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1= Interrupt Latency Benchmark
3This benchmark measures the time between the CPU's receipt of an interrupt
4request and the execution of the first intruction in that interrupt service
7== Directives
9  * Intall_tm27_vector
10  * Cause_tm27_intr
13== Methodology
15This benchmark takes advantage of the existing tm27 test support implemented
16by most BSP's to achieve as much hardware independence as possible. Most BSPs
17have an instruction to install an interrupt vector, and then provide code for
18the ISR. rtems/testsuites/tmtests/tm27 uses this to test a variety of interrupt
19related concepts. The benchmark is simple, the vector is installed, the time
20is started, the interrupt is caused, and the time is ended in the first
21instruction of the ISR. This is the only Rhealstone that is not an average.
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