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    484484will be required to determine the source of the error.
     486@section Common Problems
     488@subsection Error Message Indicates Invalid Option to Assembler
     490If a message like this is printed then the new cross compiler
     491is most likely using the native assembler instead of the cross
     492assembler or vice-versa (native compiler using new cross assembler).
     493This can occur for one of the following reasons:
     495@itemize @bullet
     497@item Binutils Patch Improperly Applied
     498@item Binutils Not Built
     499@item Current Directory is in Your PATH
     501@end itemize
     503If you are using binutils 2.9.1 or newer with certain versions of
     504egcs and gcc, they do not agree on what the name of the newly
     505generated cross assembler is.  Older binutils called it @code{}
     506which became @code{} under Windows.  This is not a valid
     507file name, so @code{} is now called @code{as-new}.  By using the latest
     508released tool versions and RTEMS patches, this problem will be avoided.
     510If binutils did not successfully build the cross assembler, then
     511the new cross gcc (@code{xgcc}) used to build the libraries can not
     512find it.  Make sure the build of the binutils succeeded.
     514If you include the current directory in your PATH, then there
     515is a chance that the native compiler will accidentally use
     516the new cross assembler instead of the native one.  This usually
     517indicates that "." is before the standard system directories
     518in your PATH.  As a general rule, including "." in your PATH
     519is a security risk and should be avoided.  Remove "." from
     520your PATH.
     522@subsection Error Messages Indicating Configuration Problems
     524If you see error messages like the following,
     526@itemize @bullet
     528@item cannot configure libliberty
     529@item coff-emulation not found
     530@item etc.
     532@end itemize
     534Then it is likely that one or more of your gnu tools is
     535already configured locally in its source tree.  You can check
     536for this by searching for the @code{config.status} file
     537in the various tool source trees.  The following command
     538does this for the binutils source:
     541find @value{BINUTILS-UNTAR} -name config.status -print
     542@end example
     544The solution for this is to execute the command
     545@code{make distclean} in each of the GNU tools
     546root source directory.  This should remove all
     547generated files including Makefiles.
     549This situation usually occurs when you have previously
     550built the tool source for some non-RTEMS target.  The
     551generated configuration specific files are still in
     552the source tree and the include path specified during
     553the RTEMS build accidentally picks up the previous
     554configuration.  The include path used is something like
     558-I../../@value{BINUTILS-UNTAR}/gcc -I/@value{BINUTILS-UNTAR}/gcc/include -I.
     559@end example
     561Note that the tool source directory is searched before the
     562build directory.
     564This situation can be avoided entirely by never using
     565the source tree as the build directory -- even for
     566native builds.
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