Changeset 4ef2fd43 in rtems

Nov 3, 2005, 9:35:09 PM (15 years ago)
Till Straumann <strauman@…>
4.10, 4.11, 4.8, 4.9, 5, master

2005-11-03 straumanatslacdotstanforddotedu

  •, motorola_powerpc/, mvme5500/, mvme5500/start/preload.S, mvme5500/startup/bspstart.c, shared/startup/bspstart.c: moved linkcmds to shared area for other BSPs to use

2005-11-03 straumanatslacdotstanforddotedu

  • shared/bootloader/misc.c, shared/console/polled_io.c,

shared/residual/residual.c: silenced compiler warnings (type cast &

renaming puts->my_puts)


  • mvme5500/start/start.S, shared/start/start.S, shared/startup/bspstart.c: moved assembly code to C; setdbat now supports high bats on 7450 CPUs; added argument checking to setdbat; added getdbat; moved early initialization code (clear_bats) from BSP to libcpu (CPU_clear_bats_early)

2005-10-20 Eric Norum <norume@…>

  • shared/pci/detect_raven_bridge.c, shared/startup/bspstart.c shared/vme/VMEConfig.h: Support MVME2100.

2005-10-17 Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius@…>

  • Merge-in shared/
  • Remove shared/
  • ChangeLog?: Merge-in shared/ChangeLog.

2005-10-06 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 833/bsps

  • shared/irq/irq_asm.S: Currently, all (new exception) BSPs explicitely enable the FPU across the user ISR but DONT save/restore the FPU context. Any use of the FPU fron the user handler (e.g., due to GCC optimizations) result in corruption. The fix results in an exception in such cases (user ISR must explicitely save/enable/restore FPU).

2005-09-16 Richard Campbell

  • shared/startup/bspstart.c: Rewrote get_eumbbar() in C. Function was written in inline assembly and containined a register direction error.

2005-07-28 Eric Norum <norume@…>

  • shared/shared/clock/p_clock.c: Changes provided by Phillip Sorensen <pas37@…> to get MVME550 BSP running. Corresponding changes made to mvme5500/startup/bspstart.c.

2005-05-17 Jennifer Averett <jennifer.averett@…>

  • shared/clock/p_clock.c, shared/irq/i8259.c, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq.h: Modified to use rtems/irq.h.

2005-05-10 Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius@…>

  • shared/startup/bspstart.c, shared/tod/todcfg.c: Eliminate {un|}signed{8|16|32}.
  • shared/bootloader/pci.c: Eliminate {un|}signed{8|16|32}. Eliminate u32.

2005-05-10 Jennifer Averett <jennifer.averett@…>

  • shared/bootloader/bootldr.h, shared/bootloader/em86.c, shared/bootloader/misc.c, shared/bootloader/pci.c, shared/bootloader/pci.h: Modified to depend upon rtems/pci.h

2005-05-06 Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius@…>

  • shared/pci/pci.h: Add pci_bus_count().

2005-05-04 Jennifer Averett <jennifer.averett@…>

  • shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/pci/pci.c, shared/pci/pcifinddevice.c, shared/startup/bspstart.c: Name change to support common PCI interface

2005-04-28 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Remove dmv177 and ppcn_60x.
  • Remove reference to dmv177.

2005-04-28 Jennifer Averett <jennifer.averett@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Initial release of ep1a bsp

2005-04-26 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/console/uart.h: Eliminate tabs.

2005-04-15 Jennifer Averett <jennifer.averett@…>

PR 779/bsp

  • shared/clock/p_clock.c, shared/console/console.c, shared/console/uart.c, shared/console/uart.h, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq.h, shared/irq/irq_init.c: powerpc: add parameter to new exception interrupt handlers

2005-03-14 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/pci/pci.c, shared/pci/pci.h, shared/pci/pcifinddevice.c: Continue PCI API unification. All use pci_find_device(). Also reformat to remove tabs.

2005-03-04 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/pci/pci.c, shared/pci/pcifinddevice.c, shared/startup/bspstart.c: Make PCI initialize function part of the unified PCI API as pci_initialize().

2005-02-17 Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius@…>

  • shared/startup/bspstart.c: Eliminate rtems_unsigned32.
  • shared/startup/bspstart.c, shared/start/start.S: include <rtems/powerpc/powerpc.h>. Use PPC_MINIMUM_STACK_FRAME_SIZE instead of CPU_MINIMUM_STACK_FRAME_SIZE.

2005-02-12 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/pci/pci.h: Remove contents that are duplicates of the pci.h in cpukit and include rtems/pci.h for the base set of PCI functionality.

