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    4444archive used is located at
    46 == To Do
     46== Issues and To Do
     47* Sebastian Huber: mentioned some simple test code which would verify
     48  that the BSD code/and or USB stack was initialized.  This has been
     49  sent to Joel Sherrill and is pending merger.
     51* Sebastian Huber and Joel Sherrill discussed the need for a a basic USB
     52  functionality test that is known to work on qemu pc.
    4754* Adapt generic IRQ PIC interface code to Simple Vectored Interrupt Model
    4855  so that those architectures can use new TCP/IP and USB code.
    4957* in_cksum implementations for architectures not supported by FreeBSD.
    5058  This will require figuring out where to put implementations that do
    5159  not originate from FreeBSD and are populated via the script.
    52 * generic in_cksum implementation is missing in_cksum_split so currently
    53   cannot be used.
     61* FreeBSD generic in_cksum implementation is missing in_cksum_split so
     62  currently cannot be used.
     64* How does one initialize the TCP/IP stack?
     66* linker section issues: I have undefined symbols for
     67  _bsd__start_set_sysinit_set and _bsd__stop_set_sysinit_set.
     68  Is this the only type of new section magic?  What about the old sysctl_set?
     69  I added this to my linkcmds. 
     73    /* sysinit section? */
     74    . = ALIGN (16);
     75    _bsd__start_set_sysinit_set = .;
     76    *(set_sys_init_*);
     77    _bsd__stop_set_sysinit_set = .;
     81* Convert all BSP linkcmds to use a linkcmds.base so the sections are
     82easier to insert.
     84* rtems-bsd-init-with-irq.c:
     85  rtems_bsd_initialize_with_interrupt_server() has reference to
     86    rtems_interrupt_server_initialize() and this method is unimplemented
     87    - XXX BSP implements pieces
     88    - BSPs using this software stack must support it apparently.
     89    - What about Simple Vectored architectures?
     91* maxproc variable referenced by rtems-bsd-resource.c.  What should it
     92be set to?
     94* ngroups_max variable referenced by rtems-bsd-prot.c.  - What should
     95it be set to?
    5597== FreeBSD Source
    80122Any changes to sources in the freebsd or contrib directories will need to
    81123be merged upstream into our master FreeBSD svn checkout.
     125The FreeBSD sources managed in RTEMS libbsd git repository (e.g. contrib
     126and freebsd directories) contain the "managed" version of the
     127FreeBSD source.  The FreeBSD SVN source is the "master" version. The script is used to transfer files between the two
     129trees. In general terms, if you have modified FreeBSD in the RTEMS libbsd
     130tree, you want to run the script in "revert" or "reverse" mode to move
     131the source back so you can run an "svn diff" against the upstream FreeBSD
     132source. If you want to transfer source from the FreeBSD SVN checkout to
     133the RTEMS libbsd tree, then you want to run the script in "forward" or
     134default mode.
    83136=== Building RTEMS libbsd source
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