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2010-07-08 Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

  • spfatal09/.cvsignore, spfatal09/, spfatal09/spfatal09.doc, spfatal09/spfatal09.scn, spfatal09/testcase.h: Removed files.
  •, Reflect changes above.
  • spfatal_support/init.c: Print end of test message in case of success. Stop multitasking in the fatal error extension.
  • spfatal03/testcase.h, spfatal07/testcase.h: Use printk() instead of puts().
  • spfatal01/spfatal01.scn, spfatal02/spfatal02.scn, spfatal03/spfatal03.scn, spfatal04/spfatal04.scn, spfatal05/spfatal05.scn, spfatal06/spfatal06.scn, spfatal07/spfatal07.scn, spfatal08/spfatal08.scn, spfatal10/spfatal10.scn, spfatal11/spfatal11.scn, spfatal12/spfatal12.scn, spfatal13/spfatal13.scn, spfatal14/spfatal14.scn, spfatal15/spfatal15.scn, spfatal16/spfatal16.scn, spfatal17/spfatal17.scn, spfatal18/spfatal18.scn, spfatal19/spfatal19.scn, spfatal20/spfatal20.scn: Update.
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1*** TEST FATAL 7 ***
2Fatal error (Core Configuration Invalid ISR stack size) hit
3*** END OF TEST ***
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