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2 * General notice:
3 * This code is part of a boot-monitor package developed as a generic base
4 * platform for embedded system designs.  As such, it is likely to be
5 * distributed to various projects beyond the control of the original
6 * author.  Please notify the author of any enhancements made or bugs found
7 * so that all may benefit from the changes.  In addition, notification back
8 * to the author will allow the new user to pick up changes that may have
9 * been made by other users after this version of the code was distributed.
10 *
11 * Author:  Ed Sutter
12 * email:
13 * phone:   908-582-2351
14 */
16#define DEFAULT_BAUD_RATE 115200
18#define HWREAD32(a) *(volatile unsigned long *)(a)
19#define HWREAD16(a) *(volatile unsigned short *)(a)
20#define HWREAD8(a)  *(volatile unsigned char *)(a)
22#define HWWRITE32(a,b)  *(volatile unsigned long *)(a) = (b)
23#define HWWRITE16(a,b)  *(volatile unsigned short *)(a) = (b)
24#define HWWRITE8(a,b)   *(volatile unsigned char *)(a) = (b)
26#define GPIO1_21    (1<<21)
27#define GPIO1_22    (1<<22)
28#define GPIO1_23    (1<<23)
29#define GPIO1_24    (1<<24)
31// Referring to BBB schematic...
32// Pg6 shows the 4 user leds, pg3 shows the pins on the Sitara
33// The four user leds are on GPIO1, pins 21-24
34#define USR0_LED    GPIO1_21        // Ball V15: GPMC_A5 mode7 (D2)
35#define USR1_LED    GPIO1_22        // Ball U15: GPMC_A6 mode7 (D3)
36#define USR2_LED    GPIO1_23        // Ball T15: GPMC_A7 mode7 (D4)
37#define USR3_LED    GPIO1_24        // Ball V16: GPMC_A8 mode7 (D5)
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