Changeset 77b2b0e in rtems

02/25/00 14:51:28 (24 years ago)
Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>

Patches rtems-rc-4.5.0-1.diff from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>
that fixes numerous miscellaneous issues most related to the debug and
profile build stanzas:

Fix for the "make debug" (1) issue and an analogous issue with "make
profile" (untested).

  • Fixes to mcp750.cfg (make debug, directories) (2)
  • Updates/minor fixes for shgen (3)
  • Updates some custom/*.cfgs to use $(LINK.c) instead of $(CC)
  • Leftovers from rtems-rc-4.5.0-[0|1].diff which somehow did not make it into cvs.
  • Cleanups to the perlscripts below tools/update/
  • Some unsorted minor fixes.


(1) Tested for all m68k, sh, sparc, unix and selected i386, ppc BSPs.

Known problems: I can't build the debug variant for the m68k/mvme162 and
m68k/mvme162lx (segmentation fault - signal 11 :)

(2) Tested by building the BSP, but I doubt the debug-variant is
functional. The flags used for the debug variant should be checked by
knowledgeable persons and probably at runtime #:o)

(3) I have updated shgen to use getopt_long (it should fall back to
getopt if not available), enhanced the options, cleaned up some minor
tweaks and added help2man support (rough automatic man-page generation).

Technical notes:

  • make debug and make profile now work similar in target Makefile.ams as they did in old autoconf-Makefile.ins using leaf.cfg. Unlike the rules in leaf.cfg these also recurse once on themselves in directory Makefiles before or after recursing into subdirectories, not only in leaf-directories. To implement this behavior, I renamed the former automake/ into automake/ and extended to provide this recursion. I.e. implements the non-self-recursive variant, while now implements the self-recursive behavior. => all Makefile.ams exploiting build-variants are supposed to include => all Makefile.ams not exploiting build-variants should include

=> Rules of thumb:

  • Only include one of both, either or into a -Target-Makefile.ams should include -Host-Makefile.ams should include (Probably, you now understand the naming)
  • There are exceptions from these rules :)
  • Now, make debug|profile|all are independent of each other. However, each of them however triggers preinstall.
  • "make install" still decends into the subdirectories but does not trigger "all|profile|debug|preinstall" in target anymore. Besides triggering "install"-rules in some selected Makefile.ams, it only packs $(PROJECT_ROOT) into a tarballs and unpacks it to $(prefix). => "make install" alone is not enough to install RTEMS, now use make RTEMS_BSP=<bsps> [all] [debug] [profile] make RTEMS_BSP=<bsp> install

I consider this to be a step back wrt. exploiting automake mechanisms,
and expect this to be reverted if we abandon building target variants in
favour of the standard convention of optionally overriding flags from
the command line (i.e. instead of "make debug", GNU standards favor
"make CFLAGS=<options> --prefix=<location>")

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