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    22                ChangeLog file for zlib
     4Changes in 1.2.4 (14 Mar 2010)
     5- Fix VER3 extraction in configure for no fourth subversion
     6- Update zlib.3, add docs to to make .pdf out of it
     7- Add zlib.3.pdf to distribution
     8- Don't set error code in gzerror() if passed pointer is NULL
     9- Apply destination directory fixes to CMakeLists.txt [Lowman]
     10- Move #cmakedefine's to a new
     11- Restore zconf.h for builds that don't use configure or cmake
     12- Add distclean to dummy Makefile for convenience
     13- Update and improve INDEX, README, and FAQ
     14- Update CMakeLists.txt for the return of zconf.h [Lowman]
     15- Update contrib/vstudio/vc9 and vc10 [Vollant]
     16- Change libz.dll.a back to libzdll.a in win32/Makefile.gcc
     17- Apply license and readme changes to contrib/asm686 [Raiter]
     18- Check file name lengths and add -c option in minigzip.c [Li]
     19- Update contrib/amd64 and contrib/masmx86/ [Vollant]
     20- Avoid use of "eof" parameter in trees.c to not shadow library variable
     21- Update for removal of zlibdefs.h [Zinser]
     22- Update assembler code and vstudio projects in contrib [Vollant]
     23- Remove outdated assembler code contrib/masm686 and contrib/asm586
     24- Remove old vc7 and vc8 from contrib/vstudio
     25- Update win32/Makefile.msc, add ZLIB_VER_SUBREVISION [Rowe]
     26- Fix memory leaks in gzclose_r() and gzclose_w(), file leak in gz_open()
     27- Add contrib/gcc_gvmat64 for longest_match and inflate_fast [Vollant]
     28- Remove *64 functions from win32/zlib.def (they're not 64-bit yet)
     29- Fix bug in void-returning vsprintf() case in gzwrite.c
     30- Fix name change from inflate.h in contrib/inflate86/inffas86.c
     31- Check if temporary file exists before removing in [Zinser]
     32- Fix make install and uninstall for --static option
     33- Fix usage of _MSC_VER in gzguts.h and zutil.h [Truta]
     34- Update readme.txt in contrib/masmx64 and masmx86 to assemble
     36Changes in (21 Feb 2010)
     37- Expunge gzio.c
     38- Move as400 build information to old
     39- Fix updates in contrib/minizip and contrib/vstudio
     40- Add const to vsnprintf test in configure to avoid warnings [Weigelt]
     41- Delete zconf.h (made by configure) [Weigelt]
     42- Change to per convention [Weigelt]
     43- Check for NULL buf in gzgets()
     44- Return empty string for gzgets() with len == 1 (like fgets())
     45- Fix description of gzgets() in zlib.h for end-of-file, NULL return
     46- Update minizip to 1.1 [Vollant]
     47- Avoid MSVC loss of data warnings in gzread.c, gzwrite.c
     48- Note in zlib.h that gzerror() should be used to distinguish from EOF
     49- Remove use of snprintf() from gzlib.c
     50- Fix bug in gzseek()
     51- Update contrib/vstudio, adding vc9 and vc10 [Kuno, Vollant]
     52- Fix zconf.h generation in CMakeLists.txt [Lowman]
     53- Improve comments in zconf.h where modified by configure
     55Changes in (13 Feb 2010)
     56- Clean up text files (tabs, trailing whitespace, etc.) [Oberhumer]
     57- Use z_off64_t in gz_zero() and gz_skip() to match state->skip
     58- Avoid comparison problem when sizeof(int) == sizeof(z_off64_t)
     59- Revert to from (live with the clutter)
     60- Fix missing error return in gzflush(), add zlib.h note
     61- Add *64 functions to [Levin]
     62- Fix signed/unsigned comparison in gz_comp()
     63- Use SFLAGS when testing shared linking in configure
     64- Add --64 option to ./configure to use -m64 with gcc
     65- Fix ./configure --help to correctly name options
     66- Have make fail if a test fails [Levin]
