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May 8, 2012, 2:29:22 PM (8 years ago)
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4.11, b96abfd647154f10ea8f7fac68e25676636eded5, 7f47f2784138109b8363804c2aecd3d83231ab0f, f1f03620800b14146977d78fb4322d80da04b53a, freebsd-9.3, 90a9fd66e0a85d8520bbb4bbcb72bfd274965961

Added documentation on rtems specific files.

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  • libbsd.txt

    r8420b94 r5ab1e1d  
    468468=== RMLOCK(9) (Reader/writer lock optimized for mostly read access patterns) ===
     470Note:  This object was implemented as a wrapper for RWLOCK in the rm_lock header file.
    545547is easy to provide.  The current heap implementation supports all properties
    546548demanded by bus_dma (including the boundary constraint).
     550== RTEMS Replacements by File Description and Status ==
     552Note:  Files with a status of USB are used by the USB test and have at least
     553been partially tested.  If they contain both USB and Nic, then they are used
     554by both and MAY contain methods that have not been tested yet.  Files that
     555are only used by the Nic test are the most suspect.
     557rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-assert.c
     558FreeBSD File:           rtems-bsd-config.h redefines BSD_ASSERT.
     559Description:            This file contains the support method rtems_bsd_assert_func().
     560Status:                 USB, Nic
     562rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-autoconf.c
     563FreeBSD File:           FreeBSD has BSP specific autoconf.c
     564Description:            This file contains configuration methods that are used to setup the system.
     565Status:                 USB
     567rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-bus-dma.c
     568FreeBSD File:           FreeBSD has BSP specific busdma_machdep.c
     570Status:                 USB, Nic
     572rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-bus-dma-mbuf.c       
     573FreeBSD File:           FreeBSD has BSP specific busdma_machdep.c
     575Status:                 Nic
     577rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-callout.c             
     578FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_timeout.c
     580Status:                 USB, Nic
     582rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-cam.c
     583FreeBSD File:           cam/cam_sim.c
     585Status:                 USB
     587rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-condvar.c             
     588FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_condvar.c
     590Status:                 USB
     592rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-copyinout.c
     593FreeBSD File:           bsp specific copyinout.c )
     594Description:            Note: The FreeBSD file is split with some methods being in rtems-bsd-support
     595Status:                 Nic
     597rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-delay.c
     598FreeBSD File:           bsp specific file with multiple names
     600Status:                 USB, Nic
     602rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-descrip.c
     603FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_descrip.c
     605Status:                 Nic
     607rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-generic.c             
     608FreeBSD File:           kern/sys_generic.c
     610Status:                 Nic
     612rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-init.c
     613FreeBSD File:           N/A
     615Status:                 USB, Nic
     617rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-init-with-irq.c
     618FreeBSD File:           N/A
     620Status:                 USB, Nic
     622rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-jail.c
     623FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_jail.c
     625Status:                 USB, Nic
     627rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-lock.c
     628FreeBSD File:           kern/subr_lock.c
     630Status:                 USB, Nic
     632rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-log.c         
     633FreeBSD File:           kern/subr_prf.c
     635Status:                 Nic
     637rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-malloc.c
     638FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_malloc.c
     640Status:                 USB, Nic
     642rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-mutex.c
     643FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_mutex.c
     645Status:                 USB, Nic
     647rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-newproc.c
     648FreeBSD File:           N/A
     650Status:                 Nic
     652rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-nexus.c
     653FreeBSD File:           bsp specific nexus.c
     655Status:                 USB
     657rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-panic.c               
     658FreeBSD File:           boot/common/panic.c
     660Status:                 USB, Nic
     662rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-rwlock.c             
     663FreeBSD File:           kern_rwlock.c
     665Status:                 USB, Nic
     667rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-shell.c               
     668FreeBSD File:           N/A
     670Status:                 USB
     672rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-signal.c             
     673FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_sig.c
     675Status:                 Nic
     677rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-smp.c                 
     678FreeBSD File:           N/A
     680Status:                 Nic
     682rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-support.c             
     683FreeBSD File:           bsp specific copyinout.c
     684Description:            Note: the FreeBSD file is split with some methods being in rtems-bsd-copyinout.
     685Status:                 USB, Nic
     687rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-sx.c                 
     688FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_sx.c
     689Description:            Status: USB, Nic
     691rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-synch.c               
     692FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_synch.c
     694Status:                 USB, Nic
     696rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-syscalls.c           
     697FreeBSD File:           User API for kern/uipc_syscalls.c
     699Status:                 Nic
     701rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-sysctlbyname.c       
     702FreeBSD File:           User API for sysctlbyname(3)
     706rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-sysctl.c             
     707FreeBSD File:           User API for sysctl(8)
     711rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-sysctlnametomib.c     
     712FreeBSD File:           User API for sysctlnametomib
     716rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-taskqueue.c           
     717FreeBSD File:           kern/subr_taskqueue.c
     719Status:                 Nic
     721rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-thread.c                     
     722FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_kthread.c
     724Status:                 USB, Nic
     726rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-timeout.c             
     727FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_timeout.c
     729Status:                 Nic
     731rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-timesupport.c         
     732FreeBSD File:           kern/kern_clock.c
     734Status:                 Nic
     736rtems-libbsd File:      rtems-bsd-vm_glue.c             
     737FreeBSD File:           vm/vm_glue.c
     739Status:                 USB, Nic
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