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  • doc/posix1003.1/Makefile

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1717GENERATED_FILES=ch01.texi ch02.texi ch03.texi ch04.texi ch05.texi \
    18                 ch06.texi ch07.texi ch08.texi ch08.texi ch10.texi \
     18                ch06.texi ch07.texi ch08.texi ch09.texi ch10.texi \
    1919                ch11.texi ch12.texi ch13.texi ch14.texi ch15.texi \
    2020                ch16.texi ch17.texi ch18.texi
    3131        cp $(PROJECT) $(INFO_INSTALL)
    33 $(P{ROJECT): $(FILES)
     33$(PROJECT): $(FILES)
    3434        $(MAKEINFO) $(PROJECT).texi
    5353        $(TEXI2DVI) $(PROJECT).texi
    55 ch01.t.texi: ch01.t
    56         $(BMENU) -p "Preface" \
     55ch01.texi: ch01.t
     56        $(BMENU) -c -p "Preface" \
    5757            -u "Top" \
    58             -n "Terminology and General Requirements" $*
     58            -n "Terminology and General Requirements" ${*}.t
    60 ch02.t.texi: ch02.t
    61         $(BMENU) -p "Conformance" \
     60ch02.texi: ch02.t
     61        $(BMENU) -c -p "Conformance" \
    6262            -u "Top" \
    63             -n "Process Primitives" $*
     63            -n "Process Primitives" ${*}.t
    65 ch03.t.texi: ch03.t
    66         $(BMENU) -p "Symbolic Constants" \
     65ch03.texi: ch03.t
     66        $(BMENU) -c -p "Symbolic Constants" \
    6767            -u "Top" \
    68             -n "Process Environment" $*
     68            -n "Process Environment" ${*}.t
    70 ch04.t.texi: ch04.t
    71         $(BMENU) -p "Delay Process Execution" \
     70ch04.texi: ch04.t
     71        $(BMENU) -c -p "Delay Process Execution" \
    7272            -u "Top" \
    73             -n "Files and Directories" $*
     73            -n "Files and Directories" ${*}.t
    75 ch05.t.texi: ch05.t
    76         $(BMENU) -p "Get Configurable System Variables" \
     75ch05.texi: ch05.t
     76        $(BMENU) -c -p "Get Configurable System Variables" \
    7777            -u "Top" \
    78             -n "Input and Output Primitives" $*
     78            -n "Input and Output Primitives" ${*}.t
    80 ch06.t.texi: ch06.t
    81         $(BMENU) -p "Get Configurable Pathname Variables" \
     80ch06.texi: ch06.t
     81        $(BMENU) -c -p "Get Configurable Pathname Variables" \
    8282            -u "Top" \
    83             -n "Device- and Class-Specific Functions" $*
     83            -n "Device- and Class-Specific Functions" ${*}.t
    85 ch07.t.texi: ch07.t
    86         $(BMENU) -p " Asynchronous File Synchronization" \
     85ch07.texi: ch07.t
     86        $(BMENU) -c -p " Asynchronous File Synchronization" \
    8787            -u "Top" \
    88             -n "Language-Specific Services for the C Programming Language" $*
     88            -n "Language-Specific Services for the C Programming Language" ${*}.t
    90 ch08.t.texi: ch08.t
    91         $(BMENU) -p "Set Foreground Process Group ID" \
     90ch08.texi: ch08.t
     91        $(BMENU) -c -p "Set Foreground Process Group ID" \
    9292            -u "Top" \
    93             -n "System Databases" $*
     93            -n "System Databases" ${*}.t
    95 ch09.t.texi: ch09.t
    96         $(BMENU) -p "Pseudo-Random Sequence Generation Functions" \
     95ch09.texi: ch09.t
     96        $(BMENU) -c -p "Pseudo-Random Sequence Generation Functions" \
    9797            -u "Top" \
    98             -n "Data Interchange Format" $*
     98            -n "Data Interchange Format" ${*}.t
    100 ch10.t.texi: ch10.t
    101         $(BMENU) -p "User Database Access" \
     100ch10.texi: ch10.t
     101        $(BMENU) -c -p "User Database Access" \
    102102            -u "Top" \
    103             -n "Synchronization" $*
     103            -n "Synchronization" ${*}.t
    105 ch11.t.texi: ch11.t
    106         $(BMENU) -p "Multiple Volumes" \
     105ch11.texi: ch11.t
     106        $(BMENU) -c -p "Multiple Volumes" \
    107107            -u "Top" \
    108             -n "Memory Management" $*
     108            -n "Memory Management" ${*}.t
    110 ch12.t.texi: ch12.t
    111         $(BMENU) -p "Waiting on a Condition" \
     110ch12.texi: ch12.t
     111        $(BMENU) -c -p "Waiting on a Condition" \
    112112            -u "Top" \
    113             -n "Execution Scheduling" $*
     113            -n "Execution Scheduling" ${*}.t
    115 ch13.t.texi: ch13.t
    116         $(BMENU) -p "Remove a Shared Memory Object" \
     115ch13.texi: ch13.t
     116        $(BMENU) -c -p "Remove a Shared Memory Object" \
    117117            -u "Top" \
    118             -n "Clocks and Timers" $*
     118            -n "Clocks and Timers" ${*}.t
    120 ch14.t.texi: ch14.t
    121         $(BMENU) -p "Change the Priority Ceiling of a Mutex" \
     120ch14.texi: ch14.t
     121        $(BMENU) -c -p "Change the Priority Ceiling of a Mutex" \
    122122            -u "Top" \
