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1= Message Latency Benchmark
3This benchmark measures the intertask message latency. This is the delay within
4RTEMS between a running task using the rtems_message_queue to send a message to
5a waiting task and that task waking up and receiving the message.
7== Directives
9  * rtems_message_queue_send
10  * rtems_message_queue_receive
13== Methodology
15This benchmark consists of a high priority task and a low priority task. The
16benchmark starts in the high priority task, which blocks on a call to rtems_
17message_queue recieve. By accounting for the overhead of the task switch from
18the high priority task to the low priority task, and the actual time to recieve
19the message, the intertask message latency is found.
21The average is found and the overhead (the time of the first run) is subtracted
22out in the call to put_time.
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