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posix: Allow PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED for condvar

Close #3137.

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1*** BEGIN OF TEST PSX 10 ***
2Init: pthread_condattr_init
3Init: pthread_condattr_init - EINVAL (attribute invalid)
4Init: pthread_condattr_destroy
5Init: pthread_condattr_destroy - EINVAL (attribute invalid)
6Init: pthread_condattr_init
7Init: pthread_condattr_setpshared - PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED
8Init: pthread_condattr_setpshared - PTHREAD_PROCESS_PRIVATE
9Init: pthread_condattr_setpshared - EINVAL (attribute invalid)
10Init: pthread_condattr_setpshared - EINVAL (pshared invalid)
11Init: pthread_condattr_getpshared - 0
12Init: pthread_condattr_getpshared - EINVAL (attribute invalid)
13Init: pthread_cond_init - NULL attr
14Init: pthread_cond_init - EINVAL (attr not initialized)
15Init: pthread_cond_init - ENOMEM (too many conds)
16Init: pthread_cond_destroy
17Init: pthread_cond_destroy - EINVAL (cond invalid)
18Init: pthread_cond_init - EINVAL (invalid pshared)
19Init: pthread_condattr_setpshared - PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED
20Init: pthread_cond_init - OK
21Init: pthread_cond_destroy - OK
22Init: pthread_cond_init - attr
24Init: sleep to switch to Task_1
25Task_1: ID is 0x0b010002
26Task_1: pthread_cond_wait
27Init: pthread_cond_destroy - EBUSY (task1 waiting)
28Init: pthread_cond_signal
30Init: sleep - switch to Task_1 and Task_2
31Task_1: back from pthread_cond_wait release mutex
32Task_1: pthread_cond_wait
33Task_2: ID is 0x0b010003
34Task_2: pthread_cond_wait
35Init: pthread_cond_broadcast
36Init: sleep - switch to Task_1
37Task_1: back from pthread_cond_wait release mutex
38Task_1: task exit
39Task_2: back from pthread_cond_wait release mutex
40Task_2: task exit
41Init: pthread_cond_timedwait for 3 seconds
42Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - ETIMEDOUT - (mutex not acquired)
44Init: pthread_cond_signal - EINVAL (cond invalid)
45Init: pthread_cond_broadcast - EINVAL (cond invalid)
46Init: pthread_cond_wait - EINVAL (cond invalid)
47Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - EINVAL (cond invalid)
48Init: pthread_cond_wait - EINVAL (mutex invalid)
49Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - EINVAL (mutex invalid)
50Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - EINVAL (abstime NULL)
51Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - ETIMEDOUT (abstime->tv_sec < current time)
52Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - ETIMEDOUT (abstime->tv_nsec < current time)
53Init: pthread_cond_wait - EINVAL (mutex not locked before call)
54Init: pthread_cond_timedwait - EINVAL (mutex not locked before call)
56Init: sleep - switch to Task_3
57Task_3: ID is 0x0b010004
58Task_3: pthread_cond_wait
59Init: pthread_cond_signal
60Init: sleep - switch to Task_3
61Task_3: pthread_cond_wait - EINVAL (mutex not locked after signal)
62Task_3: task exit
63*** END OF TEST PSX 10 ***
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