    123             -n "Message Passing" $*
     123            -n "Message Passing" ${*}.t
    125 ch15.t.texi: ch15.t
    126         $(BMENU) -p "High Resolution Sleep" \
     125ch15.texi: ch15.t
     126        $(BMENU) -c -p "High Resolution Sleep" \
    127127            -u "Top" \
    128             -n "Thread Management" $*
     128            -n "Thread Management" ${*}.t
    130 ch16.t.texi: ch16.t
    131         $(BMENU) -p "Get Message Queue Attributes" \
     130ch16.texi: ch16.t
     131        $(BMENU) -c -p "Get Message Queue Attributes" \
    132132            -u "Top" \
    133             -n "Thread-Specific Data" $*
     133            -n "Thread-Specific Data" ${*}.t
    135 ch17.t.texi: ch17.t
    136         $(BMENU) -p "Dynamic Package Initialization" \
     135ch17.texi: ch17.t
     136        $(BMENU) -c -p "Dynamic Package Initialization" \
    137137            -u "Top" \
    138             -n "Thread Cancellation" $*
     138            -n "Thread Cancellation" ${*}.t
    140 ch18.t.texi: ch18.t
    141         $(BMENU) -p "Thread-Specific Data Key Deletion" \
     140ch18.texi: ch18.t
     141        $(BMENU) -c -p "Thread-Specific Data Key Deletion" \
    142142            -u "Top" \
    143             -n "Command and Variable Index" $*
     143            -n "Command and Variable Index" ${*}.t
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch04.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1111@subsection Get Process and Parent Process IDs
    1212@section User Identification
    13 @subsection Get Real User Effective User, Real Group, and Effective Group IDs
     13@subsection Get Real User Effective User Real Group and Effective Group IDs
    1414@subsection Set User and Group IDs
    1515@subsection Get Supplementary Group IDs
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch05.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    2727@subsection Rename a File
    2828@section File Characteristics
    29 @subsection File Characteristics: Header and Data Structure
     29@subsection File Characteristics Header and Data Structure
    3030@subsection Get File Status
    3131@subsection Check File Accessibility
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch07.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1111@subsection Interface Characteristics
    1212@subsubsection Opening a Terminal Device File
    13 @subsubsection Process Groups
     13@subsubsection Process Groups (TTY)
    1414@subsubsection The Controlling Terminal
    1515@subsubsection Terminal Access Control
    2828@subsubsection Local Modes
    2929@subsubsection Special Control Characters
    30 @subsubsection Baud Rate Values
    31 @subsubsection @subsection Baud Rate Functions
     30@subsection Baud Rate Values
     31@subsubsection Baud Rate Functions
    3232@subsubsection Synopsis
    3333@subsubsection Description
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch09.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    11@chapter System Databases
    2 @section System Databases
     2@section System Databases Section
    33@section Database Access
    44@section Group Database Access
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch10.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    99@chapter Data Interchange Format
    1010@section Archive/Interchange File Format
    11 @subsubsection Extended tar Format
    12 @subsubsection Extended cpio Format
    13 @subsubsection Multiple Volumes
     11@subsection Extended tar Format
     12@subsection Extended cpio Format
     13@subsection Multiple Volumes
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch11.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1010@section Semaphore Characteristics
    1111@section Semaphore Functions
    12 @subsubsection Initialize an Unnamed Semaphore
    13 @subsubsection Destroy an Unnamed Semaphore
    14 @subsubsection Initialize/Open a Named Semaphore
    15 @subsubsection Close a Named Semaphore
    16 @subsubsection Remove a Named Semaphore
    17 @subsubsection Lock a Semaphore
    18 @subsubsection Unlock a Semaphore
    19 @subsubsection Get the Value of a Semaphore
     12@subsection Initialize an Unnamed Semaphore
     13@subsection Destroy an Unnamed Semaphore
     14@subsection Initialize/Open a Named Semaphore
     15@subsection Close a Named Semaphore
     16@subsection Remove a Named Semaphore
     17@subsection Lock a Semaphore
     18@subsection Unlock a Semaphore
     19@subsection Get the Value of a Semaphore
    2020@section Mutexes
    21 @subsubsection Mutex Initialization Attributes
    22 @subsubsection Initializing and Destroying a Mutex
    23 @subsubsection Locking and Unlocking a Mutex
     21@subsection Mutex Initialization Attributes
     22@subsection Initializing and Destroying a Mutex
     23@subsection Locking and Unlocking a Mutex
    2424@section Condition Variables
    25 @subsubsection Condition Variable Initialization Attributes