     67- Avoid buffer overrun in contrib/masmx64/gvmat64.asm [Simpson]
     68- Remove assembler object files from contrib
     70Changes in (24 Jan 2010)
     71- Always gzopen() with O_LARGEFILE if available
     72- Fix gzdirect() to work immediately after gzopen() or gzdopen()
     73- Make gzdirect() more precise when the state changes while reading
     74- Improve zlib.h documentation in many places
     75- Catch memory allocation failure in gz_open()
     76- Complete close operation if seek forward in gzclose_w() fails
     77- Return Z_ERRNO from gzclose_r() if close() fails
     78- Return Z_STREAM_ERROR instead of EOF for gzclose() being passed NULL
     79- Return zero for gzwrite() errors to match zlib.h description
     80- Return -1 on gzputs() error to match zlib.h description
     81- Add to allow recovery from configure modification [Weigelt]
     82- Fix static library permissions in [Weigelt]
     83- Avoid warnings in configure tests that hide functionality [Weigelt]
     84- Add *BSD and DragonFly to Linux case in configure [gentoo 123571]
     85- Change libzdll.a to libz.dll.a in win32/Makefile.gcc [gentoo 288212]
     86- Avoid access of uninitialized data for first inflateReset2 call [Gomes]
     87- Keep object files in subdirectories to reduce the clutter somewhat
     88- Remove default Makefile and zlibdefs.h, add dummy Makefile
     89- Add new external functions to Z_PREFIX, remove duplicates, z_z_ -> z_
     90- Remove zlibdefs.h completely -- modify zconf.h instead
     92Changes in (17 Jan 2010)
     93- Avoid void * arithmetic in gzread.c and gzwrite.c
     94- Make compilers happier with const char * for gz_error message
     95- Avoid unused parameter warning in inflate.c
     96- Avoid signed-unsigned comparison warning in inflate.c
     97- Indent #pragma's for traditional C
     98- Fix usage of strwinerror() in glib.c, change to gz_strwinerror()
     99- Correct email address in configure for system options
     100- Update and add to contrib/minizip [Zinser]
     101- Update [Brown]
     102- Fix for Solaris 10 make of example64 and minizip64 [Tšršk]
     103- Apply various fixes to CMakeLists.txt [Lowman]
     104- Add checks on len in gzread() and gzwrite()
     105- Add error message for no more room for gzungetc()
     106- Remove zlib version check in gzwrite()
     107- Defer compression of gzprintf() result until need to
     108- Use snprintf() in gzdopen() if available
     109- Remove USE_MMAP configuration determination (only used by minigzip)
     110- Remove examples/pigz.c (available separately)
     111- Update examples/gun.c to 1.6
     113Changes in (8 Jan 2010)
     114- Add space after #if in zutil.h for some compilers
     115- Fix relatively harmless bug in deflate_fast() [Exarevsky]
     116- Fix same problem in deflate_slow()
     117- Add $(SHAREDLIBV) to LIBS in [Brown]
     118- Add deflate_rle() for faster Z_RLE strategy run-length encoding
     119- Add deflate_huff() for faster Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY encoding
     120- Change name of "write" variable in inffast.c to avoid library collisions
     121- Fix premature EOF from gzread() in gzio.c [Brown]
     122- Use zlib header window size if windowBits is 0 in inflateInit2()
     123- Remove compressBound() call in deflate.c to avoid linking compress.o
     124- Replace use of errno in gz* with functions, support WinCE [Alves]
     125- Provide alternative to perror() in minigzip.c for WinCE [Alves]
     126- Don't use _vsnprintf on later versions of MSVC [Lowman]
     127- Add CMake build script and input file [Lowman]
     128- Update contrib/minizip to 1.1 [Svensson, Vollant]
     129- Moved nintendods directory from contrib to .
