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2#  $Id$
5This directory contains the RTEMS POSIX Timing Test Suite.
6The tests in this directory are used to measure the execution
7time of RTEMS directive and some critical internal functions.
8The results of these test are useful for comparison of RTEMS
11+ between versions of RTEMS
12+ between different boards
13+ across different architectures
15These tests attempt to benchmark RTEMS as the user would.  They measure
16the execution time for a directive (under various circumstances)
17from the time RTEMS is entered until it is executed.  Where possible,
18the time is the average of at least 100 invocations of the directive.
20The accuracy of the times reported by these benchmarks is very dependent
21on the resolution of the timer being used.  It is also important to
22insure that all sources of hardware interrupts are disabled during
23execution of the tests.  This insures that the directive time reported
24does not include any interrupt time.
26The file psxtmtests_plan.csv contains the development plan for this
27test suite.  It is a PLAN which indicates which tests are to contain
28which test cases, the test name, and which template in
29rtems-testing/rtems-test-templates are to be used for their construction. 
30This is just a plan.  There may need to be more test cases for a
31particular service to effectively measure all interesting non-error
32use cases.
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