    26 @subsubsection Initialization and Destroying Condition Variables
    27 @subsubsection Broadcasting and Signaling a Condition
    28 @subsubsection Waiting on a Condition
     25@subsection Condition Variable Initialization Attributes
     26@subsection Initialization and Destroying Condition Variables
     27@subsection Broadcasting and Signaling a Condition
     28@subsection Waiting on a Condition
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch12.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    99@chapter Memory Management
    1010@section Memory Locking Functions
    11 @subsubsection Lock/Unlock the Address Space of a Process
    12 @subsubsection Lock/Unlock a Rand of Process Address Space
     11@subsection Lock/Unlock the Address Space of a Process
     12@subsection Lock/Unlock a Rand of Process Address Space
    1313@section Memory Mapping Functions
    14 @subsubsection Map Process Addresses to a Memory Object
    15 @subsubsection Unmap Previously Mapped Addresses
    16 @subsubsection Change Memory Protection
    17 @subsubsection Memory Object Synchronization
     14@subsection Map Process Addresses to a Memory Object
     15@subsection Unmap Previously Mapped Addresses
     16@subsection Change Memory Protection
     17@subsection Memory Object Synchronization
    1818@section Shared Memory Functions
    19 @subsubsection Open a Shared Memory Object
    20 @subsubsection Remove a Shared Memory Object
     19@subsection Open a Shared Memory Object
     20@subsection Remove a Shared Memory Object
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch13.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1010@section Scheduling Parameters
    1111@section Scheduling Policies
    12 @subsubsection SCHED_FIFO
    13 @subsubsection SCHED_RR
    14 @subsubsection SCHED_OTHER
     12@subsection SCHED_FIFO
     13@subsection SCHED_RR
     14@subsection SCHED_OTHER
    1515@section Process Scheduling Functions
    16 @subsubsection Set Scheduling Parameters
    17 @subsubsection Get Scheduling Parameters
    18 @subsubsection Set Scheduling Policy and Scheduling Parameters
    19 @subsubsection Get Scheduling Policy
    20 @subsubsection Yield Processor
    21 @subsubsection Get Scheduling Parameter Limits
     16@subsection Set Scheduling Parameters
     17@subsection Get Scheduling Parameters
     18@subsection Set Scheduling Policy and Scheduling Parameters
     19@subsection Get Scheduling Policy
     20@subsection Yield Processor
     21@subsection Get Scheduling Parameter Limits
    2222@section Thread Scheduling
    23 @subsubsection Thread Scheduling Attributes
    24 @subsubsection Scheduling Contention Scope
    25 @subsubsection Scheduling Allocation Domain
    26 @subsubsection Scheduling Documentation
     23@subsection Thread Scheduling Attributes
     24@subsection Scheduling Contention Scope
     25@subsection Scheduling Allocation Domain
     26@subsection Scheduling Documentation
    2727@section Thread Scheduling Functions
    28 @subsubsection Thread Creation Scheduling Attributes
    29 @subsubsection Dynamic Thread Scheduling Parameters Access
     28@subsection Thread Creation Scheduling Attributes
     29@subsection Dynamic Thread Scheduling Parameters Access
    3030@section Synchronization Scheduling
    31 @subsubsection Mutex Initialization Scheduling Attributes
    32 @subsubsection Change the Priority Ceiling of a Mutex
     31@subsection Mutex Initialization Scheduling Attributes
     32@subsection Change the Priority Ceiling of a Mutex
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch14.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    99@chapter Clocks and Timers
    1010@section Data Definitions for Clocks and Timers
    11 @subsubsection Time Value Specification Structures
    12 @subsubsection Timer Event Notification Control Block
    13 @subsubsection Type Definitions
    14 @subsubsection Manifest Constants
     11@subsection Time Value Specification Structures
     12@subsection Timer Event Notification Control Block
     13@subsection Type Definitions
     14@subsection Manifest Constants
    1515@section Clock and Timer Functions
    16 @subsubsection Clocks
    17 @subsubsection Create a Per-Process Timer
    18 @subsubsection Delete a Per-Process Timer
    19 @subsubsection Per-Process Timers
    20 @subsubsection High Resolution Sleep
     16@subsection Clocks
     17@subsection Create a Per-Process Timer
     18@subsection Delete a Per-Process Timer
     19@subsection Per-Process Timers
     20@subsection High Resolution Sleep
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch15.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    99@chapter Message Passing
    1010@section Data Definitions for Message Queues
    11 @subsubsection Data Structures
     11@subsection Data Structures
    1212@section Message Passing Functions
    13 @subsubsection Open a Message Queue
