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Added to the description section of the Configuration Space Operations.

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    8888@subheading DESCRIPTION:
    8989The @code{cfg_mount} function maps a configuration space defined
    90 by the file identified by the the @code{file} argument.
     90by the file identified by the the @code{file} argument.  The
     91distinguished node of the mapped configuration space shall be
     92mounted in the active space at the point identified bt the
     93@code{cfgpath} configuration pathname.
     95The @code{notification} argument specifies how changes to the
     96mapped configuration space shall be communicated to the application.
     97If the @code{notification} argument is NULL, no notification shall
     98be performed for the mapped configuration space.  If the Event
     99Logging option is defined, the notification argument defines the
     100facility to which changes in the mapped configuration space shall
     101be logged.  Otherwise, the @code{notification} argument shall
     102specify an implementation defined method of notifying the application
     103of changes to the mapped configuration space.
    92105@subheading NOTES:
    143156The @code{cfg_umount} function unmaps the configuration space whose
    144157distinguished node is mapped in the active space at the location defined
    145 by @code{cfgpatah} configuration pathname.
     158by @code{cfgpatah} configuration pathname.  All system resources
     159allocated for this configuration space should be deallocated.
    147161@subheading NOTES:
    204218The @code{cfg_mknod} function creates a new node in the configuration
    205 space which contains the pathname prefix of @cod{cfgpath}.
     219space which contains the pathname prefix of @cod{cfgpath}.  T he node
     220name shall be defined by the pathname suffix of @code{cfgpath}.  The
     221node name shall be defined by the pathname suffix of @code{cfgpath}.
     222The node permissions shall be specified by the value of @code{mode}.
     223The node type shall be specified by the value of @code{type}.
    207225@subheading NOTES:
    252270The @code{cfg_get} function stores the value attribute of the
    253271configuration node identified by @code{cfgpath}, into the buffer
    254 described by the value pointer.
     272described by the @code{value} pointer.
    256274@subheading NOTES:
    301319The @code{cfg_set} function stores the value specified by the
    302320@code{value} argument in the configuration node defined by the
    303 @code{cfgpath} argument
     321@code{cfgpath} argument.
    305323@subheading NOTES:
    369387@subheading DESCRIPTION:
    371 The @code{cfg_link} function shall atomically create a link between
    372 specified nodes, and increment by one the link count of the node
    373 specified by the @code{src} argument.  The @code{src} and @code{dest}
    374 arguments point to pathnnames which name existing nodes.
     389The @code{src} and @code{dest}arguments point to pathnnames which
     390name existing nodes.  The @code{cfg_link} function shall atomically
     391create a link between specified nodes, and increment by one the link
     392count of the node specified by the @code{src} argument.
     394If the @code{cfg_lin} function fails, no link shall be created, and
     395the link count of the node shall remain unchanged by this function
     398This implementation may require that the calling process has permission
     399to access the specified nodes.
    376401@subheading NOTES:
    438463of the @code{cfgpath} node.
     465When the link count of the node becomes zero, the space occupied
     466by the node shall be freed and the node shall no longer be accessible.
    440468@subheading NOTES:
    494522The @code{cfg_open} function shall open a configuration traversal stream
    495523rooted in the configuration nodes name by the @code{pathnames} argument.
     524It shall store a pointer to a CFG object that represents that stream at
     525the location identified the @code{cfgstream} pointer.  The @code{pathnames}
     526argument is an array of character pointers to NULL-terminated strings.
     527The last member of this array shall be a NULL pointer.
     529The value of @code{options} is the bitwise inclusive OR of values from the
     530following lists.  Applications shall supply exactly one of the first two
     531values below in @code{options}.
     532   CFG_LOGICAL
     533   CFG_PHYSICAL
     535Any combination of the remaining flags can be specified in the value of
     537   CFG_COMFOLLOW
     538   CFG_XDEV
     540The @code{cfg_open} argument @code{compar} shall either be NULL or point
     541to a function that shall be called with two pointers to pointers to CFGENT
     542structures that shall return less than, equal to , or greater than zero if
     543the node referenced by the first argument is considered to be respectively
     544less than, equal to, or greater than the node referenced by the second.
     545The CFGENT structure fields provided to the comparison routine shall be as
     546described with the exception that the contents of the @code{cfg_path} and
     547@code{cfg_pathlen} fields are unspecified.
     549This comparison routine is used to determine the order in which nodes in
     550directories encountered during the traversal are returned, and the order
     551of traversal when more than one node is specified in the @code{pathnames}
     552argument to @code{cfg_open}.  If a comparison routine is specified, the
     553order of traversal shall be from the least to the greatest.  If the
     554@code{compar} argument is NULL, the order of traversal shall be as listed
     555in the @code{pathnames} argument.
    497557@subheading NOTES:
    543603@subheading DESCRIPTION:
     605The @code{cfg_read} function returns a pointer to a CFGENT sturcture
     606representing a node in the configuration space to which @code{cfgp}
     607refers.  The returned pointer shall be stored at the location
     608indicated by the @code{node} argument.
     610The child nodes of each node in the configuration tree is returned
     611by @code{cfg_read}.
    545613@subheading NOTES:
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