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1*** PSXFILE02 TEST  ***
2mkdir /tmp
3open /tmp/j
4open returned file descriptor 3
5close /tmp/j
6ftruncate an unopened file
79: Bad file number
8_fcntl_r unopened file
99: Bad file number
10fdatasync unopened file
119: Bad file number
12fstat unopened file
139: Bad file number
14fsync unopened file
159: Bad file number
16ioctl unopened file
179: Bad file number
18_lseek_r unopened file
199: Bad file number
20readv unopened file
219: Bad file number
22writev unopened file
239: Bad file number
24write unopened file
259: Bad file number
27ftruncate a too large file descriptor
289: Bad file number
29_fcntl_r a too large file descriptor
309: Bad file number
31fdatasync a too large file descriptor
329: Bad file number
33fstat a too large file descriptor
349: Bad file number
35fsync a too large file descriptor
369: Bad file number
37ioctl a too large file descriptor
389: Bad file number
39_lseek_r a too large file descriptor
409: Bad file number
41readv a too large file descriptor
429: Bad file number
43writev a too large file descriptor
449: Bad file number
45write a too large file descriptor
469: Bad file number
47*** END OF PSXFILE02 TEST  ***
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