2005-01-22 Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius@…>

  • shared/tod/todcfg.c: size_t RTC_Count.

2005-01-04 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/ChangeLog, shared/startup/bspstart.c, shared/tod/todcfg.c: Remove warnings.

2004-12-30 Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Reflect eth_comm having been removed.

2004-11-30 Greg Menke <gregory.menke@…>

PR 729/bsps
PR 728/bsps

  • shared/bootloader/ Modified to include new .data and .rodata sections being generated by gcc-3.3.3 and above, the lack of which was causing the bootloader to crash.
  • shared/bootloader/pci.c: Removed the r->size=0 and r->base=0 assignement which makes too-large regions conflict with onboard hardware, replacing it with sfree which deletes the memory region from the setup code, leaving it disabled.

2004-11-30 Eric Norum <norume@…>

  • mvme5500/include/bsp.h: Add definition for PCI_MEM_BASE_ADJUSTMENT

2004-10-26 Eric Norum <norume@…>

Remove environ common area -- it breaks newlib

  • powerpc/dmv177/start/start.S
  • powerpc/eth_comm/start/start.S
  • powerpc/mbx8xx/startup/start.S
  • powerpc/mvme5500/start/start.S
  • powerpc/ppcn_60x/start/start.S
  • powerpc/psim/start/start.S
  • powerpc/score603e/start/start.S
  • powerpc/shared/start/start.S
  • powerpc/ss555/startup/start.S

2004-10-20 Eric Norum <norume@…>

  • mvme5500/.......
  • acinclude.m4: Add mvme5500 BSP

2004-09-27 Greg Menke <gregory.menke@…>

PR 606/bsps

  • shared/bootloader/pci.c, shared/bootloader/pci.c: Fixed IO remapping so buses >= 1 are remapped. Reduced PCI space to match bat2. Fixed incorrect region size calculation in pci_read_bases. Set PCI latency timers to known sane values. Changed bridge PCI settings to minimum sane instead of whatever sounded neat in the PCI spec. Force pf regions to memory mapped to preserve byte access.

2004-09-24 Ralf Corsepius <ralf_corsepius@…>

  • Require automake > 1.9.

2004-04-13 Ralf Corsepius <ralf_corsepius@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Regenerate to include ss555.

2004-02-12 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Regenerate.

2004-02-03 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Reflect having removed shared/*/

2004-01-13 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Use @RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY@ instead of $(RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY).

2003-12-12 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Require automake >= 1.8, autoconf >= 2.59.

2003-12-09 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Misc cleanups and fixes.

2003-10-20 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Reflect changes to bootstrap.

2003-08-18 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Reflect having moved aclocal/.

2003-08-16 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Reflect having moved automake/.

2003-08-11 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Use rtems-bugs@… as bug report email address.

2003-07-18 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 288/rtems

  • support/new_exception_processing/cpu.c: _ISR_Nest_level is now properly maintained and does not reside in SPRG0.

2003-07-16 Greg Menke <gregory.menke@…>

PR 432/bsps

  • shared/bootloader/pci.c: Re-instated code that prevents remapping small IO regions, which if remapped would cause i8259 registers to move out from under the #define'd base addresses.
  • shared/startup/bspstart.c: Reduced BAT2 PCI memory allocation to 256 megs, I incorrectly had extended it which would cause problems with PCI devices that defined prefetchable memory.

2003-06-13 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 415/bsps

  • shared/include/bsp.h, shared/pci/detect_raven_bridge.c, shared/startup/bspstart.c: Support enabling MCP exceptions on the host bridge. This can be used for memory probing on the VME bus.

2003-06-13 Greg Menke <gregory.menke@…>

PR 405/bsps

  • shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq.h: Added support for shared interrupts. Existing single hander vectors are undisturbed, a new function added to allow adding/removing handlers from a vector.
  • shared/bootloader/pci.c: Added support for configuring devices for pci busses > 0
  • shared/motorola/motorola.c, shared/motorola/motorola.h: Added interrupt routing tables in support of FixupPCI. This is board-specific, each board will have to supply information for FixupPCI() to do anything for it.
  • shared/startup/bspstart.c: Extended bat2 to cover entire PCI address space.
  • shared/pci/pci.c, shared/pci/pci.h: Added FixupPCI() to store vectors in the INTERRUPT_LINE register of pci devices any # of hops away from the host processor.

2003-04-15 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

PR 386/bsps

  • shared/vme/vmeconfig.c, shared/vme/vmeconfig.c: Removed declaration of _BSP_vme_bridge_irq.