     130- Replace gzio.c with a new set of routines with the same functionality
     131- Add gzbuffer(), gzoffset(), gzclose_r(), gzclose_w() as part of above
     132- Update contrib/minizip to 1.1b
     133- Change gzeof() to return 0 on error instead of -1 to agree with zlib.h
     135Changes in (21 Dec 2009)
     136- Use old school .SUFFIXES in for FreeBSD compatibility
     137- Update comments in configure and for default --shared
     138- Fix test -z's in configure [Marquess]
     139- Build examplesh and minigzipsh when not testing
     140- Change NULL's to Z_NULL's in deflate.c and in comments in zlib.h
     141- Import LDFLAGS from the environment in configure
     142- Fix configure to populate SFLAGS with discovered CFLAGS options
     143- Adapt to the new [Zinser]
     144- Add zlib2ansi script for C++ compilation [Marquess]
     145- Add _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 test to make test (when applicable)
     146- Add AMD64 assembler code for longest match to contrib [Teterin]
     147- Include options from $SFLAGS when doing $LDSHARED
     148- Simplify 64-bit file support by introducing z_off64_t type
     149- Make shared object files in objs directory to work around old Sun cc
     150- Use only three-part version number for Darwin shared compiles
     151- Add rc option to ar in for when ./configure not run
     152- Add -WI,-rpath,. to LDFLAGS for OSF 1 V4*
     153- Set LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH for SGI IRIX shared compile
     154- Protect against _FILE_OFFSET_BITS being defined when compiling zlib
     155- Rename targets allstatic to static and allshared to shared
     156- Fix static and shared targets to be independent
     157- Correct error return bug in gz_open() by setting state [Brown]
     158- Put spaces before ;;'s in configure for better sh compatibility
     159- Add pigz.c (parallel implementation of gzip) to examples/
     160- Correct constant in crc32.c to UL [Leventhal]
     161- Reject negative lengths in crc32_combine()
     162- Add inflateReset2() function to work like inflateEnd()/inflateInit2()
     163- Include sys/types.h for _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE [Brown]
     164- Correct typo in doc/algorithm.txt [Janik]
     165- Fix bug in adler32_combine() [Zhu]
     166- Catch missing-end-of-block-code error in all inflates and in puff
     167    Assures that random input to inflate eventually results in an error
     168- Added enough.c (calculation of ENOUGH for inftrees.h) to examples/
     169- Update ENOUGH and its usage to reflect discovered bounds
     170- Fix gzerror() error report on empty input file [Brown]
     171- Add ush casts in trees.c to avoid pedantic runtime errors
     172- Fix typo in zlib.h uncompress() description [Reiss]
     173- Correct inflate() comments with regard to automatic header detection
     174- Remove deprecation comment on Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH (it stays)
     175- Put new version of gzlog (2.0) in examples with interruption recovery
     176- Add puff compile option to permit invalid distance-too-far streams
     177- Add puff TEST command options, ability to read piped input
     178- Prototype the *64 functions in zlib.h when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS == 64, but
     179  _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE not defined
     180- Fix Z_FULL_FLUSH to truly erase the past by resetting s->strstart
     181- Fix deflateSetDictionary() to use all 32K for output consistency
     182- Remove extraneous #define MIN_LOOKAHEAD in deflate.c (in deflate.h)
     183- Clear bytes after deflate lookahead to avoid use of uninitialized data
     184- Change a limit in inftrees.c to be more transparent to Coverity Prevent
     185- Update win32/zlib.def with exported symbols from zlib.h
     186- Correct spelling error in zlib.h [Willem]
     187- Allow Z_BLOCK for deflate() to force a new block
     188- Allow negative bits in inflatePrime() to delete existing bit buffer
     189- Add Z_TREES flush option to inflate() to return at end of trees
     190- Add inflateMark() to return current state information for random access
     191- Add Makefile for NintendoDS to contrib [Costa]
     192- Add -w in configure compile tests to avoid spurious warnings [Beucler]
     193- Fix typos in zlib.h comments for deflateSetDictionary()
     194- Fix EOF detection in transparent gzread() [Maier]
     196Changes in (2 October 2006)
     197- Make --shared the default for configure, add a --static option
     198- Add compile option to permit invalid distance-too-far streams
     199- Add inflateUndermine() function which is required to enable above
     200- Remove use of "this" variable name for C++ compatibility [Marquess]
     201- Add testing of shared library in make test, if shared library built
     202- Use ftello() and fseeko() if available instead of ftell() and fseek()
     203- Provide two versions of all functions that use the z_off_t type for