    14 @subsubsection Close a Message Queue
    15 @subsubsection Remove a Message Queue
    16 @subsubsection Send a Message to a Message Queue
    17 @subsubsection Receive a Message From a Message Queue
    18 @subsubsection Notify Process That a Message is Available on a Queue
    19 @subsubsection Set Message Queue Attributes
    20 @subsubsection Get Message Queue Attributes
     13@subsection Open a Message Queue
     14@subsection Close a Message Queue
     15@subsection Remove a Message Queue
     16@subsection Send a Message to a Message Queue
     17@subsection Receive a Message From a Message Queue
     18@subsection Notify Process That a Message is Available on a Queue
     19@subsection Set Message Queue Attributes
     20@subsection Get Message Queue Attributes
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch16.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1010@section Threads
    1111@section Thread Functions
    12 @subsubsection Thread Creation Attributes
    13 @subsubsection Thread Creation
    14 @subsubsection Wait for Thread Termination
    15 @subsubsection Detaching a Thread
    16 @subsubsection Thread Termination
    17 @subsubsection Get Thread ID
    18 @subsubsection Compare Thread IDs
    19 @subsubsection Dynamic Package Initialization
     12@subsection Thread Creation Attributes
     13@subsection Thread Creation
     14@subsection Wait for Thread Termination
     15@subsection Detaching a Thread
     16@subsection Thread Termination
     17@subsection Get Thread ID
     18@subsection Compare Thread IDs
     19@subsection Dynamic Package Initialization
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch17.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    99@chapter Thread-Specific Data
    1010@section Thread-Specific Data Functions
    11 @subsubsection Thread-Specific Data Key Creation
    12 @subsubsection Thread-Specific Data Management
    13 @subsubsection Thread-Specific Data Key Deletion
     11@subsection Thread-Specific Data Key Creation
     12@subsection Thread-Specific Data Management
     13@subsection Thread-Specific Data Key Deletion
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch18.t

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    1010@section Thread Cancellation Overview
    1111@subsection Cancelability States
    12 @subsubsection Cancellation Points
    13 @subsubsection Thread Cancellation Cleanup Handlers
    14 @subsubsection Async-Cancel Safety
     12@subsection Cancellation Points
     13@subsection Thread Cancellation Cleanup Handlers
     14@subsection Async-Cancel Safety
    1515@section Thread Cancellation Functions
    16 @subsubsection Canceling Execution of a Thread
    17 @subsubsection Setting Cancelability State
    18 @subsubsection Establishing Cancellation Handlers
     16@subsection Canceling Execution of a Thread
     17@subsection Setting Cancelability State
     18@subsection Establishing Cancellation Handlers
    1919@section Language-Independent Cancellation Functionality
    20 @subsubsection Requesting Cancellation
    21 @subsubsection Associating Cleanup Code With Scopes
    22 @subsubsection Controlling Cancellation Within Scopes
    23 @subsubsection Defined Cancellation Sequence
    24 @subsubsection List of Cancellation Points
     20@subsection Requesting Cancellation
     21@subsection Associating Cleanup Code With Scopes
     22@subsection Controlling Cancellation Within Scopes
     23@subsection Defined Cancellation Sequence
     24@subsection List of Cancellation Points
  • doc/posix1003.1/posix1003_1.texi

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
    19 @c   Master file for the KA9Q TCP/IP Supplement
     19@c   Master file for the POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide
    28 * RTEMS KA9Q TCP/IP Supplement (posix1003_1):
     28* RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide (posix1003_1):
    3030@end format
    4444@c  I don't really like having a short title page.  --joel
    46 @c @shorttitlepage RTEMS KA9Q TCP/IP Supplement
     46@c @shorttitlepage RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide
    4848@setchapternewpage odd
    49 @settitle RTEMS KA9Q TCP/IP Supplement
     49@settitle RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide
    53 @title RTEMS KA9Q TCP/IP Supplement
     53@title RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide
    5454@subtitle Edition @value{edition}, for RTEMS @value{version}
    5555@sp 1
    8787@top posix1003_1
    89 This is the online version of the RTEMS KA9Q TCP/IP Supplement.
     89This is the online version of the RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide.
    132132@c @printindex cp
    134 @c @contents
  • doc/posix1003.1/preface.texi

    r2d19ed6c r68feecfd  
     10@node Preface, General, Top, Top
     11@end ifinfo
    913@unnumbered Preface
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