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Last change on this file since 287febb5 was 287febb5, checked in by Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>, on Jun 24, 2010 at 7:46:40 PM

2010-06-24 Bharath Suri <bharath.s.jois@…>

  •, Removed some fifo tests.
  • spfifo01/, spfifo01/init.c: Minor changes to avoid excessive new lines in the output.

spfifo02/, spfifo02/init.c, spfifo02/spfifo02.doc,
spfifo02/spfifo02.scn, spfifo03/ Merge from spfifo08.
Also added a few more cases, mostly from spfifo04/init.c.

  • spfifo03/init.c, spfifo03/spfifo03.doc, spfifo03/spfifo03.scn: Previously was spfifo06. Configure parameter for pipes is used now.
  • spfifo04/.cvsignore, spfifo04/, spfifo04/init.c, spfifo04/spfifo04.doc, spfifo04/spfifo04.scn, spfifo08/.cvsignore, spfifo08/, spfifo08/init.c, spfifo08/spfifo08.doc, spfifo08/spfifo08.scn: Removed.
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1XXX fill in with test output
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