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Added functions from POSIX standard.

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  • doc/posix1003.1/ch03.t

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    99@chapter Process Primitives
    1011@section Process Creation and Execution
    1113@subsection Process Creation
     16fork(), Unimplementable
     17@end example
    1220@subsection Execute a File
     23execl(), Unimplementable
     24execv(), Unimplementable
     25execle(), Unimplementable
     26execve(), Unimplementable
     27execlp(), Unimplementable
     28execvp(), Unimplementable
     29@end example
    1331@subsection Register Fork Handlers
     34pthread_atfork(), Implemented
     35@end example
    1437@section Process Termination
    1539@subsection Wait for Process Termination
     42wait(), Implemented
     43waitpid(), Implemented
     44@end example
    1646@subsection Terminate a Process
     49_exit(), Implemented
     50@end example
    1752@section Signals
    1854@subsection Signal Concepts
    1956@subsection Send a Signal to a Process
     59kill(), Implemented
     60@end example
    2062@subsection Manipulate Signal Sets
     65sigemptyset(), Implemented
     66sigfillset(), Implemented
     67sigaddset(), Implemented
     68sigdelset(), Implemented
     69sigismember(), Implemented
     70@end example
    2172@subsection Examine and Change Signal Action
     75sigaction(), Implemented
     76@end example
    2278@subsection Examine and Change Blocked Signals
     81pthread_sigmask(), Implemented
     82sigprocmask(), Implemented
     83@end example
    2385@subsection Examine Pending Signals
     88sigpending(), Implemented
     89@end example
    2491@subsection Wait for a Signal
     94sigsuspend(), Implemented
     95@end example
    2597@subsection Synchronously Accept a Signal
     100sigwait(), Implemented
     101sigwaitinfo(), Implemented
     102sigtimedwait(), Implemented
     103@end example
    26105@subsection Queue a Signal to a Process
     108sigqueue(), Implemented
     109@end example
    27111@subsection Send a Signal to a Thread
     114pthread_kill(), Implemented
     115@end example
    28117@section Timer Operations
    29119@subsection Schedule Alarm
     122alarm(), Implemented
     123@end example
    30125@subsection Suspend Process Execution
     128pause(), Implemented
     129@end example
    31131@subsection Delay Process Execution
     134sleep(), Implemented
     135@end example
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch04.t

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    99@chapter Process Environment
    1011@section Process Identification
    1113@subsection Get Process and Parent Process IDs
     18@end example
    1220@section User Identification
    1322@subsection Get Real User Effective User Real Group and Effective Group IDs
     29@end example
    1431@subsection Set User and Group IDs
     36@end example
    1538@subsection Get Supplementary Group IDs
     42@end example
    1644@subsection Get User Name
     49@end example
    1751@section Process Groups
    1853@subsection Get Process Group ID
     57@end example
    1959@subsection Create Session and Set Process Group ID
     63@end example
    2065@subsection Set Process Group ID for Job Control
     69@end example
    2171@section System Identification
    2273@subsection Get System Name
     77@end example
    2379@section Time
    2481@subsection Get System Time
     85@end example
    2587@subsection Get Process Times
     91@end example
    2693@section Environment Variables
    2795@subsection Environment Access
     99@end example
    28101@section Terminal Identification
    29103@subsection Generate Terminal Pathname
     107@end example
    30109@subsection Determine Terminal Device Name
     115@end example
    31117@section Configurable System Variables
    32119@subsection Get Configurable System Variables
     123@end example
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch05.t

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    99@chapter Files and Directories
    1011@section Directories
    1113@subsection Format of Directory Entries
    1215@subsection Directory Operations
     23@end example
    1325@section Working Directory
    1427@subsection Change Current Working Directory
     31@end example
    1533@subsection Get Working Directory Pathname
     37@end example
    1639@section General File Creation
    1741@subsection Open a File
     45@end example
    1847@subsection Create a New File or Rewrite an Existing One
     51@end example
    1953@subsection Set File Creation Mask
     57@end example
    2059@subsection Link to a File
     63@end example
    2165@section Special File Creation
    2267@subsection Make a Directory
     71@end example
    2373@subsection Make a FIFO Special File
     77@end example
    2479@section File Removal
    2581@subsection Remove Directory Entries
     85@end example
    2687@subsection Remove a Directory
     91@end example
    2793@subsection Rename a File
     97@end example
    2899@section File Characteristics
    29101@subsection File Characteristics Header and Data Structure
    30103@subsection Get File Status
     108@end example
    31110@subsection Check File Accessibility
     114@end example
    32116@subsection Change File Modes
     121@end example
    33123@subsection Change Owner and Group of a File
     127@end example
    34129@subsection Set File Access and Modification Times
     133@end example
    35135@subsection Truncate a File to a Specified Length
     139@end example
    36141@section Configurable Pathname Variable
     146@end example
    37148@subsection Get Configurable Pathname Variables
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch06.t

