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1*** TEST 9 -- NODE 2 ***
2Creating Test_task (local)
3Starting Test_task (local)
4Deleting initialization task
5Getting QID of message queue
6rtems_message_queue_delete correctly returned RTEMS_ILLEGAL_ON_REMOTE_OBJECT
7rtems_message_queue_send: 123456789012345
8Delaying for a second
9rtems_message_queue_urgent: abcdefghijklmno
10Delaying for a second
11rtems_message_queue_broadcast: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO
12Delaying for a second
13Receiving message ...
14Received : 123456789012345
15Receiving message ...
16Received : abcdefghijklmno
17Receiving message ...
19Receiver delaying for a second
20Flushing remote empty queue
210 messages were flushed on the remote queue
22Send messages to be flushed from remote queue
23Flushing remote queue
241 messages were flushed on the remote queue
25Waiting for message queue to be deleted
26Global message queue deleted
27*** END OF TEST 9 ***
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