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2011-09-11 Petr Benes <benesp16@…>

PR 1897/testing

  •, Add tests for Earliest Deadline First (EDF) Scheduling Algorithm implementation.
  • spedfsched01/.cvsignore, spedfsched01/, spedfsched01/init.c, spedfsched01/spedfsched01.doc, spedfsched01/spedfsched01.scn, spedfsched01/system.h, spedfsched01/task1.c, spedfsched02/.cvsignore, spedfsched02/, spedfsched02/getall.c, spedfsched02/init.c, spedfsched02/spedfsched02.doc, spedfsched02/spedfsched02.scn, spedfsched02/system.h, spedfsched02/task1.c, spedfsched03/.cvsignore, spedfsched03/, spedfsched03/edfparams.h, spedfsched03/init.c, spedfsched03/spedfsched03.doc, spedfsched03/spedfsched03.scn, spedfsched03/system.h, spedfsched03/tasks_aperiodic.c, spedfsched03/tasks_periodic.c: New files.
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2PT1 - rtems_rate_monotonic_create id = 0x42010001
3PT1 - rtems_rate_monotonic_ident id = 0x42010001
4PT1 - (0x42010001) period 30
5PT2 - rtems_rate_monotonic_create id = 0x42010002
6PT2 - rtems_rate_monotonic_ident id = 0x42010002
7PT2 - (0x42010002) period 40
8PT3 - rtems_rate_monotonic_create id = 0x42010003
9PT3 - rtems_rate_monotonic_ident id = 0x42010003
10PT3 - (0x42010003) period 50
11PT4 - rtems_rate_monotonic_create id = 0x42010004
12PT4 - rtems_rate_monotonic_ident id = 0x42010004
13PT4 - (0x42010004) period 70
14AT5 AT6 P1-S ticks:2
15P1-F ticks:12
16P2-S ticks:12
17P2-F ticks:22
18P3-S ticks:22
19P1-S ticks:32
20P1-F ticks:42
21P3-F ticks:42
22P4-S ticks:42
23P2-S ticks:52
24P2-F ticks:62
25P1-S ticks:62
26P1-F ticks:72
27P4-F ticks:72
28P3-S ticks:72
29P3-F ticks:82
30AT6-S ticks:82
31P6-F ticks:87
32Killing task 6
33AT5-S ticks:87
34P1-S ticks:92
35P1-F ticks:102
36P2-S ticks:102
37P2-F ticks:112
38P4-S ticks:112
39P1-S ticks:122
40P1-F ticks:132
41P3-S ticks:132
42P3-F ticks:142
43P2-S ticks:142
44P2-F ticks:152
45P4-F ticks:152
46P1-S ticks:152
47P1-F ticks:162
48P2-S ticks:172
49P2-F ticks:182
50P1-S ticks:182
51P1-F ticks:192
52P3-S ticks:192
53P3-F ticks:202
54P4-S ticks:202
55P1-S ticks:212
56P1-F ticks:222
57P4-F ticks:222
58P2-S ticks:222
59P2-F ticks:232
60P3-S ticks:232
61P3-F ticks:242
62P1-S ticks:242
63P1-F ticks:252
64P2-S ticks:252
65P2-F ticks:262
66P4-S ticks:262
67P1-S ticks:272
68P1-F ticks:282
69P4-F ticks:282
70P3-S ticks:282
71P3-F ticks:292
72P2-S ticks:292
73P2-F ticks:302
74P1-S ticks:302
75P1-F ticks:312
76P5-F ticks:312
77Killing task 5
78P3-S ticks:322
79P1-S ticks:332
80P1-F ticks:342
81P3-F ticks:342
82P2-S ticks:342
83P2-F ticks:352
84P4-S ticks:352
85P4-F ticks:362
86P1-S ticks:362
87P1-F ticks:372
88P2-S ticks:372
89P2-F ticks:382
90P3-S ticks:382
91P3-F ticks:392
92P1-S ticks:392
93P1-F ticks:402
94P4-S ticks:402
95P2-S ticks:412
96P2-F ticks:422
97P1-S ticks:422
98P1-F ticks:432
99P4-F ticks:432
100P3-S ticks:432
101P3-F ticks:442
102P1-S ticks:452
103P1-F ticks:462
104P2-S ticks:462
105P2-F ticks:472
106P3-S ticks:472
107P1-S ticks:482
108P1-F ticks:492
109P3-F ticks:492
110P4-S ticks:492
111P4-F ticks:502
112P2-S ticks:502
113P2-F ticks:512
114P1-S ticks:512
115P1-F ticks:522
116P3-S ticks:522
117P3-F ticks:532
118P2-S ticks:532
119P2-F ticks:542
120P1-S ticks:542
121P1-F ticks:552
122P4-S ticks:552
123P4-F ticks:562
124P1-S ticks:572
125P1-F ticks:582
126P2-S ticks:582
127P2-F ticks:592
128P3-S ticks:592
129P3-F ticks:602
130P1-S ticks:602
131P1-F ticks:612
132P2-S ticks:612
133P2-F ticks:622
134P4-S ticks:622
135P1-S ticks:632
136P1-F ticks:642
137P4-F ticks:642
138P3-S ticks:642
139P3-F ticks:652
140P2-S ticks:652
141P2-F ticks:662
142P1-S ticks:662
143P1-F ticks:672
144P3-S ticks:672
145P3-F ticks:682
146P4-S ticks:682
147P1-S ticks:692
148P1-F ticks:702
149P2-S ticks:702
150P2-F ticks:712
151P4-F ticks:712
152P1-S ticks:722
153P1-F ticks:732
154P3-S ticks:732
155P3-F ticks:742
156P2-S ticks:742
157P2-F ticks:752
158P1-S ticks:752
159P1-F ticks:762
160P4-S ticks:762
161P4-F ticks:772
162P2-S ticks:772
163P2-F ticks:782
164P1-S ticks:782
165P1-F ticks:792
166P3-S ticks:792
167P3-F ticks:802
168P1-S ticks:812
169P1-F ticks:822
170P2-S ticks:822
171P2-F ticks:832
172P3-S ticks:832
173P3-F ticks:842
174P1-S ticks:842
175P4-S ticks:842
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