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testsuite: Add a per BSP test check for tests not to build.

Provide a file per BSP to list tests that do not build for a BSP. This change
removes the BSP_SMALL_MEMORY hack from the code. That hack was a

Provide configuration files for each BSP with tests that cannot build.

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1ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I ../aclocal
3_SUBDIRS = tmck tmoverhd tm01 tm02 tm03 tm04 tm05 tm06 tm07 tm08 tm09 tm10 \
4    tm11 tm12 tm13 tm14 tm15 tm16 tm17 tm18 tm19 tm20 tm21 tm22 tm23 tm24 \
5    tm25 tm26 tm27 tm28 tm29 tm30
6_SUBDIRS += tmcontext01
8include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/
9include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/
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