU_ISET
    47 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(20), and CPU_ISET
    48 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(20), and CPU_ISET
    49 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(21), and CPU_ISET
    50 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(21), and CPU_ISET
    51 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(22), and CPU_ISET
    52 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(22), and CPU_ISET
    53 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(23), and CPU_ISET
    54 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(23), and CPU_ISET
    55 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(24), and CPU_ISET
    56 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(24), and CPU_ISET
    57 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(25), and CPU_ISET
    58 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(25), and CPU_ISET
    59 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(26), and CPU_ISET
    60 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(26), and CPU_ISET
    61 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(27), and CPU_ISET
    62 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(27), and CPU_ISET
    63 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(28), and CPU_ISET
    64 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(28), and CPU_ISET
    65 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(29), and CPU_ISET
    66 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(29), and CPU_ISET
    67 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(30), and CPU_ISET
    68 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(30), and CPU_ISET
    69 Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(31), and CPU_ISET
    70 Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(31), and CPU_ISET
     6Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_COPY, and CPU_ISSET
     7Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(0), and CPU_ISSET
     8Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(0), and CPU_ISSET
     9Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(1), and CPU_ISSET
     10Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(1), and CPU_ISSET
     11Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(2), and CPU_ISSET
     12Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(2), and CPU_ISSET
     13Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(3), and CPU_ISSET
     14Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(3), and CPU_ISSET
     15Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(4), and CPU_ISSET
     16Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(4), and CPU_ISSET
     17Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(5), and CPU_ISSET
     18Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(5), and CPU_ISSET
     19Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(6), and CPU_ISSET
     20Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(6), and CPU_ISSET
     21Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(7), and CPU_ISSET
     22Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(7), and CPU_ISSET
     23Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(8), and CPU_ISSET
     24Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(8), and CPU_ISSET
     25Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(9), and CPU_ISSET
     26Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(9), and CPU_ISSET
     27Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(10), and CPU_ISSET
     28Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(10), and CPU_ISSET
     29Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(11), and CPU_ISSET
     30Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(11), and CPU_ISSET
     31Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(12), and CPU_ISSET
     32Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(12), and CPU_ISSET
     33Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(13), and CPU_ISSET
     34Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(13), and CPU_ISSET
     35Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(14), and CPU_ISSET
     36Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(14), and CPU_ISSET
     37Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(15), and CPU_ISSET
     38Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(15), and CPU_ISSET
     39Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(16), and CPU_ISSET
     40Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(16), and CPU_ISSET
     41Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(17), and CPU_ISSET
     42Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(17), and CPU_ISSET
     43Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(18), and CPU_ISSET
     44Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(18), and CPU_ISSET
     45Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(19), and CPU_ISSET
     46Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(19), and CPU_ISSET
     47Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(20), and CPU_ISSET
     48Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(20), and CPU_ISSET
     49Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(21), and CPU_ISSET
     50Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(21), and CPU_ISSET
     51Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(22), and CPU_ISSET
     52Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(22), and CPU_ISSET
     53Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(23), and CPU_ISSET
     54Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(23), and CPU_ISSET
     55Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(24), and CPU_ISSET
     56Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(24), and CPU_ISSET
     57Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(25), and CPU_ISSET
     58Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(25), and CPU_ISSET
     59Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(26), and CPU_ISSET
     60Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(26), and CPU_ISSET
     61Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(27), and CPU_ISSET
     62Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(27), and CPU_ISSET
     63Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(28), and CPU_ISSET
     64Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(28), and CPU_ISSET
     65Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(29), and CPU_ISSET
     66Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(29), and CPU_ISSET
     67Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(30), and CPU_ISSET
     68Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(30), and CPU_ISSET
     69Exercise CPU_ZERO, CPU_SET(31), and CPU_ISSET
     70Exercise CPU_FILL, CPU_CLR(31), and CPU_ISSET
    7171Exercise CPU_AND with bits 0,1
    7272Exercise CPU_NAND with bits 0,1
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