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testsuite: Add a common test configuration. Fix and errors.

  • Add a top level test configuration file for test states that are common to all BSPs. This saves adding a test configuration (tcfg) file for every BSP.
  • Add the test states 'user-input' and 'benchmark'. This lets 'rtems-test' stop the test rather than waiting for a timeout or letting a benchmark run without the user asking for it to run.
  • Implement rtems-test-check in Python to make it faster. The shell script had grown to a point it was noticably slowing the build down.
  • Fix the and files for a number of the test directories. The files are difficiult to keep in sync with the number of tests and mistakes can happen such as tests being left out of the build. The test fsrofs01 is an example. Also a there was a mix of SUBDIRS and _SUBDIRS being used and only _SUBDIRS should be used.
  • Fix the test fsrofs01 so it compiles.

Closes #2963.

  • Property mode set to 100644
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2# RTEMS Test Database common defines
4# Format is one line per test with a directive. The directives are:
6#       include: Include the test configuration file after this file
7#                has been processed.
8#       exclude: Exclude the test from being build and so run.
9#    user-input: The test requires user input to work.
10# indeterminate: The test result cannot be determined, it may pass or
11#                it may not pass.
15# User input tests.
17user-input: capture
18user-input: fileio
19user-input: monitor
20user-input: termios
21user-input: top
24# Benchmarks
26benchmark: dhrystone
27benchmark: linpack
28benchmark: whetstone
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