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    99@chapter Input and Output Primitives
    1011@section Pipes
    1113@subsection Create an Inter-Process Channel
     17@end example
    1219@section File Descriptor Manipulation
    1321@subsection Duplicate an Open File Descriptor
     26@end example
    1428@section File Descriptor Deassignment
    1530@subsection Close a File
     34@end example
    1636@section Input and Output
    1738@subsection Read from a File
     42@end example
    1844@subsection Write to a File
     48@end example
    1950@section Control Operations on Files
    2052@subsection Data Definitions for File Control Operations
    2154@subsection File Control
     58@end example
    2260@subsection Reposition Read/Write File Offset
     64@end example
    2366@section File Synchronization
    2468@subsection Synchronize the State of a File
     72@end example
    2574@subsection Synchronize the Data of a File
     78@end example
    2680@section Asynchronous Input and Output
    2782@subsection Data Definitions for Asynchronous Input and Output
    2884@subsection Asynchronous Read
     88@end example
    2990@subsection Asynchronous Write
     94@end example
    3096@subsection List Directed I/O
     100@end example
    31102@subsection Retrieve Error Status of Asynchronous I/O Operation
     106@end example
    32108@subsection Retrieve Return Status of Asynchronous I/O Operation
     112@end example
    33114@subsection Cancel Asynchronous I/O Request
     118@end example
    34120@subsection Wait for Asynchronous I/O Request
     124@end example
    35126@subsection Asynchronous File Synchronization
     130@end example
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch07.t

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    99@chapter Device- and Class-Specific Functions
    1011@section General Terminal Interface
    1113@subsection Interface Characteristics
    1215@subsubsection Opening a Terminal Device File
    1317@subsubsection Process Groups (TTY)
    1419@subsubsection The Controlling Terminal
    1521@subsubsection Terminal Access Control
    1623@subsubsection Input Processing and Reading Data
    1725@subsubsection Canonical Mode Input Processing
    1827@subsubsection Noncanonical Mode Input Processing
    1929@subsubsection Writing Data and Output Processing
    2031@subsubsection Special Characters
    2133@subsubsection Modem Disconnect
    2235@subsubsection Closing a Terminal Device File
    2337@subsection Parameters That Can Be Set
    2439@subsubsection termios Structure
    2541@subsubsection Input Modes
    2643@subsubsection Output Modes
    2745@subsubsection Control Modes
    2847@subsubsection Local Modes
    2949@subsubsection Special Control Characters
    3051@subsection Baud Rate Values
    3153@subsubsection Baud Rate Functions
    3255@subsubsection Synopsis
    3357@subsubsection Description
    3459@subsubsection Returns
    3561@subsubsection Errors
    3663@subsubsection Cross-References
    3765@section General Terminal Interface Control Functions
    3867@subsection Get and Set State
     72@end example
    3974@subsection Line Control Functions
     81@end example
    4083@subsection Get Foreground Process Group ID
     87@end example
    4189@subsection Set Foreground Process Group ID
     93@end example
  • doc/posix1003.1/ch08.t

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    99@chapter Language-Specific Services for the C Programming Language
    1011@section Referenced C Language Routines
     13ANSI C Section 4.2 --- Diagnostics
     17@end example
     19ANSI C Section 4.3 --- Character Handling
     35@end example
     37ANSI C Section 4.4 --- Localization
     41@end example
     43ANSI C Section 4.5 --- Mathematics
     68@end example
     70ANSI C Section 4.6 --- Non-Local Jumps
     75@end example
     77ANSI C Section 4.9 --- Input/Output
     115@end example
     117ANSI C Section 4.10 --- General Utilities
     135@end example
     137ANSI C Section 4.11 --- String Handling
     154@end example
     156ANSI C Section 4.12 --- Date and Time Handling
     166@end example
    11168@subsection Extensions to Time Functions
    12 @subsection Extensions to setlocale() Function
     170@subsection Extensions to @code{setlocale} Function
    13172@section C Language Input/Output Functions
    14174@subsection Map a Stream Pointer to a File Descriptor
     178@end example
    15180@subsection Open a Stream on a File Descriptor
     184@end example
    16186@subsection Interactions of Other FILE-Type C Functions
    17 @subsection Operations on Files -- the remove() Function
    18 @subsection Temporary File Name -- the tmpnam() Function
     188@subsection Operations on Files -- the @code{remove} Function
     190@subsection Temporary File Name -- the @code{tmpnam} Function
    19192@subsection Stdio Locking Functions
     198@end example
    20200@subsection Stdio With Explicit Client Locking
     207@end example
    21209@section Other C Language Functions
    22211@subsection Nonlocal Jumps
     216@end example
    23218@subsection Set Time Zone
     222@end example
    24224@subsection Find String Token
     228@end example
    25230@subsection ASCII Time Representation
     234@end example
    26236@subsection Current Time Representation
     240@end example
    27242@subsection Coordinated Universal Time
     246@end example
    28248@subsection Local Time
     252@end example
    29254@subsection Pseudo-Random Sequence Generation Functions
     258@end example
  • doc/posix1003.1/posix1003_1.texi

    r68feecfd r0874502  
    38 @set edition 970904
    39 @set version 970904
    40 @set update-date 4 September 1997
    41 @set update-month September 1997
     38@set edition @value{RTEMS-EDITION}
     39@set version @value{RTEMS-VERSION}
     40@set update-date @value{RTEMS-UPDATE-DATE}
     41@set update-month @value{RTEMS-UPDATE-MONTH}
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