     204  binary compatibility -- a normal version and a 64-bit offset version,
     205  per the Large File Support Extension when _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is
     206  defined; use the 64-bit versions by default when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS
     207  is defined to be 64
     208- Add a --uname= option to configure to perhaps help with cross-compiling
     210Changes in (3 September 2006)
     211- Turn off silly Borland warnings [Hay]
     212- Use off64_t and define _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE when present
     213- Fix missing dependency on inffixed.h in
     214- Rig configure --shared to build both shared and static [Teredesai, Truta]
     215- Remove and instead create a new zlibdefs.h file
     216- Fix contrib/minizip/unzip.c non-encrypted after encrypted [Vollant]
     217- Add treebuild.xml (see [Weigelt]
     219Changes in (16 August 2006)
     220- Add watcom directory with OpenWatcom make files [Daniel]
     221- Remove #undef of FAR in for MVS [Fedtke]
     222- Update [Zinser]
     223- Use -fPIC for shared build in configure [Teredesai, Nicholson]
     224- Use only major version number for on IRIX and OSF1 [Reinholdtsen]
     225- Use fdopen() (not _fdopen()) for Interix in zutil.h [BŠck]
     226- Add some FAQ entries about the contrib directory
     227- Update the MVS question in the FAQ
     228- Avoid extraneous reads after EOF in gzio.c [Brown]
     229- Correct spelling of "successfully" in gzio.c [Randers-Pehrson]
     230- Add comments to zlib.h about gzerror() usage [Brown]
     231- Set extra flags in gzip header in gzopen() like deflate() does
     232- Make configure options more compatible with double-dash conventions
     233  [Weigelt]
     234- Clean up compilation under Solaris SunStudio cc [Rowe, Reinholdtsen]
     235- Fix uninstall target in [Truta]
     236- Add pkgconfig support [Weigelt]
     237- Use $(DESTDIR) macro in [Reinholdtsen, Weigelt]
     238- Replace set_data_type() with a more accurate detect_data_type() in
     239  trees.c, according to the txtvsbin.txt document [Truta]
     240- Swap the order of #include <stdio.h> and #include "zlib.h" in
     241  gzio.c, example.c and minigzip.c [Truta]
     242- Shut up annoying VS2005 warnings about standard C deprecation [Rowe,
     243  Truta] (where?)
     244- Fix target "clean" from win32/Makefile.bor [Truta]
     245- Create .pdb and .manifest files in win32/makefile.msc [Ziegler, Rowe]
     246- Update zlib www home address in win32/DLL_FAQ.txt [Truta]
     247- Update contrib/masmx86/inffas32.asm for VS2005 [Vollant, Van Wassenhove]
     248- Enable browse info in the "Debug" and "ASM Debug" configurations in
     249  the Visual C++ 6 project, and set (non-ASM) "Debug" as default [Truta]
     250- Add pkgconfig support [Weigelt]
     252  for use in win32/zlib1.rc [Polushin, Rowe, Truta]
     253- Add a document that explains the new text detection scheme to
     254  doc/txtvsbin.txt [Truta]
     255- Add rfc1950.txt, rfc1951.txt and rfc1952.txt to doc/ [Truta]
     256- Move algorithm.txt into doc/ [Truta]
     257- Synchronize FAQ with website
     258- Fix compressBound(), was low for some pathological cases [Fearnley]
     259- Take into account wrapper variations in deflateBound()
     260- Set examples/zpipe.c input and output to binary mode for Windows
     261- Update examples/zlib_how.html with new zpipe.c (also web site)
     262- Fix some warnings in examples/gzlog.c and examples/zran.c (it seems
     263  that gcc became pickier in 4.0)
     264- Add for Linux: "All symbols from zlib-1.1.4 remain
     265  un-versioned, the patch adds versioning only for symbols introduced in
     266  zlib-1.2.0 or later.  It also declares as local those symbols which are
     267  not designed to be exported." [Levin]
     268- Update Z_PREFIX list in, add --zprefix option to configure
     269- Do not initialize global static by default in trees.c, add a response
     270  NO_INIT_GLOBAL_POINTERS to initialize them if needed [Marquess]
     271- Don't use strerror() in gzio.c under WinCE [Yakimov]
     272- Don't use errno.h in zutil.h under WinCE [Yakimov]
     273- Move arguments for AR to its usage to allow replacing ar [Marot]
     274- Add HAVE_VISIBILITY_PRAGMA in for Mozilla [Randers-Pehrson]
     275- Improve inflateInit() and inflateInit2() documentation
     276- Fix structure size comment in inflate.h
     277- Change configure help option from --h* to --help [Santos]
    4279Changes in 1.2.3 (18 July 2005)
    14289- Fix some spelling errors in comments [Betts]
    15290- Correct inflateInit2() error return documentation in zlib.h
    16 - Added zran.c example of compressed data random access to examples
     291- Add zran.c example of compressed data random access to examples
    17292  directory, shows use of inflatePrime()
    18293- Fix cast for assignments to strm->state in inflate.c and infback.c
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