2003-04-10 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 379/bsps

  • shared/console/console.c, shared/console/consoleIo.h, shared/console/polled_io.c, shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/openpic/openpic.c, shared/pci/detect_raven_bridge.c: Unfortunately, the supported 'printk' format string subset of the polled-io and libcpu implementations are different - hence, a few format strings in the ppc/shared BSP were changed.
  • shared/console/uart.c, shared/console/uart.h: BSP_output_char_via_serial() prototype changed to match the BSP_output_char_function_type. Note that the motorola BSPs use polled-io for the output_char routine, not the uart.c version. The latter can be used be other BSPs however (e.g. SVGM).
  • shared/console/polled_io.c: libcpu provides 'printk' already. Therefore, the implementation in this file was removed (still used for the bootloader, though). It now provides BSP_output_char() for libcpu's printk().

2003-04-10 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

PR 383/bsps

  • shared/irq/irq.c: Fix bug introduced by conflicts in previous patches.

2003-03-25 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 360/bsps
PR 349/bsps

  • shared/irq/irq.c, shared/vme/VME.h, shared/vme/vmeconfig.c, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/vme/VME.h, shared/vme/vmeconfig.c, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/vme/VME.h, shared/vme/vmeconfig.c: Fixes library dependency on the vmeUniverse driver. It is now possible to use the ppc/shared/irq code on non-VME BSPs without triggering linkage of the vmeUniverse driver.
  • shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/openpic/openpic.c, shared/openpic/openpic.h: BSP code had set the task priority register multiple times of the OpenPIC instead of setting the individual source priorities. This patch adds openpic_get_source_priority() and openpic_set_source_priority() calls and lets IRQ management code use them.

2003-03-18 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 356/bsps
This patch makes RTEMS/powerpc/shared EABI compliant.

  • shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/start/, shared/start/start.S, shared/startup/bspstart.c, shared/startup/pgtbl_setup.c, shared/vectors/vectors.h, shared/vectors/vectors_init.c: zero_bss() should clear not only bss but sbss and sbss2 also (this is probably a bugfix, as sbss/sbss2 are probably used even if -msdata=eabi is not specified).
  • shared/start/rtems_crti.S: New file which must be linked immediately after ecrti.o. rtems_crti.o contains a code snippet who lets init() return immediately. Also, a new entry point '_init' to the C++ Ctors is generated for use by the RTEMS Thread_Handler.

2003-03-06 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>


2003-02-20 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

PR 349/bsps

  • shared/console/console.c, shared/console/uart.c, shared/console/uart.h: implement IOCTLs for the serial (UART) console to install/retrieve a BREAK-IRQ callback. The callback routine (if installed) is invoked from the UART ISR when a BREAK interrupt is detected. This can be used e.g. to enforce a "hotkey" reboot a la vxWorks Ctrl-X (although we use the serial line break condition) NOTE: The callback runs in ISR context.
  • shared/startup/pgtbl_setup.c, shared/startup/pgtbl_activate.c: New files
  • shared/add BSP hook to let a VME interrupt acknowledge the PCI/openpic IRQ. (SEE ALSO THE ppc-sharedbsp-vme.diff patch) - fix: EABI compliance; isr/exception lowlevel handlers must not clobber R2 or R13 - fix: openpic_init was called with the polarity/senses tables swapped (fixed wrong order of arguments) - cosmetics: use new _read_SPRXX() _write_SPRXX() macros
  • shared/fix: remove implicit assumption that ISA interrupt vectors start at 0
  •, shared/vme/.cvsignore, shared/vme/, shared/vme/VME.h, shared/vme/VMEConfig.h, shared/vme/vmeconfig.c: Add glue to the powerpc/shared BSP to use the vmeUniverse VME-PCI bridge driver.
  • shared/console/polled_io.c, shared/console/reboot.c, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq_asm.S, shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/openpic/, shared/startup/linkcmds, shared/vectors/vectors.S, shared/vectors/vectors_init.c: - install the 'openpic.h' and 'pci.h' headers - avoid a name clash by renaming 'vsprintf' & friends to 'k_vsprintf' etc. - let 'rtemsReboot' print a stack trace (in case an 'assert' failed) - irq.c:
  • shared/startup/, shared/startup/bspstart.c, shared/startup/linkcmds: Let the powerpc/shared (+derived) BSPs use pagetable support from libcpu.

2003-02-11 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.7.2]).
  • AC_PREREQ(2.57).

2003-01-20 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/startup/linkcmds*: Add FreeBSD sysctl() sections.

2002-12-19 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/console/console.c: Removed assert() which conflicts with newlib.

2002-12-16 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>


2002-12-08 Greg Menke <gregory.menke@…>

  • shared/bootloader/head.S: Added support for optional debug via PPCbug. Also turn off mmu/caches for the bootstrap phase, which seems to cause trouble with the 603. The cpu init functions in the bsp get all that stuff going properly.

