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PR 1923/testing

  • spcbssched02/spcbssched02.scn, spcbssched02/system.h, spcbssched03/init.c, spcbssched03/system.h, spedfsched02/system.h, spedfsched03/system.h, sprbtree01/init.c: Improve coverage.
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[bd1b8de]1*** TEST CBS SCHEDULER 2 ***
2Init: Initializing the CBS
3Init: Create server and Destroy server
4Init: Attach thread
5Init: Detach thread
6Init: Set parameters and Get parameters
7Init: Get server id
8Init: Get approved budget
9Init: Get remaining budget
10Init: Get execution time
11Init: Cleaning up CBS
12Init: Initializing the CBS
13Init: Starting periodic task
14Periodic task: Create server and Attach thread
15Periodic task: ID and Get parameters
16Periodic task: Detach thread and Destroy server
17Periodic task: Remaining budget and Execution time
18Periodic task: Set parameters
19Periodic task: Approved budget
20Periodic task: Starting periodic behavior
[c976c70]21Periodic task: Starting periodic behavior
[bd1b8de]22P1-S ticks:1
23P1-F ticks:11
[c976c70]24P2-S ticks:11
25P2-F ticks:21
[bd1b8de]26P1-S ticks:31
27P1-F ticks:41
[c976c70]28P2-S ticks:41
29P2-F ticks:51
[bd1b8de]30P1-S ticks:61
31P1-F ticks:71
[c976c70]32P2-S ticks:71
33P2-F ticks:81
[bd1b8de]34P1-S ticks:91
35P1-F ticks:101
[c976c70]36P2-S ticks:101
37P2-F ticks:111
[bd1b8de]38P1-S ticks:121
[74416035]39Periodic task: Deleting self
40Init: Checking server with a deleted task
[bd1b8de]41*** END OF TEST CBS SCHEDULER 2 ***
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