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    3179 Windows tool sets are supported creating native Windows executable. Native
    3180 Windows tools are built using a MinGW compiler and do not need any extra
    3181 libraries or emulation layer to run once built. The tools understand and use
    3182 standard Windows paths and integrate easly into Windows IDE environments. A
    3183 shell maybe needed to build other parts of your system however if your
    3184 development tools are all native Windows tool you can easly integrate these
    3185 tool sets.
     3179Windows tool sets are supported. The tools are native Windows executable which
     3180means they do not need an emulation layer to run once built. The tools
     3181understand and use standard Windows paths and integrate easily into Windows IDE
     3182environments because they understand and use standard Windows paths. Native
     3183Windows tools have proven over time to be stable and reliable with good
     3184performance. If you are a Windows user or you are required to use Windows you
     3185can still develop RTEMS application as easily as a Unix operating system. Some
     3186debugging experiences may vary and if this is an issue please raised the topic
     3187on the RTEMS Users mailing list.
     3189Building the tools or some other packages may require a Unix or POSIX type
     3190shell. There are a few options, Cygwin and MSYS2. I recommend MSYS2.
    31873192.Ready To Go Windows Tools
    3188 NOTE: I provide tools for Windows at
     3193NOTE: From time to time I provide tools for Windows at
     3198This is a new version of the old MinGW project's original MSYS based around the
     3199Arch Linux pacman packager. MSYS and MSYS2 are a specific fork of the Cygwin
     3200project with some fundamental changes in the handling of paths and mounts that
     3201allow easy interaction between the emulated POSIX environment and the native
     3202Windows environment.
     3204Install MSYS2 using the installer you can download from
     3205 Follow the instructions on the install page and make
     3206sure you remove any global path entries to any other Cygwin, MinGW, MSYS or
     3207packages that may uses a Cygwin DLL, for example some ports of Git.
     3209To build the tools you need install the following packages using pacman:
     3211 $ pacman -S git cvs bison make texinfo patch unzip diffutils tar \
     3212          mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-binutils
     3214To build make sure you add '--without-python --jobs=none' to the standard RSB
     3215command line. MSYS2 has a temp file name issue and so the GNU AR steps on
     3216itself when running in parallel on SMP hardware which means we have to set the
     3217jobs option to none.
     3219Install a suitable version of Python from and add it to
     3220the start of your path. The MSYS2 python does not work with waf.
    31913224Building on Windows is a little more complicated because the Cygwin shell is
    3192 used rather than the MinGW MSYS shell. The MSYS shell is simpler because the
     3225used rather than the MSYS2 shell. The MSYS2 shell is simpler because the
    31933226detected host triple is MinGW so the build is standard cross-compiler build.
    3194 The age of the MSYS code base, its stability and ability to to complete a build
    3195 with limitations such as the length of file names support make using MSYS
    3196 difficult therefore the more complex path of a Canadian cross-build using
    3197 Cygwin is supported.
     3227A Canadian cross-build using Cygwin is supported if you would like native tools.
    31993229Install a recent Cygwin version using the Cygwin setup tool. Select and install
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