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04/16/97 17:31:52 (27 years ago)
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Added --disable-tcpip option.

Add discussion of the pecularities of the i386-go32-rtems configuration.

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  • README.configure

    r6881e0c r83e39b26  
    1919        --disable-rtems-inlines
    2020        --disable-posix
     21        --disable-tcpip
    2122        --disable-tests
    2223        --enable-rtemsbsp="bsp1 bsp2 ..."
    2425By default, the RTEMS posix interface is built for targets that support
    25 it. It can be disabled with the --disable-posix option. The --disable-tests
     26it. It can be disabled with the --disable-posix option.
     28By default, the RTEMS port of the KA9Q TCP/IP stack is build for targets
     29that support it.  It can be disabled with the --disable-tcpip option.
     31By default, the RTEMS test suites are configured.  The --disable-tests
    2632will not configure the RTEMS test suite. This is used only to speed-up
    27 configuration in case building the tests are not necessary. By default,
    28 all bsps for a target are built. There is two ways of changing this:
     33configuration in case building the tests are not necessary.
     35By default, all bsps for a target are built. There are  two ways of
     36changing this:
    3038  + use the --enable-rtemsbsp otion which will set the specified
    5058        a29k-rtems              only standalone, uses non-gnu compiler
    5159        i386-rtems
     60        i386-go32-rtems         see notes
    5261        i960-rtems
    5362        hppa1_1-rtems
    8291for the standalone build.
     932.3 Target Dependent Notes
     97  1.  This is based on djgpp v1.xx.  It needs to be updated to v2.xx.
     98  2.  This cannot be built one-tree style since RTEMS requires some
     99      files which must be obtained from the binary distribution of the
     100      djgpp library.  DJGPP can be obtained from
     102  3.  You will need to manually install a number of files from the
     103      binary distribution of the DJGPP library doing something
     104      like the following:
     106      # unzip the djgpp distribution
     107      cd include
     108      cp dpmi.h INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/include
     109      cp go32.h INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/include
     110      cp dos.h INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/include
     111      cp pc.h INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/include
     113      cd ../lib
     114      cp crt* INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2
     115      cp libpc* INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2
     117      # Make sure about destination on the next lines.  It keeps the newlib
     118      # libc.a and the binary djgpp libc.a from conflicting.
     119      cp libc.a INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/libcgo32.a
     120      cp libc_p.a INSTALL_POINT/lib/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/libcgo32_p.a
    841233. To use the installed RTEMS library
    106145a29k            : portsw
    107146i386            : force386 i386ex
     147i386-go32       : go32 go32_p5
    108148i960            : cvme961
    109149hppa1_1         : simhppa
    110 m68k            : efi332 gen68302 idp mvme147 mvme162 dmv152 efi68k gen68360
    111                   mvme136 mvme147s go32
     150m68k            : dmv152 efi332 efi68k gen68302 gen68360 gen68360_040 idp
     151                  mvme136 mvme147 mvme147s mvme162
    112152no_cpu          : no_bsp
    113153mips64orion     : p4600 p4650 (p4000 port with either R4600 or R4650)
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