2002-12-06 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>


2002-11-17 Greg Menke <gregory.menke@…>

  • shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/motorola/motorola.c: Support for MTX603e.

2002-10-31 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/bootloader/em86.c, shared/console/inch.c, shared/console/polled_io.c, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/motorola/motorola.c, shared/pci/detect_raven_bridge.c, shared/vectors/vectors_init.c: Removed warnings.

2002-10-21 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • .cvsignore: Reformat. Add autom4te*cache. Remove autom4te.cache.

2002-07-25 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • shared/bootloader/em86real.S: Fix syntax error in comment near line 1185.

2002-04-18 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • shared/irq/irq_init.c: Include <rtems/bspIo.h>.
  • shared/bootloader/exception.S, shared/start/start.S: Reflect changes to <rtems/score/cpu.h>.
  • shared/bootloader/head.S, shared/bootloader/misc.c, shared/console/polled_io.c, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq_asm.S, shared/vectors/vectors.S: Ditto.

2002-04-16 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • shared/startup/bspstart.c: Include <libcpu/cpuIdent.h>.

2002-04-02 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • shared/residual/residual.c: Include <string.h>.
  • shared/vectors/vectors_init.c: Include <rtems/bspIo.h> for printk.
  • shared/bootloader/mm.c, shared/bootloader/pci.c, shared/console/console.c, shared/openpic/openpic.c: Ditto.

2002-03-27 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  •, shared/bootloader/, shared/, shared/clock/, shared/console/, shared/include/, shared/irq/, shared/motorola/, shared/openpic/, shared/pci/, shared/residual/, shared/start/, shared/startup/, shared/vectors/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS.
  • AC_INIT(package,_RTEMS_VERSION,_RTEMS_BUGS). AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([no-define foreign 1.6]).

2001-11-28 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • shared/include/ Use _HEADER instead of H_FILES.
  • shared/include/bsp.h: Include <bspopts.h>.
  • shared/irq/, shared/openpic/ Ditto.

2001-11-20 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • support/new_exception_processing/, support/old_exception_processing/, support/old_exception_processing/cpu_asm.S, support/old_exception_processing/irq_stub.S: Modified to reflect old versus new exception processing being a per BSP option.
  • support/new_exception_processing/c_isr.inl, support/new_exception_processing/cpu.h, support/old_exception_processing/c_isr.inl, support/old_exception_processing/cpu.h, support/old_exception_processing/ppc_offs.h: Removed.

2001-11-20 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • support/new_exception_processing/, support/new_exception_processing/rtems/score/c_isr.inl, support/new_exception_processing/rtems/score/cpu.h, support/old_exception_processing/, support/old_exception_processing/rtems/score/c_isr.inl, support/old_exception_processing/rtems/score/cpu.h, support/old_exception_processing/rtems/score/ppc_offs.h: New files missed in previous commit.
  • papyrus/.cvsignore, papyrus/ChangeLog, papyrus/, papyrus/README, papyrus/bsp_specs, papyrus/, papyrus/times, papyrus/dlentry/.cvsignore, papyrus/dlentry/, papyrus/dlentry/dlentry.S, papyrus/flashentry/.cvsignore, papyrus/flashentry/, papyrus/flashentry/flashentry.S, papyrus/include/.cvsignore, papyrus/include/, papyrus/include/bsp.h, papyrus/include/coverhd.h, papyrus/startup/.cvsignore, papyrus/startup/, papyrus/startup/bspclean.c, papyrus/startup/bspstart.c, papyrus/startup/linkcmds, papyrus/startup/setvec.c, papyrus/wrapup/.cvsignore, papyrus/wrapup/ Deleted.
  • acinclude.m4: papyrus reference removed.

2001-11-08 Dennis Ehlin (ECS) <Dennis.Ehlin@…>

This modification is part of the submitted modifications necessary
support the IBM PPC405 family. This submission was reviewed by
Thomas Doerfler <Thomas.Doerfler@…> who ensured it did
not negatively impact the ppc403 BSPs. The submission and tracking
process was captured as PR50.

  • ChangeLog?: Removed bogus comment on edit of generated file.
  • acinclude.m4: Added gen405 BSP.

2001-10-25 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/startup/linkcmds: Added _init and _fini.

2001-10-22 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • acinclude.m4: Added mpc8260ads subdirectory.

2001-10-12 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/clock/p_clock.c, shared/startup/bspstart.c: Fixed typo.

