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testsuite: Add test states to the testsuit configuration files.

Change the testsuite configuration files to hold state information about
a test. The states are:

exclude - Do not build the test
expected-fail - The test is expected to fail
indeterminate - The test may pass or may fail

A message is printed just after the test's BEGIN message to indicate
there is a special state for the test. No state message means the test
is expected to pass.

This support requires tests are correctly written to the use standard
support to begin and end a test.

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 270 bytes
2# Some targets cannot declare the RAM disk space for the JFFS2 tests.
5exclude: jffs2_fserror
6exclude: jffs2_fslink
7exclude: jffs2_fspatheval
8exclude: jffs2_fspermission
9exclude: jffs2_fsrdwr
10exclude: jffs2_fsscandir01
11exclude: jffs2_fssymlink
12exclude: jffs2_fstime
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