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1*** POSIX TEST 8 ***
2Init's ID is 0x0c010001
3Init: pthread_detach - ESRCH (invalid id)
4Init: pthread_detach self
5Init: creating two tasks
6Init: pthread_join - ESRCH (invalid id)
7Init: pthread_join - SUCCESSFUL
8Task_1: sleep 1 second
9Task_2: join to Task_1
10Task_1: join to detached task (Init) -- EINVAL
11Task_1: join to self task (Init) -- EDEADLK
12Task_1: exitting
13Init: returned from pthread_join
14Init: pthread_join returned correct pointer
15Init: exitting
16Task_2: returned from pthread_join
17Task_2: pthread_join returned correct pointer
18*** END OF POSIX TEST 8 ***
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