2001-10-11 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • .cvsignore: Add autom4te.cache for autoconf > 2.52.
  • New file, generated from by autoupdate.
  • Remove.

2001-10-09 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • acinclude.m4: New file.

2001-09-27 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • shared/console/, shared/residual/, shared/irq/, shared/motorola/, shared/vectors/, shared/pci/, shared/openpic/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='.

2001-05-14 Tom Armistead <tom_armistead@…>

  • shared/start/start.S: Increased BAT0 mapping of RAM from 64 meg to 256 meg to allow operation on boards with larger RAM sizes.
  • shared/vectors/vectors_init.c: Modified to call 'generic' powerpc vector function (mpc60x_vector_is_valid) instead of MPC750 specific function to allow operation on boards with CPUs other than the MPC750.

2001-05-14 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

  • shared/bootloader/misc.c, shared/console/, shared/console/console.c, shared/console/consoleIo.h, shared/console/inch.c, shared/console/polled_io.c, shared/console/uart.c, shared/console/uart.h, shared/include/bsp.h, shared/irq/, shared/irq/irq.c, shared/irq/irq.h, shared/irq/irq_init.c, shared/openpic/openpic.c, shared/openpic/openpic.h, shared/pci/, shared/pci/pci.c, shared/pci/pci.h, shared/residual/, shared/start/start.S, shared/startup/bspstart.c, shared/vectors/vectors.S, shared/vectors/vectors.h, shared/vectors/vectors_init.c: Per PR216, "libbsp/powerpc/shared" BSP has been modified considerably with the goal to make it more flexible and reusable by other BSPs. The main strategies were: - eliminate hardcoded base addresses; devices use offsets and a BSP defined base address. - separate functionality into different files (e.g. reboot from inch.c to reboot.c) which can be overridden by a 'derived' BSP. - separate initialization code into separate files (e.g. PCI bridge detection/initialization was separated from the more generic PCI access routines), also to make it easier for 'derived' BSPs to substitute their own initialization code. There are also a couple of enhancements and fixes: - IRQ handling code now has a hook for attaching a VME bridge. - OpenPIC is now explicitely initialized (polarities, senses). Eliminated the implicit assumption on the presence of an ISA PIC. - UART and console driver now supports more than 1 port. The current maximum of 2 can easily be extended by enlarging a table (it would even be easier if the ISR API was not broken by design). - fixed polled_io.c so it correctly supports console on COM2 - fixed TLB invalidation code (start.S). - exception handler prints a stack backtrace. - added BSP_pciFindDevice() to scan the pci bus for a particular vendor/device/instance.

2001-05-09 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/startup/linkcmds: In support of gcc 3.1, added one of more of the sections .jcr, .rodata*, .data.*, .gnu.linkonce.s2.*, .gnu.linkonce.sb2.*, and .gnu.linkonce.s.*. Spacing corrections and direction of segments to memory regions may also have been addressed. This was a sweep across all BSPs.

2001-04-08 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/startup/linkcmds: Per PR170, PR171, and PR172 add .eh_frame

2001-03-30 Eric Valette <valette@…>

  • shared/, shared/console/consoleIo.h, shared/include/bsp.h: These modifications are part of the conversion of the mpc8xx CPU to the "new exception processing model."
  •, motorola_powerpc/, motorola_powerpc/ These modifications are in support of switching the mpc8xx to the use the "new exception processing model."

2000-11-09 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Use ... instead of RTEMS_TOPdir in ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS.

2000-11-02 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • Switch to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I $(RTEMS_TOPdir)/aclocal.

2000-11-01 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/startup/bspstart.c: assoc.h, error.h, libio_.h, libio.h, and libcsupport.h moved from libc to lib/include/rtems and now must be referenced as <rtems/XXX.h>. Header file order was cleaned up while doing this.

2000-10-27 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS= -I $(RTEMS_TOPdir)/macros. Switch to GNU canonicalization.

2000-09-29 Charles-Antoine Gauthier <charles.gauthier@…>

  • shared/startup/linkcmds: Added lines so DWARF debug information would be available. Otherwise gdb complains that the offsets for the debug info are incorrect and doesn't load the files.

2000-09-05 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • shared/start/start.S: Include proper files to compile.

2000-08-10 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

1 deleted
1 edited


  • c/src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/motorola_powerpc/ChangeLog

    rd45540a r4ef2fd43  
     12005-11-03      straumanatslacdotstanforddotedu
     3        *, motorola_powerpc/, mvme5500/,
     4        mvme5500/start/preload.S, mvme5500/startup/bspstart.c,
     5        shared/startup/bspstart.c: moved linkcmds to shared area for other
     6        BSPs to use
    182005-10-20      Eric Norum <>
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