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score: Add CPU_Exception_frame

Add CPU port type CPU_Exception_frame and function

The CPU ports of avr, bfin, h8300, lm32, m32c, m32r, m68k, nios2, sh,
sparc64, and v850 use an empty default implementation of

Add rtems_exception_frame and rtems_exception_frame_print().

Add RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXCEPTION for CPU exceptions. Use rtems_fatal()
with source RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXCEPTION in CPU ports of i386, powerpc,
and sparc for unexpected exceptions.

Add third parameter to RTEMS_BSP_CLEANUP_OPTIONS() which controls the
BSP_PRINT_EXCEPTION_CONTEXT define used in the default

Add test sptests/spfatal26.

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1ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I ../aclocal
3## Test names are spaced to indicate gaps in numbering from tests being
4## deleted over the years.
6         sp01 sp02 sp03 sp04 sp05 sp06 sp07 sp08 sp09 \
7    sp10 sp11 sp12 sp13 sp14 sp15 sp16 sp17 sp18 sp19 \
8    sp20 sp21 sp22 sp23 sp24 sp25 sp26 sp27 sp27a sp28 sp29 \
9    sp30 sp31 sp32 sp33 sp34 sp35      sp37 sp38 sp39 \
10    sp40 sp41 sp42 sp43 sp44 sp45 sp46 sp47 sp48 sp49 \
11    sp50 sp51 sp52 sp53 sp54 sp55 sp56 sp57 sp58 sp59 \
12    sp60      sp62 sp63 sp64 sp65 sp66 sp67 sp68 sp69 \
13    sp70 sp71 sp72 sp73 sp74 sp75 sp76 sp77 sp2038 \
14    spassoc01 spchain spclockget spcoverage spobjgetnext \
15    spnotepad01 spprintk spprivenv01 sprbtree01 spsize spstkalloc \
16    spstkalloc02 spthreadq01 spwatchdog spwkspace \
17    sperror01 sperror02 sperror03 \
18    spfatal01 spfatal02 spfatal03 spfatal04 spfatal05 spfatal06 spfatal07 \
19    spfatal08 spfatal09 spfatal10 spfatal11 spfatal12 spfatal13 spfatal14 \
20    spfatal15 spfatal16 spfatal17 spfatal18 spfatal19 spfatal20 \
21    spfatal22 spfatal23 spfatal24 spfatal25 \
22    spfifo01 spfifo02 spfifo03 spfifo04 spfifo05 \
23    spintrcritical01 spintrcritical02 spintrcritical03 spintrcritical04 \
24    spintrcritical05 spintrcritical06 spintrcritical07 spintrcritical08 \
25    spintrcritical09 spintrcritical10 spintrcritical11 spintrcritical12 \
26    spintrcritical13 spintrcritical14 spintrcritical15 spintrcritical16 \
27    spintrcritical17 spintrcritical18 spmkdir spmountmgr01 spheapprot \
28    spsimplesched01 spsimplesched02 spsimplesched03 spnsext01 \
29    spedfsched01 spedfsched02 spedfsched03 \
30    spcbssched01 spcbssched02 spcbssched03 spqreslib sptimespec01
31SUBDIRS += spfatal26
32SUBDIRS += speventtransient01
33SUBDIRS += speventsystem01
34SUBDIRS += spinternalerror01
35SUBDIRS += spinternalerror02
37include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/
38include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/
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