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testsuite: Add test states to the testsuit configuration files.

Change the testsuite configuration files to hold state information about
a test. The states are:

exclude - Do not build the test
expected-fail - The test is expected to fail
indeterminate - The test may pass or may fail

A message is printed just after the test's BEGIN message to indicate
there is a special state for the test. No state message means the test
is expected to pass.

This support requires tests are correctly written to the use standard
support to begin and end a test.

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2# These tests require that the BSP have a real clock tick ISR. Some
3# simulator BSPs do not have any interrupt sources and use the file
4# libbsp/shared/clock_driver_simidle.c.
6# Tests which do not work with this clock driver tend to have the
7# one of the following characteristics:
9#  + Assume that a clock tick will occur while a task is running
10#    continuously can be
11#  + Assume that a timer service routine will execute in an ISR
12#    while a task is running continously.
13#  + Has a busy spin loop waiting to start the test on a tick boundary
14#    does this.
16# Eventually there should be a way to note that a BSP has a list
17# of expected test failures which are specific to it AND a set of
18# characteristics that make running classes of test appropriate or
19# inappropriate. At that point, this would be one characteristic.
21# NOTE: Each test in this list should be reviewed to ensure that it
22#       has a legitimate reason to not run on a BSP with the simulator
23#       clock idle task. It may need to be broken into multiple tests
24#       if not executing it misses other paths.
26exclude: cpuuse
27exclude: psx07
28exclude: psx09
29exclude: psx10
30exclude: psx11
31exclude: psxcancel01
32exclude: psxgetrusage01
33exclude: psxintrcritical01
34exclude: psxsignal01
35exclude: psxsignal02
36exclude: psxspin01
37exclude: psxtime
38exclude: psxtimes01
39exclude: sp04
40exclude: sp14
41exclude: sp19
42exclude: sp35
43exclude: sp38
44exclude: sp44
45exclude: sp69
46exclude: spcbssched02
47exclude: spcbssched03
48exclude: spcontext01
49exclude: spcpucounter01
50exclude: spedfsched03
51exclude: spintrcritical01
52exclude: spintrcritical02
53exclude: spintrcritical03
54exclude: spintrcritical04
55exclude: spintrcritical05
56exclude: spintrcritical06
57exclude: spintrcritical07
58exclude: spintrcritical08
59exclude: spintrcritical09
60exclude: spintrcritical10
61exclude: spintrcritical11
62exclude: spintrcritical12
63exclude: spintrcritical13
64exclude: spintrcritical14
65exclude: spintrcritical15
66exclude: spintrcritical16
67exclude: spintrcritical17
68exclude: spintrcritical18
69exclude: spintrcritical19
70exclude: spintrcritical20
71exclude: spnsext01
72exclude: spqreslib
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