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  • shell/shell.rst

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    440440    The format for each line is
    441442    .. code:: c
    442444        user_name:password:UID:GID:GECOS:directory:shell
    443446    with colon separated
    444447    fields.  For more information refer to the Linux PASSWD(5) man page.  Use a``password`` of ``*`` to disable the login of the user.  An empty
    448451    filesystem change root operation in ``rtems_shell_login_check()`` in
    449452    contrast to a normal usage as the HOME directory of the user.  The*default* content is
    450454    .. code:: c
    451456        root::0:0::::
    452458    so there is *no password required* for the ``root`` user.
    455461    The format for each line is
    456463    .. code:: c
    457465        group_name:password:GID:user_list
    458467    with colon separated fields.  The ``user_list`` is comma separated.  For
    459468    more information refer to the Linux GROUP(5) man page.  In contrast to standard
    460469    UNIX systems, this file is only readable and writeable for the user with an UID
    461470    of zero by default.  The default content is
    462472    .. code:: c
    463474        root::0:
    25792590    Where value is one of the symbols from the following list.
    25802592    *ascii, oldascii*
    25812594        The same as the unblock value except that characters are translated
    25822595        from EBCDIC to ASCII before the records are converted.  (These values
    25862599        oldascii specifies the one used in historic AT&T and pre 4.3BSD-Reno
    25872600        systems.
    25882602    *block*
    25892604        Treats the input as a sequence of newline or end-of-file terminated
    25902605        variable length records independent of input and output block
    25962611        truncated input records, if any, are reported to the standard error
    25972612        output at the completion of the copy.
    25982614    *ebcdic, ibm, oldebcdic, oldibm*
    25992616        The same as the block value except that characters are translated from
    26002617        ASCII to EBCDIC after the records are converted.  (These values imply
    26052622        the AT&T System V UNIX ibm value.  The values oldebcdic and oldibm are
    26062623        maps used in historic AT&T and pre 4.3BSD-Reno systems.
    26072625    *lcase*
    26082627        Transform uppercase characters into lowercase characters.
    26092629    *noerror*
    26102631        Do not stop processing on an input error.  When an input error occurs,
    26112632        a diagnostic message followed by the current input and output block
    26182639        which are not tapes or pipes, the file offset will be positioned past
    26192640        the block in which the error occurred using lseek(2).
    26202642    *notrunc*
    26212644        Do not truncate the output file.  This will preserve any blocks in the
    26222645        output file not explicitly written by dd.  The notrunc value is not
    26232646        supported for tapes.
    26242648    *osync*
    26252650        Pad the final output block to the full output block size.  If the
    26262651        input file is not a multiple of the output block size after
    26292654        regularly sized blocks to be written.  This option is incompatible
    26302655        with use of the bs=n block size specification.
    26312657    *sparse*
    26322659        If one or more non-final output blocks would consist solely of NUL
    26332660        bytes, try to seek the output file by the required space instead of
    26342661        filling them with NULs.  This results in a sparse file on some file
    26352662        systems.
    26362664    *swab*
    26372666        Swap every pair of input bytes.  If an input buffer has an odd number
    26382667        of bytes, the last byte will be ignored during swapping.
    26392669    *sync*
    26402671        Pad every input block to the input buffer size.  Spaces are used for
    26412672        pad bytes if a block oriented conversion value is specified, otherwise
    26422673        NUL bytes are used.
    26432675    *ucase*
    26442677        Transform lowercase characters into uppercase characters.
    26452679    *unblock*
    26462681        Treats the input as a sequence of fixed length records independent of
    26472682        input and output block boundaries.  The length of the input records is
    27742809*inode \[-aef] \[start] \[end]*
    27752811    Display the inodes between start and end. If no start and end is
    27762812    provides all inodes are displayed.
    27772814    *-a*
    27782816        Display all inodes. That is allocated and unallocated inodes.
    27792818    *-e*
    27802820        Search and display on inodes that have an error.
    27812822    *-f*
    27822824        Force display of inodes, even when in error.
    31073149- The single character escape sequences described in the C standard
    31083150  are supported:
    31093152      NUL                  \\0
    31103153      <alert character>    \\a
    56345677    INITIAL (startup) Configuration Info
    5635     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    56365679    WORKSPACE      start: 0x23d22e0;  size: 0x2dd20
    56375680    TIME           usec/tick: 10000;  tick/timeslice: 50;  tick/sec: 100
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