12/13/00 18:09:48 (22 years ago)
Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>
4.10, 4.11, 4.8, 4.9, 5, master

2000-12-13 Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

  • cpu_asm.h: Removed.
  • Makefile.am: Remove cpu_asm.h.
  • rtems/score/mips64orion.h: Renamed mips.h.
  • rtems/score/mips.h: New file, formerly mips64orion.h. Header rewritten. (mips_get_sr, mips_set_sr, mips_enable_in_interrupt_mask, mips_disable_in_interrupt_mask): New macros.
  • rtems/score/Makefile.am: Reflect renaming mips64orion.h.
  • asm.h: Include <mips.h> not <mips64orion.h>. Now includes the few defines that were in <cpu_asm.h>.
  • cpu.c (_CPU_ISR_Get_level): Added MIPS ISA I version of this routine. MIPS ISA 3 is still in assembly for now. (_CPU_Thread_Idle_body): Rewrote in C.
  • cpu_asm.S: Rewrote file header. (FRAME,ENDFRAME) now in asm.h. (_CPU_ISR_Get_level): Removed ISA I version and rewrote in C. (_CPU_ISR_Set_level): Removed ISA I version and rewrote in C. (_CPU_Context_switch): MIPS ISA I now manages preserves SR_IEC and leaves other bits in SR alone on task switch. (mips_enable_interrupts,mips_disable_interrupts, mips_enable_global_interrupts,mips_disable_global_interrupts, disable_int, enable_int): Removed. (mips_get_sr): Rewritten as C macro. (_CPU_Thread_Idle_body): Rewritten in C. (init_exc_vecs): Rewritten in C as mips_install_isr_entries() and placed in libcpu. (exc_tlb_code, exc_xtlb_code, exc_cache_code, exc_norm_code): Moved to libcpu/mips/shared/interrupts. (general): Cleaned up comment blocks and #if 0 areas.
  • idtcpu.h: Made ifdef report an error.
  • iregdef.h: Removed warning.
  • rtems/score/cpu.h (CPU_INTERRUPT_NUMBER_OF_VECTORS): Now a variable number defined by libcpu. (_CPU_ISR_Disable, _CPU_ISR_Enable): Rewritten to use new routines to access SR. (_CPU_ISR_Set_level): Rewritten as macro for ISA I. (_CPU_Context_Initialize): Honor ISR level in task initialization. (_CPU_Fatal_halt): Use new _CPU_ISR_Disable() macro.
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