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    3838@subsection DDD
    40 XXX insert information from Charles Gauthier and Jiri Gaisler
     40By far the easiest way to use DDD if you are on a Redhat Linux system is
     41to retrieve the latest RPM package. I got mine from
     44This particular one is for Redhat 6.0 on i386. For 5.2, I guess you
     45should use libc5 instead of libc6.
     47You also need Lesstif 0.88. I got mine from
     50Installed as RPMs, DDD and Lesstif work out-of-the-box.
     52Both Lesstif and DDD can be built from scratch without any problems.
     54The isntruction on how to install Lesstif are at
     55  They indicate that
     57@itemize @bullet
     58LessTif should be used in (default) Motif 1.2 compatibility mode.
     60The Motif 2.0 compatibility mode of LessTif is still incomplete.
     61@end itemize
     63So configure lesstif with --enable-default-12.
     65The configure script is broken (see --> known problems)
     66for 0.88.1. I didn't fix the script as they show, so I just have links
     67in /usr/local/lib (also shown).
     69Watch out: Lesstif installs its libraries in /usr/local/Lesstif. You
     70will need to update /etc/ and regenerate the cache of shared
     71library paths to point to the Motif 1.2 library.
     73The student configure DDD --with-motif-libraries=/usr/local/lib
     76You will need gnuplot 3.7. I got mine from
     77 Build and
     78install from scratch.
     80I start DDD from a script in $HOME/bin:
     84ddd --debugger m68k-elf-gdb $1
     85@end example
     88Now for the hard part:
     90under RH Linux, to get gdb to use the serial ports while running as a
     91mere mortal, edit /etc/security/console.perms, and create a <serial>
     92class (call it whatever you want).
     95<serial>=/dev/ttyS* /dev/cua*
     96@end example
     98Now enable the change of ownership of these devices when users log in
     99from the console:
     102<console> 0600 <serial> 0600 root
     103@end example
     105And voila!
     107I use minicom to communicate with the target to initiate a TFTP
     108download. I then suspend minicom,  lauch DDD, and begin debugging.
     110The procedure should be the same on other platforms, modulo the choice
     111of terminal emulator program and the scheme used to access the serial
     112ports. From the cygwin mailing list, I have the impression that GDB has
     113some problems communicating over serial lines on that platform.
     115P.S. GDB doesn't like getting lots of input from the program under test
     116over the serial line. Actually, it doesn't care, but it looses
     117characters. It would appear that flow control is not re-enabled when it
     118resumes program execution. At times, it looked like the test were
     119failing, but everything was OK. We modified the MVME167 serial driver to
     120send test output to another serial port.
     122Information provided by Charles-Antoine Gauthier (
     123and Jiri Gaisler (
    42126@section omniORB
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