source: rtems/testsuites/testdata/disable-jffs2-tests.tcfg

Last change on this file was 86ae03c, checked in by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>, on 05/24/17 at 02:39:19

testsuite: Add fsjffs2gc01 to the disable JFFS tests.

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 291 bytes
2# Some targets cannot declare the RAM disk space for the JFFS2 tests.
5exclude: fsjffs2gc01
6exclude: jffs2_fserror
7exclude: jffs2_fslink
8exclude: jffs2_fspatheval
9exclude: jffs2_fspermission
10exclude: jffs2_fsrdwr
11exclude: jffs2_fsscandir01
12exclude: jffs2_fssymlink
13exclude: jffs2_fstime
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