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The Rhealstone benchmarks six operations that are critical components
of a real-time system. It allows for an objective analysis to be
performed, and allows for comparisons between systems.
See rhealstone/README for more information.

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1== Rhealstone Benchmark For RTEMS
3This is an implementation of the Rhealstone benchmarks for RTEMS.
5The Rhealstone metric is a set of benchmarks that aim to provide an independently
6verifiable objective measure of real-time performance in different systems. The
7Rhealstone metric is composed of six independent benchmarks, each of which measure
8an activity that is critical in real time systems:
10* Task switch time
11* Task preemption time
12* Interrupt latency time
13* Semaphore shuffle time
14* Deadlock breaking time
15* Intertask message latency
17An implementation of the Rhealstone metric allows for RTEMS performance to be
18compared with other real-time systems.
20The original proposal outlining the Rhealstone benchmark can be found[here].
22Some other implementations can be seen in[FreeRTOS] and[iRMX].
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